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January 22, 2014

Lamborghini Cuntach

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See.. the thing is… this car came out in 1974, and (dating myself) instantly appeared on all small boy’s walls as a poster, for values of small boy meaning anything up to mid twenties age wise…

I dread to think how many brain CPU hours I dedicated to this car.

I dread to think how many SUB-CONSCIOUS brain hours I dedicated to this car, Ford Anglia drives by, thinks, it’s not a Lambo izzit…

Now, here is the funny thing, in the intervening 40 years, I have not merely never owned one, I have not merely never driven one, I have never actually seen one with my own two eyes.

If I am only to believe what I can directly perceive with my own senses, the beast in question is a mythical beast, not a real one. (Hence no picture, instead a picture of a car we did own at the time)

This isn’t an exact parallel to a NAWALT wimminz, you don’t sit there are dream of the ideal relationshit and ideal sex life and ideal family and stuff based upon no more than a poster, and all you see in real life are Ford Anglia’s, and every Ford salesman is trying to tell you that there is no discernible difference between the Ford and the Lambo.

Such a salesman would be laughed out of town, he wouldn’t even be able to sell a Lambo at Ford prices, much less a Ford at Ford prices, or a Ford at Lambo prices.

The serious part of all this is this, all the marketing that was done to me about the Lambo, I did myself, I never saw an advert for one, ever, it just became an iconic and desirable piece of kit overnight, out of nowhere… reminds me of me parking up next to an old farmer on my then brand new Ducati Desmo 900ss, and he just looked at it and said “I never knew Ducati made anything other than tractors!!” which made me feel all kinds of ugh…lol

And this is a function of the human brain, and a weakness, and nobody with a pulse is immune to it.

You can pine for the Lambo, you can pine for the perfect sex life and relationshit with Girl X, you are doing it to you, even though you have no actual evidence that was ever presented to you first hand to show that such a thing actually exists in real life.

In many ways this is the story of a man growing up, as a young man he has a set of expectations that when put together (the perfect wimminz being 100) has a score of 85, I’m not greedy, I’m not an asshole, I don’t expect a 97 or 98 or 99, all I want is an 85.

Time passes, and in his thirties he is I’m not greedy, I’m not an asshole, I don’t expect an 85, all I want is a 50.

Time passes, and in his forties he is I’m not greedy, I’m not an asshole, I don’t expect a 50, I’ll settle for a 30.

Of course there is a consequence, there is a lot of stuff you will put up with, and do, and accept, from the Lambo, but when the Ford pulls that same shit, GTFO.

As our expectations drop, so does what we are prepared to pay, but somewhere behind it all there has to be a sweet spot where you can convince yourself that whatever price you are being asked to pay is, basically, “worth it”.

At my stage in life now, my expectations hover somewhere around the 10 mark, all kinds of shit that would have been ugh puke automatic disqualification get thee behind me Satan shit back then, is quite acceptable now, however, the price I am prepared to pay is commensurately lower.

Being brutally honest, the 10 today may not be a mythical beast like the Lambo back in the day, which was a solid 100, there may be plenty of choice, but the sticker price being asked is still way too fucking much, even though now I could conceivably finance it, whereas I could never have financed the Lambo back in ’74, there wasn’t even a lottery you could win back then.

It’s not so much, My God, my standards are so LOW, how come I can’t find a wimminz to meet them? So much as My God, my standards are so LOW, but wimminz who meet them have such unrealistic expectations of the price I should pay

There is however something inimical that is hard-wired into our brains that makes it a huge challenge for us to;

  1. Not worry if the “prize” comes this weekend, or next, or in a month’s time, or three months time.
  2. Not worry or think or devote any CPU cycles to the “prize” while it still remains a mythical beast.
  3. Not invest any time or effort or money, further to item 2 above, in attaining the “prize” while it still remains a mythical best.

Long term strategy and planning, something that SOME men can do and are good at, is an ENTIRELY cerebral and logical higher consciousness and thought and intellect based thing.

For most of life and most of human life to date, survival did not reward this kind of approach, all that mattered was what was available now and what is on offer now, and watching men learn that wimminz are poison is like watching a dog learn that test subject 4 never ever ever has any treats for him, so he is better responding to test subjects 1 to 3 when they rustle the brown paper bag that looks like it might contain something yummy to eat.

And, being human, we cannot maintain such higher thought processes 24/7, and even when we do maintain them, the earlier survival based reptilian and monkey brains are still there, Pavlov’s dog still salivates, and looks at test subject 4, even long after he has learned that person never once gave him a treat.

And of course the real secret is that if you perform such a test, get 4 test subjects and give each one a brown paper bag full of doggy treats and instruct only one of them to never give the dog any, and the other 3 to give the dog a treat or not as they see fit, you never have to explain the test to the dog to get it to participate fully.

Just like you never had to explain to me about the Lambo, or Bardot at 16… my participation was a given.

The upshot is you will never convince any man, at lizard and monkey brain level (no matter how much you reason with the higher brain) that the girl in question only has any actual value when the three conditions above are NOT true, and the 4th state becomes true, when she comes to yours for the night.

You will never convince him that “giving up” this potential prize is in fact not giving up anything, not dreaming of the Lambo doesn’t guarantee I will never get it, the fact that it is a mythical beast does that.

Which of course brings us to religion, which is no more than the same thing, acting and thinking in a certain way in the belief that at some future point there will be a pay-off, even though no living human being has ever met another living human being who won the jackpot.

Man will not wise up to wimminz (and wimminz will not wise up either) as long as Man still gives any credence to religion, they are both essentially the same mechanism in the brain at work, something more advanced than the basic lizard and monkey brain survival routines, yet also not something advanced enough to be described as something that is either scientific or based upon logic.

Challenging or expecting mankind to adopt an intellectual approach to sexual equality is therefore a task exactly on a par with challenging mankind to eliminate all religion, not suppress it, eliminate it, and this is in a world where in this present day and age wimminz will use the fucking technological marvel that is the internet to state on their OkCunt profile that they believe the Earth is larger than the Sun, and see nothing wrong in stating this for all the world to see.

All that is left is what the ancients did, and maybe they were not misogynistic patriarchy inadequate bastards when they deemed that wimminz were chattels, with no rights of their own, maybe they were just fucking observant.

In any event, look to removing from wimminz the right to vote, or own property, or to testify against a man, or to have any rights of their own, before you look to any other path of eliminating the current misandry.

Please note I am not claiming any kind of inherent right or wrong here, or any moral principles, any human that gets hungry enough will pluck bugs off the dirt and eat them, there is no right or wrong, just survival at work.

The way we look at wimminz, and the way they look at us, it’s rooted in the lizard brain and monkey brain, wimminz are no more responsible for acting the way they do than we are for falling for it, it is hard wired into our nature.

This is why, even if you assume that the old ways of wimminz being property was wrong, then the current way we live is also wrong, because neither one allows for the fact that you cannot legislate the lizard and monkey brains and survival…. so when you force them to conform by force of law, the actual results will never be the intended results…. MGTOW and the collapsing birth and father present raising the kids their entire lives phenomenon is just one of the non intended results, and this is an ongoing and accelerating process.

Sure, it may well have been shitty to be the average wimminz in 1666 compared to being the average man in 1666, I don’t deny that, any more than I deny it may well have been even *more* shitty to be the average African in 1666…

Nor do I deny that in theory it would be nice if we could do all sorts of things in a more equitable way, but you can’t, every action has a re-action, and most of them are unforeseen and unintended consequences.

The average modern western white wimminz cannot shame me about the plight of the average western wimminz in 1666, because every advance in modern society that has allowed these advances has been borne on the backs of peasants in oil rich countries still effectively living in the stone age, and these wimminz are the very last to complain that something should be done about this, oil should go up to $300 a barrel IMMEDIATELY to re-distribute some of the wealth to the poor peasants in said countries… so in effect the advances the modern western wimminz has made are EXACTLY as unfair and unjust as the disparity between a white man in 1666 and a white wimminz in 1666, and since the modern wimminz see nothing wrong in their current disparity with the Persian peasants, why should I see anything wrong with the disparity between white men and wimminz in 1666, or even in 1906…

It is what it is, a fact of life.

To this very day I still catch myself having to intellectually remind the lizard and monkey brains in me that Skank Ho X is not any kind of “prize”, at any given day in the future she is either going to be polishing my cock, or she isn’t, no way to predict it, or influence it….. so resist the temptation to tell the bitch to take a fucking hike just because she ain’t delivered yet, that is one guaranteed way to ensure she never does, and also resist the temptation to think that there is anything I can do or say or invest in her that will increase the likelihood of it ever happening.

I still have never seen with my own eyes, much less driven, much less owned, a Cuntach, I just don’t devote brain CPU cycles to it any more, consciously or sub-consciously.

You have to learn to separate the dream from the reality, the Lambo is the dream, the Ford is the harsh reality, giving up the dream hurts, not the thing, it was never more substantial than a myth, but the dream was very real and very personal.

It was confusing, giving up the dream, or giving up the myth, that is a trick I am still learning, ever so slightly more as each day passes, to this day… the ability to have such dreams is one of the things about me that I like, to ability to invest in them more than I should for a myth is one of the things about me that I do not like.

There is one of *these* just down the road though..lol

(ps, I know it is really a Countach)

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  1. Soul Sacrifice is right.

    Comment by josh — January 22, 2014 @ 4:11 pm

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