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January 6, 2014

I believe I’ll have another beer.

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That always used to be the standard answer to anyone who said to me something along the lines of “everyone needs something to believe in”

But this is all about BELIEF.

Broadly, there are two (and  half) types of belief;

1/The kind of belief where you are quite happy to discuss all of your belief quite openly with anyone who asks.

The kind of belief where you are not happy to discuss all your belief quite openly with anyone who asks.

(The other half type is the type who tries to get you to agree with their beliefs)

In reality, nobody on the planet holds one belief at a time, we all hold dozens and dozens, and in true Alice in Wonderland fashion, you don’t have to dig too deep to find mutually exclusive and contradictory beliefs in one person.

Beliefs then are like facets, one gemstone can have many facets, and depending on circumstances one or another facet is rotated to the fore.

Beliefs are not confined to religion, they apply to all things, from beliefs about human nature to beliefs about physics to belief about nature to belief about computers and so on and so forth, and yes, religion and spirituality are in there too.

Type 1 beliefs (in blue above) are easy for others to deal with, this is for example the competent mechanic who is quite happy to explain and discuss any aspect of mechanics with a customer, the customer may not share or agree with the mechanics beliefs, sheeit, there’s thousands of miles left in those brakes yet, but this disagreement does not influence the mechanic to change or modify his beliefs, or to change or modify how he expresses them, listen mate, you had the best of these brake pads, you’re into the time where the remaining life goes quickly and they start damaging the disks and not working as well as they should, notably in emergency conditions, your car is here anyway, the pads aren’t that much in money, I think you should change them, but, UP TO YOU… shrugs

Type 2 beliefs (in red above) are hard for others to deal with, this is mainly because you do not put all your cards on the table, you put some down, claim you are the expert mechanic, take it leave it, or worse still, I already went ahead and did it, and threw away the old parts, now here is the fucking bill.

If you find yourself gravitating towards the whole swinging / fucking scene, you will of course come across Feminazism, which is of course a type 2 belief, what I like about the swinging scene is the feminazi wimminz there are far more willing to expose more attitude about their type 2 beliefs than the wimminz in mainstream life, it still is not up for discussion and it still is not frank and open, but they will state out loud their beliefs with much less restraint than you get elsewhere, ergo, they are being more honest about their beliefs.

I could show you pictures of some of these women, and I guarantee, sex on fucking legs, phwoar, but that is just the visual stuff and the monkey hind-brain in mating / porn mode.

Then I could show you things they have said, “unguarded” as it were, as the attention from the niggerz wanting to fuck them makes them feel empowered, and I guarantee, 99.9% of all that sexual attraction vanishes, because the beliefs they express are so incompatible with reality.

It’s not so much the individual words, claiming it as a historical fact that men have always oppressed wimminz, it is the sentiment oh so clearly expressed between the lines, it is, to state it plainly, sectarian, they are talking about “Men” in the same way that Sunni and Shia talk about each other, or Catholics and Protestants in NI, etc etc etc.

To be clear here, this is why I have always been at pains to use terms like wimminz vs women, niggerz vs men, etc, I am not sectarian towards all female human beings, I am however sectarian towards all human beings, both male and female, who are indulging in such sectarian beliefs about men as can be labelled Feminazism.

AWALT is not a statement of immutable physical fact, such as saying that fish cannot ride a bicycle, AWALT is however an observation of a (practically) universally held and false belief system, moreover,  type 2 belief system, not open to discussion or challenge… Not that long ago everyone knew for a fact that the world was flat, then we knew that if you travelled faster than a galloping horse you would suffocate, then we knew that man could not fly, etc etc

If you wish to be pedantic AWALT does not apply, in 100% of cases, to All Women Are Like That, just 99.9%, but, and this is for sure, All WIMMINZ Are Like That, and what makes a Woman into a Wimminz, why, the prevalent belief systems of society.

Whenever I see the logo and advertising for the charity “Save the Children”, I always think “Fuck the Children”, but we have as a society another set of beliefs about the sanctity of children, we don’t act on it consistently, as any father who has been through secret family courts knows, but we profess that we believe.. type 2

As I said, everyone carries around *many* beliefs simultaneously.

One of the ones we are now questioning here in the UK, is the belief that all mothers should be paid from the public purse a standard amount per child, called “child support”

Many people “believe” that even questioning child support is wrong, just think of the children.

Others, who see our financial straits, and now trying to take a middle road, because another belief system kicks in, the one that defines what they themselves see as them being seen as reasonable and decent, so they talk about limiting it to a maximum of two children, but only applying to the future born, not to existing mothers.

Almost nobody has enough type 1 belief in themselves and their own moral compass to sit here and say, as I am quite happy to, fuck the children, they wanted them, let them raise them, and if they cannot, then the child can fucking starve to death, not my fucking problem.

And because this is a type 1 belief I am happy to explain, and touch and share on other beliefs, it’s not the principle of child welfare that I object to, it is the implementation, it is done in such a was as to encourage skank ho single mommies, and THAT, you see, is NOT in the best interests of those children.

When wimminz, and bosses, and the system and secret family courts and po-lice and other assorted assholes have come to me, as they do to everyone in life, and presented me with a “choice”, where that “choice” has always been to go along with what they want and be seen as a reasonable person and a team player, or, be their enemy, I have a serious character flaw, because every single time, despite what my intellect tells me I should do, I turn around and say “Fuck You, and the horse you rode in on.”

You see, they just exposed themselves to me as a sectarian, and ultimately a sectarian will only accept either your agreement or your destruction, there is no middle ground, you are either with us, or you are against us.

Fine, I’ll choose against you, and that isn’t even based on the subject in question, hell, I may even agree with the subject in question, but one of my own personal other beliefs is that anyone who chooses to put me in a position where I must choose to be either for them or against them is not someone who I will be sharing or discussing any beliefs with, in fact they won’t have any type 1 beliefs, it will all be type 2.

There is no room for me as an individual to learn or grow, only to conform.

This is why I ended up saying fuck you all to the secret family courts system, and end up with zero contact of any kind with my sons, it’s not because I do not care for them, it is because I cannot possibly do them or myself any good by submitting to type 2 beliefs, I would become, like the single skank ho mommies who expressly get pregnant in order to get state handouts and housing, an abuser of children, because preventing children from exposure to type 1 beliefs is worse, in my book, than seeing them starve to death in the gutter.

Kids dying in the gutter is not infectious to society as a whole.

Kids dying in the gutter is self limiting, because it is where the rubber meets the road and beliefs meet reality, and type 1 beliefs will adapt to suit reality, and type 2 beliefs will not merely deny reality, but making it illegal to even discuss reality.

I have lived in Africa, I have been the sole white boy, and I have seen not just racism, but tribalism.2650589184_885150b268

I have had both black and white niggers (with an s) here in thee west try and tell me all about racism, but they don’t know shit about racism, or tribalism, all they know shit about is type 2, which is….

… racism is saying you ain’t and good as me and you never will be because you are  (insert definition her) and I am not, and so you should never have a higher position in society or status than me, you are not my equal, you are beneath me.

… tribalism is not racism, tribalism is not you are beneath me, it is you are cattle, you dare to walk on your hind legs around me, you only live and breathe by my own charity.

Guess which one sectarianism, type 2 beliefs, is closer to.

Team Red and Team Blue.

If both share the same sort of belief system, a type 2 sectarian one, then you are going to either have permanent hostilities or genocide, there isn’t a third way.

If one side holds a type 1 sectarian belief system, IN RESPONSE to the other side’s type 2 sectarian belief system, then there is a third way, when the type 2 sectarian belief system goes the same way as beliefs in a flat earth, or everything revolving around earth, but nothing short of reality will eradicate that type 2 sectarian belief system, and it won’t be pretty.

I can take a sectarian attitude towards the wimminz and niggerz, because they take a sectarian attitude towards me as a man, my attitude is not towards them, but towards their belief system. My type 1 vs their type 2

It doesn’t matter WHAT the actual belief is, it is type 1 vs type 2

type 1 belief that men always oppressed women etc etc, ok, we can discuss that, because it is not a sectarian belief system, that I must be either for or against YOU, because of your beliefs.

It ain’t for me to fix, as a commenter said in a newspaper, we didn’t start the fucking fire, don’t expect us to put it out.

Which worries me.

Because I see a LOT of blogs and guys talking about 2014 being the cusp of change and we are winning and attitudes are changing and so on.

See above, just because some sectarian type 2 belief system wimminz/niggerz starts singing out of tune, doesn’t mean they are not still, just as much as ever, the enemy of everything that is type 1.

Just because someone agrees with you and starts to fight for your side, or so they claim, doesn’t mean they are not still your fucking enemy.

Leopards do not change their spots.

type 2 belief system people do not become type 1, they remain type 2 until they die…. or in rare exceptions something literally life altering happens to them.

We are still, mainly, eg >90% of individuals, raising mini wimminz and mini niggerz, it is way way way too early to be celebrating or relaxing or thinking the waters are not still fucking rising.

If we stopped, today, en masse, breeding and raising mini wimminz and mini niggers, it’s gonna take 60/70 years before they are mainly all gone, and a minimum of 30 years until they are in the minority in society.

You want gradual peaceful change with society largely staying intact?
Plan on the water rising for another 30 years, and in the year 2045 THEN fuckers can claim we are turning the corner.

You want it sooner than that? It’s isn’t going to be pretty.

too many type2, not enough type 1.

DMJ and guys like him, I *want* you to be right, I have more reason than you to want you to be right, simply because I have less time left on the planet.

But wanting you to be right is just another belief system, and sadly, it isn’t one that withstands any rigorous analysis, it is CERTAINLY far too early to be changing personal policies and attitudes, based on no more than noises, from what is after all a type 2 sectarian group.

Hell, every guy *wants* to be loved, but letting your guard down just because someone *claims* that they could love you or might love you or might learn to love you, or might learn to stop hating you, is bullshit.


If there is no contrition and atonement then it is just type 2 belief, they don’t really believe what they did was wrong.

Show me the ACTS of contrition and the ACTS of atonement (and maybe you fuckers better learn the definition of those words) that you have actually completed, and the others that are a work in progress, and then, and only then, we can talk.

No promises, no accolades, no applause, just talk.

Wake the fuck up guys.


  1. 2014 will be even more fucked up than 2013, and that was just grand.

    Sometimes I hate these fucked up pics you post, but goddammit I fear this tribal shit is fucking close to returning to URop.
    As these cursed European-soviets Belgian child-fucker bureaucrats have us so cunningly maneuvered into, while our traitors in chief politicians kept their well paid mouths shut.
    Let the gypsies flood in freely, what could possibly go wrong.

    Comment by hans — January 6, 2014 @ 6:55 pm

    • I agree, there are many many ways to arrange for the movement of peoples to work and live etc, and there are many other ways to do the same thing but to needlessly aggravate racial / national / social tensions, guess which one all our countries seem to be doing.


      Comment by wimminz — January 6, 2014 @ 6:58 pm

  2. My optimism… is strategic. Also, “building” doesn’t necessarily mean building a white picket fence in la-la land… sometimes it means stained-glass windows behind stone walls with crenellations.

    From what I can tell, about 95% of people are useless idiots, who may not worship Satan outright, but their hands are idle and they’re doing the Devil’s work – beta males are the cause the hypergamous sluts, and while you and I make the best of a bad situation, they sit around whining about how we’re immoral men who steal all of their women.

    They make their own Hell.

    As far as I’m concerned, they can get in line and start marching to the tune of the winning army, or they can sit and rot in the gutter; far be it for me to steal their Free Will. I’ll never impose upon their choice of damnation with misguided charity.

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — January 6, 2014 @ 9:35 pm

    • >;*)…. put em all in a field, bomb the bastards, and let god sort ’em out…

      remember what they said about Ghandi, just a raggedy old man dressed in a sheet, and yet he cost us india and the rest of the empire with it.

      Comment by wimminz — January 6, 2014 @ 9:46 pm

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