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December 5, 2013

Pinky + the Brain and AWALT

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I have thought long and hard about this, because I have a unwritten rule that I don’t write anything uniquely identifiable about myself or others… also… I don’t write anything about those who don’t deserve it.


If this friend reads this, forgive me, nobody else (but me) will know who you are, and I am not talking about you as a person, rather using you as an example of something greater.

I have a friend, they were in a car crash, suffered a head injury, and permanent brain damage. When I say brain damage I am not talking about drooling all day and having to wear adult nappies, I am talking about the brain no longer working as it used to, so think “stroke victim” rather than lobotomy patient.

This friend is female, and yes it is a relationshit friendship not a platonic social friendship, eg we fuck… and no, I’m not fucking a ‘tard, any more than a guy who is blind or lost a limb is somehow unable to consent as well and as fully as the able bodied brother he has.

AWALT, but, without invoking crap like “there is an exception to every rule” and such, what I do find is that the behaviours and responses I have come to know and learn and accept when dealing with wimminz, AWALT, frequently fail to manifest in this person, and interestingly, they fail to manifest coincidentally with manifestations of the brain injury.

The result is that I can have *proper* discussions with this person, I don’t have to watch what I say or how I say it, not that I do anyway, but the lack of the typical wimminz responses means that the conversation does not die then and there, communication continues.

Now, I’m not a stranger to people with TBI, but, in the past it has always been other guys, guys who fell off motorcycles, guys who stopped lead, guys who had accidents at work, but, not being a fag, there was a whole area, namely sex, that I never ventured in to… and in any event, guys ain’t wimminz…

This person is the first wimminz I have known with TBI, and of course there is a *vast* variety in outcomes and symptoms from TBI, so even if I met 999 others they would probably all be different, but, that doesn’t detract from the validity of this particular individual as an observation.

Thing is, I *very* strongly suspect that prior to her TBI, this is not a person I would have wasted any time on, classic strong empowered independent single mom stuff, but one of the classic symptoms of a TBI is trouble with memory, concentration, attention, or thinking, ain’t that they can’t do these things, is that doing these things is *hard* work and requires all their attention.

Result, someone who finds *all* thinking hard and exhausting work, and literally not enough thinking hours in the day to spend any of those mental CPU cycles on spinning up the hamster wheel… result, someone who despite being female, is generally pleasant to be around, and who doesn’t expect me to modify *my* behaviour in *any* way whatsoever, on the contrary, she knows she is brain damaged, and therefore VALUES my behaviour as a reference point, something to cherish, not something to alter.

To give an example, after fucking a regular AWALT wimminz, I may, sometimes, if the mood and the devil takes me, wipe my cock on her curtains, just to see that look on her face…. you know where I am coming from when I say this, I can hear you laughing.

So, I used the word “person” and not the word “wimminz” because it is so *unusual* to get a frown and a small smile and a verbal comment that isn’t really a complaint, it wasn’t taken as one of the male patriarchy disrespecting the pwincesses’ chamber and furnishings, it was taken as a guy being a guy, albeit a not very nice one, and the lack of “seeking conflict” that we would expect from AWALT wimminz (because conflict is also very hard work for her brain) has the result that I now wipe my cock on the duvet, which gets washed anyway, not the curtains, which probably don’t get washed more than 2 or 3 times a year normally.

Now, I don’t want you to get distracted with thoughts that within weeks you are going to see my proclaiming undying love and impending nuptials on this blog, and then she becomes editor in chief.

I’m just trying to highlight the fact that despite apparently being “brain damaged”, it is this very damage which has chronically limited her capacity to spin up the hamster wheel, and the end result is, for me, a somewhat unsettling deviation from the AWALT carrier that we are all used to.

Instead of, as I am used to, being told that she “can match me” or “is as good as me” or “I like a woman with spirit” etc, none of which are even remotely true, I’m presented with with someone who I only had to tell, once, when we first met and fucked, that (if I spend a night in bed with you) I like being woken up every day with a blow-job.

We *did* have a discussion about blow-jobs recently, because she has two styles, one which is intended to make the guy shoot his load, and one which is spending an hour or more just using her mouth and tongue to give sensual pleasure, and during this discussion, in which she indicated that if there were any preferences I had or improvements she could make I should tell her, she stated that she was hoping to maybe figure somewhere in the top 3 blow-job-ettes I had personally known, I went silent thinking about this, she didn’t do anything I expected, just said it’s obvious I’m not that good yet, I have to practice more.

WTF… why can’t all wimminz be like this…

I really, really, really want to stress the point that I don’t want y’all to be sidetracked by thoughts of AfOR walking some skank ho wimminz up the aisle while proclaiming eternal love and here is my wallet and here are my balls, or any of the other predictable shit.

The point is that in this particular case, this particular brain injury, the results have produced something that is by far the mildest case of an AWALT wimminz that I personally have encountered, by far the most *complementary* female I have encountered.

Is she perfect? FUCK NO!!!! She isn’t even good. She doesn’t have anything to offer, even she knows this and will say it.

She has the full compliment of AWALT skank ho check boxes ticked.

The point is, one tiny change, one tiny injury that makes thinking hard work, that makes no brain power left to run the hamster wheel, far from damaging or ruining this creature, it has made her more of a woman than any of her contemporaries, it has made her genuinely pleasant to hang out with, it has made her positive traits more pronounced while neutering the poison in her more negative traits, far from being a disability or an injury, it was a fine swiss finishing school, making the most of what actually was there, even if you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Until meeting this person, I personally never realised just how huge a part the hamster wheel played in *all* aspects of wimminz’ make up, I thought it was just itself a product of some entitled bitches personality and attitude, take away the hamster wheel and she will still be an unpleasant poisonous bitch, that was how my thinking went.

But no, take away the hamster wheel, and she becomes much more like one of the guys, sure, he has flaws and issues, but mainly he never puts a nanosecond of effort into making his flaws and issues your problem, so you can hang out with the guy and have a good time, call each other ass-holes, mean it, laugh, hang out some more.

I think I am experiencing fag-world, without actually being a fag, I can hang out with something born with a cunt and tits, and fuck it, but without the hamster wheel, so it is as chilled as hanging out with the guys.

It all begs an interesting question, has modern technological civilisation freed up so much previously used female intellectual capacity, that said newly freed capacity, in true devil finds work for idle hands form, was used to spin up the hamster wheel and turn AWALT wimminz into pointless hateful worthless skank ho’s?

If so, if all male newborns are circumcised, then all female newborns should be lobotomised, they’d still prolly grow up to be skank ho’s, but maybe not so psycho, no hamster wheel… yeah yeah, tongue in cheek…

It does however raise an interesting question, and I am fully aware that I put myself firmly in Klaus Barbie territory by voicing it, that it *might* theoretically be possible to replicate, perhaps chemically, this person’s TBI, and see if it had the same effect in other wimminz, does making thinking *hard* work kill the hamster in the wheel?

If it does, then the dumbing down of society and idiocracy may not be such a bad thing, as far as peaceful intersexual relationships are concerned…. with the caveat that “dumb” wimminz still have enough mental ability to run a hamster wheel at a squillion RPM, the secret is making thinking hard work.

Dumb wimminz don’t need to think to survive.

We can thank big daddy guvvmint and the welfare state for that.

I suspect “zero” rights and benefits and protections would serve the equivalent of making thinking hard, you’d have to think constantly, which would be hard.

Because it’s seasonal…



  1. Interesting conundrum. A wimminz only starts acting sane when she´s brain-damaged.
    This begs the question are they made that way by our societies social engineering of feminazis or is it “part of their code”.

    Well lets take a peek at what the ancients said .. *leafs through Bible/ ancient Greek literature
    Nope AWALT, or “original sin” as the Jews put it so nicely.

    Comment by hans — December 5, 2013 @ 8:14 pm

    • Part of the code, and the damaged code is better than the working code, ergo the code is malware…

      Comment by AfOR — December 6, 2013 @ 12:26 am

  2. And seeing as how there is an epidemic of reader hamstering everywhere, and so maybe even on your blog too, I can see why you made all those disclaimers about not being in love or in like or anything. However. . . .be reassured, it was not necessary.

    The underlying message to a lot of manosphere writing, particularly the stuff that seems downright inhuman (Reference the uproar over the Return of Kings article on reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder), is not the ostensible subject matter at all.

    And yes I did click on the link “unwritten rule” so that is probably why my mind is moving in the direction of unwritten true subjects of articles.

    The true subject of your article, like Tuthmosis’ one about bulimics and anorexics is the same: The absolute terribleness of plain old normal women. Women are so bad that you have to take another look at injured and unstable ones in search of silver linings you may have overlooked.

    The real question is, do THEY see this? Are they offended by what men write because because the hamster is so strong, it truly offends them? Or are they thinking, “Crap, they’re finally on to us!”

    Comment by josh — December 6, 2013 @ 12:12 am

    • they are probably thinking we are micropenis losers living in our parent’s basements… >;*)

      Comment by AfOR — December 6, 2013 @ 12:25 am

  3. Interesting. I know exactly one woman who doesn’t do the hamster wheel. She had brain cancer, only recently discovered, luckily it was operable. She’s very intelligent (and hetero), but simply never played the female game. Hmm.

    Comment by tweell — December 6, 2013 @ 3:48 am

  4. “WTF… why can’t all wimminz be like this…”

    The question we all ask when we meet one woman that isn’t “normal”. The sad thing is that if we are lucky, we’ll meet one in a life-time…

    Comment by Just Saying — December 6, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

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