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January 3, 2014

Rosie, Julie + Jim

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The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Jim used to start the day by arriving at the bar with his newspaper and ordering a coffee or three.

Jim had a thing about his newspaper, he insisted on being the first to read it, if someone else picked it up, he would go and buy a new one.

If he saw a story he wanted to share he would either read it to you, or finish the paper and then show it to you so you could read it yourself.

Each newspaper each day was of course but one of many identical ones in the shop, and to be strictly correct there was no way to tell if the shop staff had read any of it first, hell, I have seen people deliberately open his paper to page 4 and read something close it and put it back as it was, while Jim went to the toilet, and he would come back and quite happily read his newspaper, believing he was the first, while the guy who read page 4 grinned at everyone else.Internet_dating_2

Apart from the change of name, that is a true story, and presented as such, and I am not saying Jim was right or wrong, or normal or obsessive, or anything else, I am just observing the fact that if he knew someone else had read any of his paper, he would go and buy a new one.

I never discussed with Jim if he only ever fucked virgins, so I cannot even speculate.

Rosie is a girl I met in a cafe, I was sitting at one table having a coffee, she was sitting at another table having a coffee, we looked at each other, you can guess the rest, we fucked for a few days and went our separate ways, all I know about Rosie’s sexual history is she was not a virgin when we met.

Julie is a girl I met on a swinging / fucking site, one of the features of many such sites is users can leave what amount to endorsements of other users, eg I met X in the flesh and we fucked, so even if each such endorsement = only 1 fuck, unlikely, and there were no fucks that did not have an endorsement, even more unlikely, you could arrive at a minimum cock count for Julie.

Julie and Rosie are about the same age, Julie has a lifetime cock count that must be IRO 300, Rosie, well, we just don’t know do we, if you asked Rosie an OK Cupid question like “do you think having had 14 sexual partners is low / high / normal?” well quite apart from the fact that the number is skewed anyway, choice wise, I mean, what the fuck would Julie say… “low”? yeah, and then some. Julie blew 50 guys in one night one time. Where does a lifetime cock count of 14 fit into that.

BTW, all those guys who advocate going with whores, but who also talk about wimminz are useless after the 3rd cock, well, whores will do that in a day, day in, day out, it won’t be a year of going crazy like Julie, it will be a career, 1,000 cocks a year, been a whore for 10 years, you do the math, 10,000, just do not ever tell me anything about high cock counts = unfuckable…. 10,000 cocks and rising say otherwise.

Rosie, well, she is going to say it (14) is about average.

Rosie and Julie are wimminz, not newspapers, even so….

Speaking personally, Julie I have time for, I knew the cock count going in, no rude surprises there for me. She can never even begin to claim or pretend or act like the blushing bride wannabe with a lifetime cock count so low she thinks 14 is high, or average, maybe…

Rosie is the one, Julie you know for a fucking fact from the cock count, she is a slut and it ain’t never gonna get any better than that, Rosie, well, you just don’t know do you.

Bit like Jim and his paper, and anything and everything you don’t know, you have a potential unwelcome surprise when you find out whatever it was you didn’t know.

I speak from personal experience.

The integer 1 is a sufficiently great number, when representing the difference between the cock count you THOUGHT was true, and the one you later find out is the new alleged truth, not because 3 to 4 before me makes a whole heap of difference, but because of who the previously omitted one was, and boy, it was pretty fucking obvious why that one was omitted.

It’s like the image above (yes, I have used it before) why did the guy walk away, she got a 5* rating from 13,400 users, what’s not to like?

You’d rather go with someone who claimed 14 was average for a lifetime cock count?

I’ve deflowered virgins, and fucked grannies, and everything in between, nothing but nothing but nothing makes a difference to how a cunt feels except pregnancy / childbirth (even a caesarian delivery won’t help this one, trust me fellas) and obesity, see the connection between obesity and pregnancy, both make the cunt slacker / sloppier, vaginal birth doesn’t actually make a huge extra difference.

Sloppy cunts don’t bother me, you can always ram it up their ass and box their ears so they clench if you want tight but can’t find a slim wimminz who was never either pregnant or overweight…. lrfh

Finding a wimminz who has never either been overweight or pregnant is probably rarer now than finding a virgin, virgins are overweight.

So 14 vs 300 or 10,000 or 13,400, really doesn’t make a lot of difference, it all feels about the same, has the same utility, has the same value outside of sex (subzero)

I’ve bought used cars with 180k (miles) on the clock…. doesn’t bother me.

Only time I get bothered is if some cunt has “clocked” it, so it reads a lot less miles than it has actually done, not because of the difference in value (assuming the 180k is wound back to 125k, the difference in value isn’t a lot) but because you tried to con me and take me for a cunt.

If you *really* clocked the fucker and put it back to 75k AND changed the plates and look to claim it was 3 years old and not 9, then you got serious problems if you expect to be able to stand up on your hind legs and talk to me like an equal.

Jim had his thing, I have mine.


  1. I’ve heard a common rule where to find out how many partners she’s really had, you take what she says and multiply that by 3. I guess the only way to know for sure is to use a polygraph, but then that might not work if she truly believes the number she gave. “Oh, yea I blew 50 guys, and had sex with 40, but I wasn’t in a relationship with them, so it didn’t count.” I once asked my psycho ex how many she had, and she looked up and said “I think… 4… or 5..?” hahaha. I guess in the end, it doesn’t matter. Caring about how many they’ve had in the past is a waste of energy, since you’re only there to pump and dump. But it does show how much women are willing to lie. “How can you tell if a woman is lying? If her mouth is moving, she’s probably lying.”

    Comment by freeman — January 3, 2014 @ 2:28 pm

  2. There always is a moment when a girl will start the sex stat game. I don’t ask back; she is puzzled; asks if I don’t want to know. I reply I don’t want her to lie to me; that she will because women cannot ever be honest about their sexual past. Really, why bother asking?

    Comment by Wake — January 3, 2014 @ 3:17 pm

    • lol… so true, sometime I just say “I shall assume it is somewhere north of 250”

      Comment by wimminz — January 3, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

  3. And now for something completely on topic: http://imgur.com/gallery/X9Z2xOr
    2 needle pricks into your balls vs 18 years of child support.. you decide.

    Comment by hans — January 6, 2014 @ 10:01 am

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