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October 30, 2013

Windows file copy dialogue

It’s a simile, or a metaphor, or an allegory, or maybe it’s just a fucking example.

Back in the day you could bring any NT machine, no matter how high the spec, to its knees, just pop a floppy in the drive and click FORMAT.

As long ago as 1985 the Acorn RISCOS had a “pause” and “resume” feature in file copy/move, something to this day winders does not have.

So, we have a scenario, Disk F: is empty, Disk G; contains;

  • Folder 1 – 60 gig in size, 1.1 million assorted small files
  • Folder 2 – 90 gig in size, 127 large files
  • Folder 3 – 120 gig in size, 650,000 assorted files

You want to move everything from, Disk G to Disk F because Disk G is dying.

What’s quickest, do each folder in sequence, or do them all simultaneously?

Well, it depends, and then the “having a wimminz in your life” analogy pops up, Folder 4, 642 gig in size, 1.9 million files, including many os/system files that will require confirmation, many same name files that will require skip/overwrite, and many file names inc path that are too long for the system to read / write.

Your brain on MGTOW is the same, the wimminz process fucks up everything else, it’s a resource hog out of all comparison to what it actually achieves, if anything…

The old Microsoft Windows home server wasn’t a bad OS, Home server 2011 still has a bad rep because MS removed Drive Extender which was included in the earlier version of home server.

Drive Extender (DE) is a way of making all your disks in your NAS box appear to the rest of the network as one big disk… which people liked.

It did it by creating a “DE” folder in the root of each HD in the NAS, and then creating a mirror of the entire NAS file directory STRUCTURE (not content) in every HD.

So, “Folder 1” on your NAS which contained “file 1” and “file 2“, you might find that in fact while all four disks on your NAS had a root “DE” folder, and all four root “DE” folders contained a “Folder 1” folder, when you look at the four drives (for example in a 4 bay NAS) on a drive by drive basis you would get stuff like

  1. DE\Folder 1\
  2. DE\Folder 1\file 2
  3. DE\Folder 1\file 1
  4. DE\Folder 1\

Which means to extract all that shit to a new system, or to recover it, you have to merge folders into a new location.

For my money I think MS were entirely correct to lose DE in WHS2011 and go back to RAID1, and for my money the commercial replacement Drive Bender is just another DE, eg something that sounds great 99% of the time when everything is going really well.

(My personal take is that RAID is seen as scary, quite rightly, and DE was seen as cute and fluffy, quite wrongly…)

When things are going well, that Folder 4, the “wimminz process” above just bogs things down, it’s fucking annoying and yadda yadda yadda but at least processes 1 to 3 inclusive are still running.

When TSHTF however, that wimminz process does nothing but churn and bog the system and turns a potential data loss scenario into a major entire NAS fucked and corrupted, you’re data is hosed bro and so are you, scenario…. when a wimminz process runs it wants priority, a high nice value than everything else, what’s that NT server, you’re running the accounts and live office for a 5 million turnover firm that employs 20 local people, here, have a floppy to format, fuck you very much…

I do have potential cuntstomers (sic) etc ask me about this shit, can I have a quote please,…. no, now fuck off..

Because after I go to the effort y’all will say HOW FUCKING MUCH???!!!!

So here are my rules for speccing a NAS.

  1. Gather up all your optical disks, loose HD’s and PC etc, inventory it all and come up with a total data capacity in gigs.
  2. We will call this number N GB
  3. Your NAS data pool needs to be 4 x N GB in capacity on day one.
  4. Your NAS installed capacity needs to be double this, or 8 x N GB on day one if you are going for RAID-1 mirrored drives.
  5. NAS isn’t a backup, nor is RAID, so you need ANOTHER NAS of equal capacity +25% for a backup… thankfully this can be a slower cheaper one, but, it has to have the capacity.
  6. NEVER USE ANYTHING EXCEPT 2 TB HD’s in your NAS, no exceptions, ever. never ever ever ever ever ever ever, fucking never. got it? Never.

I can tell you now, I can count how many I have built and sold to SOHO customers on the fingers of one hand.

I’ll tell you something else, every single one of those customers was a single male.

Whenever there was a wimminz *anywhere* in the picture, we never got past item #3 in that list above, lets start with something smaller and see how….. yadda yadda yadda… why don’t you fuck off to ebay and buy a used radynas duo… cunt…

Incidentally, item #5, if only there were commercial DLT tapes that worked out affordable and reliable and practical enough, optical just doesn’t cut it on any level, practically your backup device is going to be NAS#2… spinning rust.

So, WTF started AfOR off on this shit?

Basically, loads of posts in the man owe sphere from guys claiming to have swallowed the red pill and seen the light, y’all are like the two in house IT cunts I met on a job yesterday, bright eyes and fluffy tailed, hullo clouds hullo sky.

I said to them y’all are either new to this game or not very experienced, they both denied both options, full of bright eyes and optimism that the install was going to go well, repeating words and phrases that the backbone cable/EFM guys had told them that should have made them quake with awwww and phear, as though they were just words and phrases.

So I do my bit and rack up the new router, patch in the EFM box and amazingly connecting a router to the LAN side of an EFM box doesn’t make the red idiot light on the WAN side of the EFM box turn green… I call my counterpart at the telco and suggest we aren’t going to sign this baby off today as there is no working EFM circuit, he agrees, book the cable/ backbone guys to re-visit, not much else for me to do but pack up.

I say to the now deflated fluffy bunnies as I hand them my paperwork to sign,  “and have I managed to destroy your optimism?”… they agree, I have, I grin widely and say “then my work here is done!” and leave the dumb shits to it.

It’s like my 6 rules above for speccing a NAS, those who obey them all to the letter, yeah, sometimes they have issues, that’s life, but I get to hear about it after they solved the problem themselves, no fuss, no drama, no panic… just awww shit, not another fucking dead disk… and then remedy it.

Those who don’t…..

Those two fluffy bunnies yesterday, they remind me of the MGTOW’s patting themselves on the back for swallowing red pills for 4 whole years straight now.

They chided me for my cynical attitude when I walked in the door, laughed at me when I said I am not cynical mate, just experienced, after all. had they not got the cable guy to move the EFM circuit down the hallway to the new office where we were all sat….. and the cable guy’s awww and phear inducing utterances that they quoted to me when I walked in the door, utterances that ran off their fluffy little bunny coats like water off a ducks back?

what’s the point in moving a dead circuit

Now I’m not trying to put you down, you young red pillers, any more than I would put these two down for their IT knowledge, which was indeed leagues ahead of 99.9% of the population.

The lesson is that 4, 6, 10 years of popping red pills is waaaaaay too short a time to get actual experience, y’all are like these fluffy bunnies yesterday, you think your knowledge and skills and experience and your firewalls and anti malware apps and project plans and flowcharts actually amount to shit.

You are acquiring knowledge, which is a good thing, but you need to be acquiring experience, and that is empirical shit where the proof of every pudding only comes after you have eaten the last drop, left the restaurant, digested it, and seen it as an old friend off to the coast from your favourite bog seat.


  1. Nitpick – Win8 has finally implemented a pause button for file copy/move. But it still doesn’t queue up same-disk actions, preferring instead to flog the drive back and forth, delaying completion significantly.

    Do one thing right vs fuck up lots at once.

    Onto backup philosophy: As Dan at DansData said, “If it’s not backed up, it’s not data you want to keep.”

    Comment by crippler — October 30, 2013 @ 10:41 am

    • I don’t even like “backup”…. you don’t want to backup, you want the future ability to RESTORE…. if I had a buck for ever time I saw a backup that was 100% perfect but only failed when it came time to restore something….

      Teracopy does for win xx what the win 8 file dialogue does, and more.


      Comment by wimminz — October 30, 2013 @ 10:48 am

  2. would you build a custom pc station, for a fee? feel free to mail me

    Comment by the dude — October 30, 2013 @ 7:37 pm

    • Can’t email ya, no link.. >;*)

      Building stuff is what I do, I charge a flat build fee (not much) and parts are at cost, ideally paid direct by the customer so they know exactly what deal they get…
      The issue once built is transport, too many couriers self insure, and it can take weeks to get the compo out of them, and some things like CPU HSF are so big and massive I will NEVER transport with them installed any method except my own hands personally to the customers hands, as even NORMAL courier handling is too rough for something like a big Noctua, take a look at the following and see what I mean by this…


      Comment by wimminz — October 30, 2013 @ 7:57 pm

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