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January 8, 2014

Now is the winter of our discontent

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January has traditionally been a quiet time in the world of IT, so I’m paid to sit at home in my slippers smoking and drinking and writing shit on’t’intertubez…

Someone asked me if I read other blogs and sites around the MRM, yes, I do, so why do I no longer comment on those sites?

Combination of things, life is too short, I don’t want to be seen as poaching traffic, I already have a place to vent my spleen, I can’t be bothered registering, my browser security extensions break the comment scripts, etc etc

SO anyway, I said to the bitch, in this situation you should do this, and of course, because I said it, she went and did something else.

Rinse and repeat a few times.

So the bitch starts talking about these things, and says to me, I should have done this, and not that, where this is exactly what I told her to do, and that is exactly what she did.

I point this out, yeah she says, you *are* always fucking right, and that really pisses me off about you.

Uh-huh, I say, I am always right, you were always wrong, you always ignored my advice and did it your way and regretted it, and now you are pissed off at me, because I was always right… that about it?

Yeah, she says…

Maybe baby, I reply, you could try being annoyed at the stupid cunt who ignored my always right advice, instead of being annoyed at me for always being right.

<crickets – hamster wheel has a seized bearing>

It’s true though, nobody points a gun at anyone’s head, they (male and female) make these bad decisions day in and day out, all by themselves, and you can’t claim you couldn’t see it coming, if 99% of the time you ended up getting arrested by the po-lice for being an asshole, you started that evening with one of the three stooges, Larry or Curly or Moe, well maybe the penny is going to drop that if you want to avoid any more arrests, you might wanna start by avoiding Larry and Curly and Moe, and no, I don’t actually give a fuck that they are you only three “friends” on the entire planet.

Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

It’s not me whose future you are destroying bitch, it’s yours, and your kids, there is no WE here, I got no skin in your game, I’m just an interested observer on the sidelines who likes to fuck you etc, until you make yourself unfuckable, which seems to be the plan you’re working on.

And no, it’s not some childish tit for tat, push me, shove you, “keeping score” when I enumerate your various fuck ups to you, it is just accounting, keeping you honest.

If you don’t like it, stay away from me, if you stay near me, better get used to it, because I see no reason I should change my fucking behaviour just because you are around.

If you want the warmth of the fire, you have to stay near to it, if you want to stop getting burned, stop putting your hands into the flames. Treat me as that fire.

Shame, she doesn’t have a big enough portion, yet, to stop hanging with the three stooges, the after effects hurt, but not enough, and that right there is the secret, why people carry on being assholes….not enough SHAME felt.

Besides, Larry Moe and Curly are bad boyz innit.

Hey wildman, look at me, what do you see, a gentile Rick Moranis in his late fifties, all skin and bone, computer nerd wimp asshole, never did amount to a stream of piss and there ain’t no glory in the future…. that what you see?

The meek shall inherit the earth, after everyone else is through with it, if that’s all right with you…

that what you see?

You one dumb motherfucker then.

We this way now because we are filled with shame and embarrassment at what we used to be, we’re atoning… I knew a guy who survived WW2 in asia, on his fucking todd, though the jungles and swamps, just him vs the japs and the rest of the world, did damn near a year of that, never did talk about it, but you just know you do not survive that shit and walk out by being Forrest Gump, so he walked straight into the seminary and became a priest, and spent the rest of his live atoning.

Bad boyz? Be thankful you fell about six orders of magnitude short of being bad enough to ever make a man like that lose his temper with you, because he’d take your mind and your soul, as easy as taking candy from a baby, before he took your life, and he’d be doing just to see that fucking look on your face.

Hey, we read Atrocity Week (by Andy McCoy) back when it came out in ’78, and we are all yeah? and? and picking things outta the book and saying hey, he’s talking about so and so..

Myself I can distinctly remember the book coming out because while I was reading it this guy, a Belgian merc, not a heroic or pleasant hollywierd chimera, the real deal, a fucking animal, special forces types always are, it’s a pre-requisite, was sobbing like a baby, he’s just been introduced to some of Africa’s ways real up close and personal like, border patrol, black bitch with little screaming black picaninny in her arms, and he was about to fuck with the black troopers with him because their first response is to cut the baby’s throat and rape the bitch and then kill her too, stand-off for a moment there, just before his world came crashing down, perceived reality vs real reality.

One of the black troopers grabbed the baby from the bitch, which was still screaming like a mother-fucker, all swaddled up African style, and he says see, baby crying, baby crying lots, man not want to hurt baby, is true?

Our merc nods, not sure where this is going, but he nods.

So the trooper goes on to explain, lots of what they are doing here is trying to combat (raw uncut from the ground) gemstone smuggling, and a really great way to smuggle gemstones past white soldiers is to take a small female baby, maybe 12 months old, and disembowel it through the cunt, which you can do so there are no external marks and limited blood loss, and it can live anything from a couple of hours to almost a day, and stuff the cavity with gemstones, and plug it with with some rag, swaddle the baby up and give it to a woman to walk across the border areas with.

I heard the words, our merc says, tears running down his face, but they didn’t make sense, so the trooper un-swaddles the baby, and there, sure enough is the bloody rag hanging out of the still screaming baby’s cunt.

I’ll lay money the same exact shit is going down today in CAR, and the French and Chinese and Russians and mercs on the ground and drone operators in the air will be as blissfully ignorant as our merc, and the guy who handed me the paperback expecting it to blow my mind…

Meanwhile youth unemployment in Spain passed 58%, and that’s the fucking OFFICIAL figures, the truth will be much worse….

And bitches still be playing the oooooooh I just tripped and accidentally fell on his cock game with the so called bad boys, and the so called bad boys be lappin’ it up, and us omega male has been Rick Moranis computer geeks are just sitting there quietly, yeah so, you’re a real bad ass, and you scare the crap outta me, because when TSHTF you’re the kind of fucker who goes crying to mummy, and leaves my flank exposed…

In closing, please don’t think I am being “racis” and coming down on the wogs, or the nips, or anyone else, plenty of white men are at least as “good” at being bad. Even just 20 years ago in Europe in a place I could drive to in 24 hours, just as bad shit went down.


  1. Wanted to post some stupid “don´t go Zen on them wimminz, you´ll break ´em” comment, but then you go native..
    Jeezus fucking christ..

    Comment by hans — January 8, 2014 @ 9:25 pm

    • No equal opportunities for da wimminz when TSHTF, and they will step right up to the plate and be as evil as then men to survive… if there was a moral in going native, that was it.

      Just cos the bitch can’t bench press 220 don’t mean she ain’t potentially deadly.

      Comment by wimminz — January 8, 2014 @ 9:32 pm

      • Oh yeah.
        It´s possibly the biggest boon of the so-called red pill to stop grossly underestimating the female ID and not paint them anymore in this hilariously unreal white Disney light. Like the run of the mill niggerz and white knights always do.
        And you were of course quite right with the Balkans.
        Lots of valuable lessons were learned there, not the least about oneself. Though I was lucky enough to avoid the place during that specific time-window of hell.
        Super gorgeous and cheap vacation place though.

        Comment by hans — January 8, 2014 @ 9:50 pm

        • Got some second-hand information about Greece. Illegal whorehouses are spreading (which is very dangerous because the whores working there are not checked for AIDS), hookers try to pick up customers in broad daylight, and a fuck can be had for as low as €5, albeit with a hooker not checked by the government. If that is true, that should push the prices government-certified hookers can command only downwards.

          Comment by Tim — January 9, 2014 @ 3:59 am

  2. not so long ago, you quoted someone who said something to the effect of “The only thing your boss will never forgive you for … is for being right.”

    i can’t imagine this has any wider application than the corp hierarchy.

    Comment by bob k. mando — January 9, 2014 @ 6:21 am

  3. Wot, no pictures? From your stileproject feelgood archive?

    Seriously though, it is the tail end of AWALT that makes me have some sympathy for the men who don’t even want to know, and tuck all this shit into the part of their brains where the sun don’t shine, and never review it again.

    It isn’t just that wimminz will “fuck anything” that is scary, nor is it that they will tell you what you want to hear till they are done with you, and then they will disappear for no discernable reason, and couldn’t care less if they ever hear from you again or what happens to you.

    It isn’t even scary that they might take it on themselves to make your life hell for a while or forever only to “see the look on your face” as you like to say from time to time.

    And that stuff IS scary, but not as scary as it gets, because as in your Africa example , not only do they not care about you, but they don’t even really care what happens to their own kids, in this case daughters, and you don’t even need extreme examples like that, because the evidence is all around you that mothers raise their kids on the principle of personal utility and satisfaction, not on what’s best “for the kids.”

    And as horrific as that is, what is really scary is the example of the woman you try to talk some sense into in your post, because it is obvious that she doesn’t even care WHAT HAPPENS TO HERSELF. And she isn’t even in the stress filled Congo.

    You have mentioned this before. What sort of person protects their own ego in the present moment to the exclusion of all else past or future and how it affects everyone else too.

    She might very well go back to one of these paper alphas, and might end up with cigarette burns or a sulphuric acid face lift or whatever, and to her it will be worth it because she showed AfOR that he isn’t as smart as he thinks because she did what she wanted in the end so who has more power now?

    And the sad thing is that no matter what happens to her, it’s “all good” as the kids say because she will get mileage out of it no matter what, and for her a disfigured face or broken bones just as good as a long and happy life as far as leverage goes, and sympathy is just as good as status.

    And that to me is the scariest thing of all. You may have a little disposable income to dick around with, but she has disposable outcome going for her. And as long as that is true, when any of us have any dealings with them, we are working without a net.

    Comment by josh — January 9, 2014 @ 11:33 pm

    • Going back to the mid 80’s, I had a mate who was a mainlining heroin addict, but for all that he could hold down a job and all that jazz, thing is, he looked like a hollywood jesus, fucking good looking bloke, and I can always remember him saying to this wimminz “Fuck me, I’m a fucking junkie, and you scare ME with how crazy and irresponsible you fucking girls are…” and this is a guy who used to shoot up and ride, and I’d be tripping and ride, but I’d still think he was too fucked up to ride… not exactly sensible shit.

      Of course it took me years to get just how right he really was…

      Comment by wimminz — January 9, 2014 @ 11:42 pm

  4. From this post I gather your post-TSHTF scenario for the UK goes well beyond anything the Soviet Union past `89, Yugoslavia post-breakup or for that matter anything that happened during and after WWII. Barely alive sacrificed babies as contraband decoys is not part of those events.

    What makes you think the UK will “congolise”? What historical precedent can you muster?

    Plunder and subjugation through court and office by wimminz is one thing, personal violent execution of the same is an entirely different matter. My take: the bitches will pee in their dessous and will jump in the next man’s arms, they will not pick up a fight against the same.

    P.S.: you’d be surprised, but in Spain those unemployment figures aren’t really anything new. See:http://www.voxeu.org/sites/default/files/image/FromAug2010/DoladoFig1%282%29.gif They are back to ’85 and `95, nothing to worry about, the black market will make this beareable.

    Comment by Wake — January 11, 2014 @ 9:59 pm

    • I was in Spain in 85 and saw it first hand, back then the country was just coming up for air after Franco, pretty much anything and everything was cool, no worries, just don’t hurt anyone else, and the exchange rate between the peseta and the rest of the european currencies meant that everything was FUCKING cheap, and then they also had an extended tax holiday where local taxes ended, and IVA had not yet started, so everyone bought everything they could, white goods, tellies, you name it.

      Nor had they had time for the local councils and banks to utterly destroy the land and economy with ass grape ugly urbanizations thrown up anywhere you could park a cement mixer.

      And, they still had protections, I had to register to be able to work there (residencia / parte de alta / parte de baja etc) and run my own business, sure, 99% didn’t, but to be legal and not get deported every 6 months you had to, and at that time that also made you liable for national service…. the king’s father was one of my customers, and more than once I “raced” the king (in his motorcade) on the roads, my big block olds vs his tuned gordini turbo.

      I saw multimillion dollar 40+ metre yachts impounded and then used for target practice, back when the guardia civil weren’t corrupt and couldn’t be bought, but if you were cool and integrated into the community they would turn a blind eye.

      Trust me, it ain’t the same as 85, just because some of the numbers are apparently the same.

      Comment by wimminz — January 11, 2014 @ 10:14 pm

      • a former early mr universe, don’t ask me which year, one of the early ones, retired to the island of mallorca in the balearics, made popular by the like of liz taylor and richard burton, mallorca was, anyway, this guy was telling me, he was living the life of riley, it was something like 150 pesetas to the buck back then, and there he was living in paradise, drinking rum and coke at 8 pesetas a shot, he was there six weeks before he discovered that the coke, which came from the mainland bottling plant, was 6 pesetas, and the rum was only 2, after that he said, he drank the rum neat.

        Comment by wimminz — January 11, 2014 @ 10:23 pm

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