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October 21, 2013

Teaching pigs to fly.

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There is a thing about ageing.

Ageing = the passage of time.

With the passage of time, unless you live in your own little artificial bubble, things happen, if you have your eyes and ears open this counts as something called “experience”

With sufficient passage of time two individuals of the same age in the same culture are going to share many experiences, and therefore they are going to share many world-views.

When you are 20 the mutterings of a 70 year old man about human nature in general just sound like some grumpy old fuck with a limp wrist who never amounted to anything when he was alive, and at 70 he is long dead from the neck up.

As you get older, that view shifts, at 20 you weren’t as immortal and dynamic and world changing as you thought you were, and the beat goes on, and one day you wake up and realise that the now long dead silly old cunt wasn’t so daft after all.

My grandad was viewed as such by me when I was a teenager, a silly selfish old cunt who didn’t give a fuck about his wife, only his sons, and not their wives either, and when push came to shove his #1 son very unusually produced one daughter only, so fuck her too, whereas his #2 son in turn had two boys, and when it came to will writing time even though there was barely a pot to piss in he made sure that everything was left in trust for those two boys…. what estate there was allowed the second wife to purchase a small home after his death (she was much younger than him) but it was never going to be her property, it was in trust.

Silly old cunt.funny_squirrel_2

Now I’m older, not that there is or will be anything left in that trust by the time the lawyers get through with it, despite the fact that wife #2 is still alive some 42 years after grandad snuffed it, so it ain’t about the money, but now that I am older, well, he wasn’t such a daft old cunt after all.

At the very least not letting her get ownership prevented her from selling it and going on a cruise, and a direct result of that is she has had a roof over her head these past 42 years.

Every wimminz I have ever known pretty much fits into this category, the only things not totally fucked up about their lives are the things they themselves have been totally denied any control over.

Wimminz appear to be quite unable to process the idea that actions and choices have consequences that reach out through time like ripples from a rock thrown into a pond.

Niggerz too…

So they “hope” they won’t lie to you again, betray you again, stab you in the back again, but the typical man’s response of “don’t hope, bitch, don’t try, fucking DO…..” might as well be uttered in klingon.

Because it comes from a world of cause and effect, a world in which never checking your engine oil and then ignoring the idiot light leaves you by the side of the road with a fucked motor.

In a world with no cause and effect, there is no possibility to teach anyone anything, all you can do is curtail, control and imprint.


One of the consequences is you tend to not say shit, so when you come across another blog mentioning something you already knew, you feel a sense of surprise.

Doesn’t everyone know that? It was famous…

But then again, I’ve lived longer than many people, it’s that experience gap again.


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