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January 19, 2014

Accumulated fuckups.

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Fuckups are like debts…

Much of this is going to appear to be self evident and too obvious to even talk about to many, but, with the passage of time and the gaining of experience, you will realise that while the thing itself is self evident, the baggage it carries, and the reach of its effects, are vast beyond imagining.

Fucking up is like debt in two ways;

  1. There is the capital cost
  2. There is the interest rate and term (schedule) of repayments

Capital cost of course varies from person to person, position to position, and society to society, but, crucially, so does the interest rate and term of repayments.

This is what Anatole France was referring to when he wrote “In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread

To any man the debt incurred by killing another citizen is far greater than the debt incurred by damaging their property, but this debt is not incurred equally by all men, nor charged at a rate of interest equally by all men, nor is it to be repaid within the same term by all men equally.

As we all know, nor is it equal across the sexes.

Nor is this debt owed to anything as fleeting as society, or the state, or community, instead, it is a debt owed to life itself.

For the youth, particularly the youth born to common stock and holding no wealth or power in his own right, this does not merely mean that he should avoid massive capital cost items like armed robbery and abduction and murder, these being the equivalent of the liar loan for the 500k McMansion, but ALL items have a cost, that bust for 1.5 grams of grass, that job you fucked up and got sacked from because you were always too hungover from the night before to start work on time, that qualification you failed to get because you were more interested in chasing cunt, sure, they are 5, 50 and 500 dollar purchases against the 500k McMansion scam, but the point is, they all add up.

So the 20 year old youth with the relatively clean slate with regards to debts owed to the bank of life, turns into the 25 year old, with significant debts owed to the bank of life, who turns into the 30 year old, with massive debts owed to the bank of life.

And here is the red pill.

It is too late, you can never be righteous enough to clear that debt by this stage, instead you have to be as righteous as you can be just to service it, if you don’t make as righteous as you can be, the debt grows explosively, your life turns to total shit, and because you are in denial, you are the last one to know it.

This is essentially what we independent men are talking about when we look at, for example, the skank ho single mom in her 30’s who has a 3 digit cock count and at least two kids by 2 different fathers, neither of whom is in her life now.

She is so far and deep in debt, because of her lifestyle, and subject to such high interest rates, because of her lack of status and influence, that the only future choices she has are the metaphorical workhouse or the gutter.

In street speak, at this point in her life it is absolutely guaranteed that everything she touches will sooner or later turn to shit.

But the reason is the baggage and reach of that “debt“, and the only reason she and you do not know this, is because some time around the mid 1960’s we started punishing everyone who tried to instil this in their children.

The lesson that you can either fuck up by making one or two large mistakes in life, or lots of very small ones, and get to a point where future options vanish, and your feelings about that are immaterial, tough fucking shit.

You are going to throw away your life boy” is not something that is said to teenagers now, because there is nobody left who understands the lesson to tell them, and there is no point either, because unlike the society *I* grew up in, where your parents actually ensured that you got to 16 without owing the bank of life one red cent, the kids growing up today are often underwater in debt to the bank of life by the time they HIT their teens.

For bank of life, substitute the bank of karma, the bank of zen, the bank of righteousness, bank of shit, whatever suits you.

Essentially, you then find two things, one is the class of people who say oh shit, this fucking sucks, but still, spending the rest of your life in the workhouse is better than spending it in the gutter… and those who attempt to avoid paying the piper, guaranteeing that (as happened in real life back then) even the fucking workhouse would not take them, so the gutter was the only option there was.

Guess which type of person will always drag you down with them?

However much we as a society might revile the pasty skinned wimp who stays at home all day beating off to free porn on the internet and playing GTA-V because he “can’t get a girlfriend” and who is “billy no mates” and so on, the chances are that, all other things being equal, he is NOT incurring debts with the bank of life at any great rate, he just isn’t making any deposits in his savings account at the bank of life either, so he isn’t in great shape, debt to bank of life wise, but neither is he a lost cause when it comes to the future.


It’s quite a quandary, let’s say my sons turn up out of the blue on my doorstep when they turn 16.

What advice do I give them? Really.. given that advice is useless until the hand is burned by the flame and the lessons learned, and it is different for everyone and every generation, I can’t give advice… it is pointless.

I’m probably doing them a greater service by standing there in silence, saying nothing to them, but wishing them well and hoping they survive long enough to understand their old man.

You want the bad news son, or the worse news?

The bad news is the bank of life exists boy, the worse news is your psycho skank ho mommy already opened an account in your name, and you are already overdrawn…. a lot…

Is it fair? fuck no boy… it’s life…


  1. For most of my life, my dad was god to me, and he scared the shit out of my friends. To be honest though, I can’t think of a time when he gave bad advice. I’m out on my own now but I still come back to my parents once in a while to catch up and I still take my dad’s word as gospel. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does say something, it holds it weight and value better than gold. I’m in my 20s and I’m sure this story will be equally true up until my dad turns up daisies. When I was a little boy we would build pinewood derby racecars together, and watch formula 1, and after uni discuss the nature of thermal expansion. I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, other than, that sacred bond of father and son will be there. I know you’ve been apart from your boys against your will, but I know, someday, it will be there. It’s part of our DNA as men. Cheers to you and your sons.

    Comment by freeman — January 20, 2014 @ 12:35 am

    • Let’s just hope Afor’s boys won’t be turned into niggerz beyond redemption. I reckon. there is a lot of men out there who have shunned their ‘absent’ fathers from their lives: pitying, belittling or despising them, because they have soaked up the cultural rot like sponges since their single-moms put them in camp brainwash, aka daycare and then school.

      Comment by Michael — January 20, 2014 @ 2:13 pm

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