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January 9, 2014

Just…. WTF….

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My comments interspersed in red

Jabberwocky asked me to write a bit about my marriage and how it’s been, and I think that’s a fair question, given that I’ve written a lot about marriage, including plenty of criticism as well as attempts to reform the institution. yeah, you reformed the shit outta dat Bill, *NOT*, then, it appears, you went ahead and signed on the dotted line all over again…

He also showed some insight into my character, such as the fact that bachelorhood doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t think that word means what you think it means… This is true. Following my divorce, I avoided women for a few years because I was still recovering from the trauma it caused. there is a difference between hiding, and recovering I think that was a good thing, as it allowed me to focus on my kids and rebuilding my life (as well as building The Spearhead) without drama or distraction. However, by the time I started to feel normal, which happened almost exactly three years after my separation, nature once again took its course, and I met my wife. Yeah, and I “fell” pregnant, and we “ended up” having sex, and I “found myself” mainlining heroin again…

We’re a far better match than my first wife and I were. Given that your view of your relationshit with the ex is 20/20 hindsight, and your relationshit with this new bitch is all crystal ball gazing, just how do you know this? My first wife and I met when we were quite young, and I had this idea that I would be a normal, middle-class guy who could make a family and grow old in peace, then enjoy old age with grandchildren. Yeah, and maybe you thought you’d end up a millionaire with a great career or retire at 35 too, nothing wrong with dreams, and no connection between having dreams and having the shit kicked out of you I idealized that lifestyle because my parents divorced when I was very young, I grew up witnessing a lot of family turmoil, and had a fairly rebellious and unstable adolescence as a result of that. So in other words your first marriage was proof that as an adult you recreate the lessons and lifestyles learned as a child from your parent(s) In my young man’s mind, domestic peace and tranquility, decency, modesty and humility were goals to strive for, perhaps partly in defiance of the chaos of my youth. No, you strive for them because they are the minimum civilised standard, it’s not a fucking goal to aim for, it is the minimum possible acceptable standard, you don’t even think about playing house unless that particular set of ducks is lined up like a motherfucker, with ZERO effort to make it so, or keep it so.

So I married my ex, thinking all would turn out alright if I believed enough and followed the conventional steps. See previous post, I believe Although I had some gnawing doubts from the beginning, so why weren’t they addressed, before you put the noose around your own neck? I figured that since we didn’t argue, a woman in wallet seeking mode argue? she seemed fairly loyal “seemed fairly loyal” WTF??? Bitch better be 100% loyal by any test I can make before we even sit down and the table and discuss fucking playing house, WTF Bill… and we were both healthy, it would work. We had two kids no, she did, even if it is you DNA, she did, and she still has her property, you just pay for it, bitch in quick succession shortly thereafter, and with them this sense of confidence vanished. Why waste any energy on making a convict think they are roaming free on the prairies? It turned out that the reason our relationship had worked before was because it was so easy or it turned out you were so easy to entrap and ensnare and emasculate and our needs so few. Suddenly my ex, despite having decent motherly instincts WTF is this shit, bitch had some puppies, what instincts are needed, none, which is what she had, even ONE decent instinct would have prevented her from separating the kids from their dad, was “not happy.” LRFH Our income was much reduced, LOL the babies were loud, no shit sherlock I realized my pay was a lot lousier than it seemed before (especially for Seattle) your pay was fucking unchanged, you just didn’t do the math, and trouble with the in-laws began to boil over into real resentment. well at least this tells you where her “character” and “qualities” came from, but, did you marry the in-laws too? big mistake right there… Less than a year after my daughter was born I already had the sense that things were not going to turn out well, and you were still the last one to get the joke and within just six months of that it was over. on the contrary, the real purpose of the whole thing was just beginning, cupcake was opening a new “chapter” It was a short marriage. it was also too long, should done the math on your salary, waited to see about loyalty, waited to see about kids, well, assuming any of those choices were yours…. If it were a person, it would have one of those sad little inconspicuous children’s tombstones you see at the cemetery which, despite their humility and small profile, are the most arresting of all. It was a person, several people actually, most of them dysfunctional from the sounds of it. From HER perspective it was the PERFECT marriage.

This time, however, hallelujah brothers and sisters, gather ye around, I have found the fabled NAWALT I found a woman I really like to talk to. I talk to my fucking laptop, doesn’t mean I have to.. oh.. never mind, the stupid is strong in this one Obi One whose interests coincide with mine, RED PILL, oh yes baby I love everything you love.. who enjoys my sense of humor, puke and who says what’s on her mind. bitch doesn’t talk much then? oh, she does talk, so you mean she says what she thinks will get you to treat her as NAWALT, OK, gotcha, wimminz in wallet seeking mode We both have a love of the written word I like readin and ritin 2 and are polyglots, covering five languages between the two of us (actually seven or eight if you use a more liberal interpretation), bet you can’t speak ass raping divorce court legalese “controlling behaviour”, that’s one of the languages she speaks you ain’t aware of yet… which is a lot of fun if you’re into that kind of thing. sure must be fun having a wimminz who can tell you to take the trash out in 5 different languages It doesn’t hurt that she has a lovely figure so far and pretty face cuntstruck…. bah… dunno why I bother with nice brown eyes (I’ve always liked brown-eyed women),no worries man, they’ll go green in time, then luminous rd… just you wait..  but physical attraction is never enough to keep people happy, better get your ass down to the gym then boy, get some tatts, cultivate some aura and start insisting everyone calls you “toecutter” or some such.. what? you weren’t expecting what? oh, you were talking about your attraction to her… I see… nods wisely at dumbass while measuring him up for his next coffin.. despite what some may think, and even the most beautiful women can come to be tiresome. usually about 3 seconds after I have finished emptying my balls into them, just want to chill and have a smoke and a coffee before skating out of there, and the bitch will start nagging and complaining… whaaaat? you’re going? just like that? what about meeeeeeeeeeee????

Another difference is that we openly express disagreement —disagreement my ass, I chastise my bitch, and I do it righteously… fuck them apples..  a lot more than I ever did with my ex. openly expressing disagreement while voluntarily putting your head in the noose again don’t mean shit. This may sound bad to some, but voicing disagreement is communication. that has to be the most limp wristed pathetic pile of shit I have ever heard in my entire fucking born days, MY BODY MY CHOICE ring any bells, your ex bitch sure COMMUNICATED to you when she disagreed with 100% of what you wanted, including seeing and raising your own fucking kids… If there’s a problem, it’s much better to work it out with someone who is willing to argue than someone who will not. If there is a problem, the bitch ain’t listening. If your wife disagrees with you and is not willing or doesn’t care enough to argue about it, guess what? she doesn’t know her place, end of….. Your marriage is in big trouble. Nope, the marriage is fiiine, it is YOU that are in big trouble.. It may already be over.

As for my men’s issues writing, she sometimes disagrees vehemently, no shit sherlock, she is a wimminz and gives me some grief over it, slap the bitch until she learns her place then, which is not to comment on what her man does. but she also agrees with a surprising amount. You bet your ass she does, and it will ALL be used against you in your next divorce The main sticking points are support for mothers, ROTFLMFAO… whoooda thunkit… DANGER will robinson, red pill alert, DEFCON98, ah, wtf, nobody is listening, certainly not billy boy… which I think should be conditional, careful there tiger, don’t wanna get tooo radical and she does not, and that’s your death warrant Bill, only you can’t and won’t see it and whether younger women really are sometimes proper for older men (she scoffs at the idea). She’ll also scoff at some younger cock herself, but that’s OK, she’s  cougar innit… But she isn’t a typical American feminist — not yet, but now she is living in seattle it won’t take long… ignition in 5… 4… she’s a NE European, with a more “Mitteleuropa” cultural sensibility, so some of the craziness of Anglo feminism, hey, but only some of it.. right… such as support for throwing women into battle hey, I’m not greedy, I’ll settle for the gutter.. or demanding that women “lean in” seems absurd and backward to her, at least, that is what she says around you and the opposite of what she’d call progress. Billy boy making the classic mistake, hooking up with a wimminz who ain’t from hereabouts, meanwhile, back where she does hail from, very fucker has a story about her… Someone could probably write a book about the myriad philosophical differences between European and American feminism. 4 legs good, 2 legs bad, cunt good, penis bad… do I collect my royalties now? Interestingly, as a European she’s much more of a moderate on the abortion issue than American feminists, seeing abortion as a negative thing overall, what, she has YET ANOTHER apparent opinion that just so happens to mesh with your own stated views on a given subject,,, wow, better man up and put a ring on that bitch… especially in the context of small peoples like her own, and thinks the 12 week limit, standard in much of Europe, is adequate (it may surprise people to know that American abortion laws are, in general, more liberal than European ones). All in all, we probably agree more than disagree when it comes to sexual politics, sexual politics.. bitch, unless you agree the State has NO place in sex, we disagree, vehemently.. with some notable exceptions. no, no, don’t tell me, domestic abuse and control, domestic violence, sexual abuse, spousal rape, she holds stronger views than you eh…

As for whether she supports me writing about these things, this isn’t really an issue. No, but it will be the instant she files those papers on your ass, then it won’t be an issue, it will be evidence We’re both pretty liberal about allowing each other to express ourselves freely, well how fucking enlightened of you and in any event it’s a form of honest work, so is prostitution, well, more honest than marriage and child support even if it doesn’t pay off all that well (I hope to make some changes in that regard). Hey, nothing changes, same as your first job in your first marriage eh However, if I were writing obscene or otherwise sexually explicit material, you mean like vampires and wolves with huge cocks gangbanging and taping poor innocent little sluts trapped in boring marriages to boring web authors? I think that would probably be a dealbreaker, ain’t nothing a dealbreaker and that’s fine by me — it would be unreasonable to expect a wife to tolerate that when I’d never accept it from her. Except when it comes to misandrist state laws, single mommy support, that sort of thing… uh-huh

Will it last? No. I hope so, you dumb fuck… but part of marriage these days is accepting that you can only do your part. and your part is to be the dumb shit who spends the rest of his life paying for it, so tell me again why you would go anywhere near such a thing, even at gunpoint? Actually, I suspect that’s always been the case. Read Hosea for some Biblical context on the issue. Dysentry was a bitch back then too I’ve come to understand that if someone really wants to go, How about my policy, the bitch isn’t even here in the first fucking place unless THAT is what she wants more than anything else in the world… the best thing you can do for yourself is to play is smart and protect yourself beforehand, but that is neither what you are doing nor advocating let them have their way and keep a philosophical attitude about it. I suppose taking it up the ass eventually gets to be pleasant Bill, I’ll take your word for it, I shan’t be finding out for myself… I believe this is even expressed in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 7:12-16). Lots of shit is expressed in the bible, dining on babies foreskins, you name it, doesn’t seem like a good authority for life in the 21st century to me In other words, I can only keep my promises in that regard, and that’s quite enough to ask of one man. and of course how dare we ask anything from da wimminz… sigh…

Hopefully, this is enough to satisfy readers’ curiosity. No, it just confirms all my suspicions about you, and everything I stated about you previously. In general, I try to keep my family out of things, but since I’m writing about these issues so much it’s bound to come up from time to time. As a final little note, we just found out that we’re having a boy, clonk, there was the other shoe falling God willing.This god of yours, you do realise he must fucking hate you…


  1. I ALWAYS wondered (somewhat helplessly) why these niggerz always need to go back repeating the same error over and over again.
    Heard of bastiches who remarry 3+ times. O_o

    So he ordered himself some Baltic bitch? No wonder she scoffs at “older” men and younger wimminz.
    At 25 you´re already over the hill in the former Soviet Block cuntries, just like nature dictates. No local man will marry that anymore even for money.

    Comment by hans — January 9, 2014 @ 12:34 pm

    • Amen brother, see my comment about the local guys where she comes from having LOADS of stories about her, but, bill knows better, so just man up and send him your subs.. m’kay…lol

      Comment by wimminz — January 9, 2014 @ 12:40 pm

  2. “controlling behaviour”, that’s one of the languages she speaks you ain’t aware of yet…


    One of the guys in the Roosh forum invited a Ukrainian girl out to L.A. Okay, she had a lot of red pill observations about men.

    But then. . .

    Scariest thing she said was while eating at IN-N-OUT Burger:

    “hey, this food tastes gooood.”

    You’ve said it before, not only about women, but about money. Just because it was never worthless before. . . .

    Comment by josh — January 9, 2014 @ 9:01 pm

    • I wonder if the current psyOPS tactics manuals were written by just observing women doing their thing, heh.

      Comment by Digger Nick — January 10, 2014 @ 2:43 pm

  3. Am I a horrible person for laughing out loud at this crap a second time?

    Admittedly, he’s not my favorite cunt. Wild Bill banned me from his blog, and never gave me so much as an explanation. That was years ago. I rapidly forgot the matter until recently. I went poking around over there again, after all these years, when someone told me that he was in the clink for some minor offense, and sure enough, he hadn’t posted anything for the better part of three weeks (whether he was in jail or not, or for what, I don’t know — and don’t care — but at the time I suspected, and still do, that the prison story was a cover for “family problems” with the new missus).

    Most interesting is the decline in his readership. He has not much more than about twenty people, who respond to his articles these days. I guess the echo chamber got boring.

    In any event I read this crap a few days ago and had a similar reaction. The rumors floating around are apparently confirmed. He’s both underemployed and married again, to a self-described feminist — and she’s pregnant (I’m sure she “forgot” to take her pill, etc. LOL!). What a great move to make.

    Don’t get me wrong. He’s no worse than dozens of chumps (several in my own family) who refuse to learn from their mistakes. It’s his life to end if he wants to, but I felt a strange mixture of horror, pity and mirth at his situation. Some folks find their life’s only meaning as a warning to others.

    Comment by Boxer — January 10, 2014 @ 2:21 am

    • yeah, taking one for the team, he’s manning up and marrying that skank so some other guy doesn’t have to…lol

      Comment by wimminz — January 10, 2014 @ 8:47 am

  4. Spearhead get himself a mail order bride?

    Comment by Joe — January 10, 2014 @ 7:29 pm

    • Yeah. She’s from one of those post-Soviet Baltic shitholes — those new, old countries, littered with toxic waste and hot women. I must admit that I’ve been to that part of the world, and they are pretty easy on the eyes over there… until they hit about 35, when they suddenly morph into mustachioed, boxy, androgynous mouthbreathers. Quite shocking to compare the hot daughter with the lumpy old babushka who shat her out.

      Apparently the spearhead is suddenly offering “great business opportunities to the right people” and the “chance to get in on the ground floor” of a new publishing enterprise. I’m skeptical, but what do I know.

      Comment by Boxer — January 10, 2014 @ 7:52 pm

  5. I’m just shocked. Shocked I say. Shades of the “tired black man” movie maker Tim Alexander. He too fell in love and knocked up his woman.

    Comment by JFP — January 10, 2014 @ 8:12 pm

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