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November 17, 2013

Cause and effect.

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For my sins, I clicked on this…


Well, to me what leaped out was not three brave and heroic and genius wimminz entrepreneurs, but…

  • one wimminz who has a “business” making washable shoes for kids, a business so successful she is still living at home
  • one wimminz who has a “business” running a crèche for dogs, up to 20 dogs a day and two full time staff and London premises and rates etc so if she is making 1p profit per day I am a fucking monkey’s uncle
  • one wimminz who has a “business” making bags and yoga wear, which has yet to earn penny one, but hey, hubby is supporting her.

and the big question, just what alleged “talents” did these worthless fucks have that caused Lehman to hire them for 40k plus p.a. in the first fucking place, and can nobody else see the connection between hiring worthless fucks on huge salaries and then subsequently going fuckedcompany.com???

I mean, seriously, Lehman’s was a fucking BANK…. if your career is in banking and your employer goes tits up I expect to see you start a new career as a self employed accountant for small business, or something along those lines, not open a fucking cup cake shop.

In any event, none of these fuckers is exactly what I personally would put in a national newspaper and point to as a success story, dig as deep as you like, companies house website if you like…. there is no meat here.

Lehman’s went bust in 2008, it is now 2013, five fucking years on, and what do these bitches have to show for it that is worthy of exposure in the national press?

Five fucking years, thousands of Lehman’s employees thrown to the kerb, tens of thousands of other employees thrown to the kerb as a result of the Lehman’s crash, and *this* is what they come up with, three worthless cunts grinning at the camera like they each just sold the film rights to Harry Potter, which you can diss as much as I do, but at the end of the day at least the authoress of that series of books did clean up financially by any reasonable metric you care to employ… however, such events are lottery wins, not the daily grind of small entrepreneur makes good, that this shit article was supposed to be about.

Alan Sugar, for example, is an interesting guy, he will tell you himself that he can’t actually tell you what to do to make a million in business, but he can talk all day about what NOT to do… for example after he made money floating Amstrad on the stock market he ended up handing a wad to Nomura, and it was only some time later after the Yen tanked and he lost the lot that he learned that the investment banker;

  1. was not liable for anything, including losing all his money
  2. earned his money on commission by buying and selling stock with Sugar’s money, so he did loads of buying and selling.

Which is why and how Sugar got into commercial property, Amstrad made him a ton of money, so he went out and bought Bond Street in London and has been sat back ever since with never an empty shop with no tenants and no revenue.

But of course, nobody ever wants to hear Sugar’s advice on what not to do, they all want him to tell them what to do…. flatly ignoring what he is trying to tell them.

I empathise strongly with Sugar, whether it is my first career, Marine Engineering, or my current one, Cisco Kid, the best advice I can always give anyone is what NOT to do….. and nobody wants to listen.

Nobody wants to listen because if they did, they would not be able to do that which they have already set their minds upon doing, and that is the real secret.

*what* these three worthless cunts have set themselves up to be doing, it isn’t what they are actually doing, they don’t want to, for example, be a baker and confectioner, they want to be a successful businesswoman running a well known and profitable cup cake shop.

They want to bypass the tough and dirty bit and get straight to the top, I want it all, and I want it now…. and in a sense, I can’t blame them too much, after all, this is exactly essentially what all three were handed 5 years ago when they joined Lehman’s, in their own words… but overnight I went from penniless student to highly paid professional. The package was jaw-dropping: a rapidly rising £40,000 salary, a fully funded MBA and brilliant bonuses…. which says it all..

And back in the day every one of these worthless cunts, and there were TENS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM across the city, and a large proportion of them still have jobs, the hammer has not fallen yet, inspired thousands of other wannabe entitlement pwincesses (and pwinces) to aspire to the same.

And these three worthless cunts, they aren’t exactly living in a cardboard box under the motorway giving blow-jobs to donkeys for a 99c burger, they are all wearing shit eating grins and getting international exposure in a newspaper as successful entrepreneur wimminz.

It’s not that surprising really that so many still dream… but then again, that is the purpose of the MSM, and articles like this, to keep the dream alive.

Otherwise they would be reporting on actual truth, like the increasingly desperate state of affairs in places like Greece, where the neo-nazi party is now the outright leader in the polls, and ever the middle classes are siding with them, because of their sole policy, Greece and Greeks first, and there is no second place… and there is no mention whatsoever of this, or any other worthwhile news, in this so called news paper, anywhere.

If I wanted to be informed, I might as well read Hello magazine.

Same could be said for the BBC news website, or indeed any of the other MSM channels…

It’s 2013, the age of the internet, and I have to go and look and bypass all the dross to find any real news about what is happening in a country not very far away at all, a country I have ridden to by motorcycle more than once.



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