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January 14, 2014

My dick went limp – airhead

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It’s something wimminz just don’t get, maybe because wimminz are profoundly stupid, but…..

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Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in school?
No, evolution has no place in schools

Which is bigger? (earth or sun)
The earth

Jealousy: healthy or unhealthy, in the context of a relationship?

Do you Google someone before a first date?
Yes. Knowledge is power!

I’ll spare your eyes the profile picture(s), it/they don’t matter, they really don’t, they could be the hottest chick I had ever laid my eyes on, and these sorts of answers would still kill any incipient boner.

These sorts of answers come in two general classes.

The first class is the downright retarded stupid, people who think the earth is bigger than the sun, sure, in some ways they are living on the same planet as you, but they literally do not think they are living on the same planet as you, they either think the Earth contains 99.99% of all the mass in the solar system, and the sun is just a fairly big industrial heat lamp hanging up there by the power of Barbie, or, they do not think at all, they just say what they see, from their own perspective.

The second class is the downright poisonous to be around stupid, jealousy is good and googling a potential mate is mandatory, after all, everything on t’intertubez is true, and by definition if it ain’t on yer fuckbook page it didn’t happen.

My mind literally does not compute the warped excuse for a brain and intellect that can firstly hold such bizarre views, and secondly see no issue whatsoever in publishing them for all the world to see, often becoming some of the very first things everyone else can learn about you.

And then having the simply incredible stupidity to think that this display of total and complete airheadedness is in any way going to contribute on the positive side of any scale measuring anything at all about you, from marriageability through fuckability to gee, I’d like her as my bestest ever friend…

Any thinking and reasoning being knows that sooner or later mother nature is going to intervene and redress the balance, not because of a lack of intelligence, as that doesn’t actually play that great a part in Darwinism, but because any creature that fucking dumb is unable to indulge in any activity more intellectually taxing than bovine grazing, albeit a bovine grazing of entirely artificial fields provided by others of her species.

So, here is a thought.

What if many of the claims of the wimminz and feminazis were not without a kernel of truth, they just see the future more clearly than we do.

What if Nature sees all that “energy” going into creating female human beings, and 99.9% of it being wasted, after all, if no functioning brain is required, now that we live in an artificial technological society, why waste all the energy generation after generation after generation, equipping wimminz with a brain they are simply not using?

What if no female human being born today is ever going to be the intellectual equivalent of her grandmother?

Provided DNA gets to make more DNA (since it is male genetic material that is responsible for evolution anyway) then as far as Nature is concerned, a steadily falling female IQ is not just not a problem, not just a non issue, it is a win-win situation, all that energy saved making and supporting a complex brain that is not used.

Well, we get to a place where da wimminz evolve into a reproductive creature, a sexual creature, a menial task creature, and by menial task I am talking of the order of things you can teach a dog to do today, but with opposable thumbs.

Cattle, basically.

Yeah baby, never mind the Earth, my cock is bigger than the sun, because you can blot the sun out with your thumb, but my cock will choke you.

Looking back in my life, and I have lived long enough to actually do this more than once, and regret it afterwards, the biggest mistakes I ever made with wimminz, which means the biggest personal cost and shite that I suffered at their hands, was wimminz who when I met them, you could show them their weekly pay packet, and tell them the national minimum wage, and expecting them to correlate the two and work out whether or not they were being paid at or near or above or below the minimum wage was a challenge on a par with expecting them to design a modern replacement for the Saturn V rocket.

And what did I do?

I spent the next several years educating them.

You could make a comedy sketch about it, I meet them and they are all like cee (pause) aaaa (pause) teee (long pause) cee aa tee spells CAT! (triumphant grin) – time passes while AfOR educates them, ceee ohh enn teee arrr ohh ellll ellll eye ennn geee  –spells– CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR, yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! let’s take the old cunt to secret family court and fuck his life up. Where’s my prize??

I was dumbass.

Now I frown on wimminz trying to ejumakate themselves, hey baby, you don’t need all that boring shit, you just need to perfect your blowjob technique on me innit…

Saudi only had it 1% right with no allowing the bitches to drive, they shouldn’t be allowed to learn to read or write, no education of any kind at all, except the useful shit, how to sweep a floor, how to iron a shirt, how to make me a sammich bitch, and any sad fucker who tries to teach them gets stoned to death.

Worked for the wogs, we built an empire on that shit, then lost it as soon as we educated them.

Of course any species intelligent enough to overcome the awesome scientific challenges that interstellar travel poses will have this shit down cold, if they come here and set up shop we ain’t gonna get shit, stephen hawking types might get enough training to be the equivalent of “do you want fries with that?” press button with tick, or press button with cross, but the rest of us would be fucked.

If they landed today, we’d deserve it too, we are demonstrably assholes.

Not just permitting, but encouraging the continued metabolic processes in something that thinks evolution has no place in schools, fine, that is your belief, you have no place in any society I am a part of, outside of the cattle pens anyway, and that’s my belief.

And then declaring that they are in every way equal to me, in fact their equality to me is guaranteed in law on so many levels that they are in fact to all intents and purposes superior to me, I couldn’t pull that shit and still get housed and fed by the state, I wasn’t born with a cunt.

Fuck it, yeah, I know, I make Goebbles sound like a tree hugging libtard, but at least you can put a bullet in my head, and Goebbels, and sort the “problem” that way, just make it all go away, thing is, you can’t put a bullet in Nature.

Nature is the ultimate Fu, the more effort you put into fighting it, the more effort it turns back against you, fighting the inevitable instead of learning and adapting just make the inevitable come harder and faster.

STALE is to STEAL as 89475 is to…


  1. What is next in this series? 1, 4, 10, 19, 31

    x+3^n …

    When I first started teaching, I started seeing patterns everywhere. Too many hours at algebra/calculus drives you a little bit crazy.

    Yes. Knowledge is power!

    funniest shit ever

    Comment by Boxer — January 14, 2014 @ 11:53 pm

    • n+3n=n+1 , rather.

      Fuck’n hell, I’m as bad as she is.

      Comment by Boxer — January 14, 2014 @ 11:55 pm

  2. Is it really the airheadedness that kills the attraction, or is it the arrogant complacency of thinking they know anything has got you apoplectivizing?

    When I was in my twenties, in the mid eighties, the very night I had gotten kicked out of my apartment, I met a waitress/beautician who liked the little chocolate hearts I had left instead of a tip for my cup of coffee at the all night diner I killed about three hours in. Somehow she knew I had no money and she bought me dinner.

    She was cute, skinny, smiley, and obviously dumb as a plank. Later that night, on her way home from work she saw me sitting inside an all night doughnut place and came in and invited me to come with her “just to have a place to stay.”

    This was all before the pua industry, so as amazing as it seems, I somehow took the hint and knew what to do. Spent about a month there enjoying sex, spa treatments like facials and pedicures (just for practice), playing football on the beach, and spending her money.

    Had never been with such a dumb one before, and felt kind of guilty about it because it never occurred to me that she was perfectly happy smiling at me and looking after me. Would invite male friends over and we would take over her living room and talk shit. I actually even felt kind of guilty not including her in things in her house, eating her food, etc, but when I would try to include her in things, her sitting there in the corner of her own living room, she would just wave it away saying, smiling, “that’s men talk.”

    I felt back then like I was somehow taking advantage of her, like we weren’t equals, soulmates, and so on, but man there was something about that girl, how freely she gave of herself, how happy she was just to see me happy, it was almost like there was this aura of sensuality you could feel about three inches before you actually touched her. I had been conditioned somehow to feel I needed a relationship with a girl at least as smart as me or smarter, so, since I am stupid and it was different than I what I was used to, I ended it.

    She fit in neither of your categories of boner killers, but still airheaded for days, and I am not saying she was NAWALT or anything, since it was only one month before I broke it off, and who knows what would have happened with a little duration. She more fit into your third category, the cattle, but the thing of the thing wass:

    She was happy being cattle. She was happy with her job (making me happy.) Have never come across any one like her since. It is possible she would have been okay. The airheadedness was fine, it was the absence of any sort of arrogance or hysterical empowerment that made the whole thing work.

    If I had stayed any longer I probably would have gone the education route with her too. Sigh. It feels like there is some big truth right in front of us we just aren’t seeing.

    Comment by josh — January 15, 2014 @ 8:43 pm

    • You raise an extremely valid point, I know the type of which you speak, and, truth be told, I have a lot of time for them.

      “That’s man talk” kind of sums it up, rather than voicing her opinion, and proving to all the world she is an airhead, she keeps her own counsel, and is content, merely being in your company.

      One of those you can refer to as “my bitch” and mean it in a complimentary way rather than a derogatory way.

      AWALT, but far far closer to the NAWALT end of the scale, which can actually make them more dangerous, like raising a bear at home from a cub and thinking it is a tame domesticated animal.

      thx for sharing

      Comment by wimminz — January 15, 2014 @ 8:55 pm

      • Agreed. They’ll turn on a dime right when you get complacent.

        Comment by josh — January 16, 2014 @ 4:45 pm

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