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January 19, 2014


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Back in the 70’s, easyriders kicked ass, one of the things that kicked ass were the stories, usually with a Dave Mann drawing somewhere in there.

I remember one about a guy going to buy a “74 Harley” that was advertised, when he got there it was a 1974 Cagiva/Aermacchi 250cc 2 stroke single branded as a Harley Davidson, which was a legit thing at the time, and anyway the guy is a wannabe and promptly wheelies the thing straight across the road into another house and ends up in hospital, talking shit about the panhead he is gonna buy next.

One of the other stories that struck me was a biker who got the “right to reply” on a local TV cable channel, he was given 30 minutes of airtime, so he prepared himself and comes up with eloquent and dignified things to say and impart, you know, he was going for the thing that DMJ does in his videos, so he gets there and goes on air and the red light comes on and he has his 30 minutes of airtime.

So after wards he goes to the bar and asks everyone what they think, did he nail that fucker or what… grins…

Baffled faces all around.

Dude, you were stood there in silence for 30 minutes, looking like you were about to pop a fucking artery, both arms extended towards the camera, both middle fingers raised… you didn’t *say* a fucking word.

Yeah, he says, I aced it.. and grins…

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