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October 10, 2013

Come on feel the noise…

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There is reality, and there are dreams.

99% of the human population, and 100% of the wimminz, prefer dreams to reality.

Dreams are “Yeah, I know if I tell the bitch what I am really thinking I stand a 0% chance of getting laid, so I’ll PLAY THE GAME” .. which in other words is marketing.

Meanwhile the reality is “Bitch, if your lifetime cock count exceeds three, OR you have kids by another man, you are at best pump and dump cum bucket material, game over

Had a skank today tell me she was pissed because she spent years trying to work and pay her way and raise her kids alone after her divorce, and she was always fucking broke.

Said to her, what the fuck did you expect, what the fuck did you think was the purpose of destroying the male work environment by bringing in wimminz and making them “equal”, divide and conquer the family.

Where the fuck have all the good men gone, y’all fucking killed em off, because the only thing that kept a good man good was having a wife and kids at home to be responsible for and to put a roof over their fucking heads, take that away….

Dreams are my ideal man is six foot four with a cock like a pony and earns enough to buy a new Ferrari every year.

Reality is DNA


Like she says…

Like Bridget, I did consider joining a dating agency. I went for an interview, where they try to find out what you’re looking for in a man and what you have to offer. ‘Gaah!’ as Bridget would say.

I don’t do fat men, I told the Dating Lady. It’s one thing growing old and podgy with your husband of 25 years, but unthinkable that romance could begin at 51 with a Pavarotti double.

Age range 45 to 60, I told her, and a real 60, not a fibbing octogenarian with a wig.

Race? Don’t care. Religion? Ditto. Wealth? I just want someone at home in his own skin who has a job he enjoys – for all I care he could be a carpenter, I lied.

Dating Lady put down her pen and said: ‘You’re not giving me much to go by here to match you up. Tell me what your dream man would be.’

So I said he’d be a successful business-man in his mid-50s, divorced two years ago. He and his wife had drifted apart after the children grew up.

He was about to tell her he wanted a divorce when she told him she’d fallen madly in love with a millionaire and didn’t want a penny of his money. They parted as friends and he kept the house and his pension.

Dating Lady said that as a potential dating pool of men, it was the size of a goldfish bowl.

Straight from the whore’s mouth… and look at her hands boys…

But the dating bitch was only half right, the potential dating pool is the size of a goldfish bowl, but the pool of wimminz chasing the contents of that goldfish bowl is the size of the pacific, and all the fucking ice caps are about to melt too.

some of the comments are good.

JohnAnderson, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago

Maybe the problem is that they find out you’ve written several chronically insecure, self-pitying, attention-seeking articles in a national paper about the lengthy list of men you’ve racked up.

Weeg, Sapientia Urbs Conditur, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

most of us want someone around our own age, who is single, sexy and solvent, – So still looking for that meal ticket? Luckily men of that age (like me) have learnt sense and so avoid women like you like the plague. Indeed all men of your age want is just sex as well. Red arrow away ladies.

VisceralRage, London, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

Women of Amanda’s generation have brought their relationship failures upon themselves and it seems women from the younger generations are only going to follow in their footsteps.

Right here we can see reality vs dreams, she still has the dreams, and the (male) commenter’s have the reality.

The thing about reality vs dreams is sooner or later reality comes around and kicks you in the teeth, and the longer you avoid it the harder the kicking you get.

Miz (sic) Platell’s kicking has barely fucking started, with the spaghetti monster’s grace she has another 30 or 40 years of it to go.

And let us not forget that this bitch is at the apex of what wimminz can achieve, for 99.999% of the female population things are much much much worse.

Miz Platell don’t exactly look good as it is, but just imagine what the bitch would look like if she was living on benefits and had to dress herself for £20 out of Primark / Wal-Mart

But the fact is even if she was stood up in fifty bucks worth of clothes and makeup and shoes all in, she would still be worth it ****IF****  what she brought to the table was an offer to do the housework, do the laundry, do the cooking, be a lady in the street and a whore in the bedroom, and to be 100% loyal and obedient to me.

THEN she’d be a valuable commodity able to choose her man, but no, dreams still get in the way of reality, even a pretty good reality with only the odd bone of contention, the dreams will always win with these cunts.

They have never fucking grown up.

Platell is 50-something going on 3…

They never grew up cos nobody ever made em..


DMJ just did a piece about testosterone, I don’t agree with all his conclusions, and personally I think he is a bloody fool to dose himself with the shit, in exactly the way I was as a younger man when I would quite happily imbibe any mind altering drug handy… address the issue by stopping doing whatever is lowering your testosterone, and starting doing whatever you are not doing that would boost it…. I’m reminded of one smart female doctor who got cancer, so the other doctors wanted to do chemo and irradiate her lymph nodes with X rays, her response was that her cancer wasn’t caused by a fucking lack of X rays, so how would X rays cure it, so she plowed her own furrow and it went into remission, plus she never had any of the consequences of chemo.

But the real point is in this article he links to Heartiste’s then and now photo essay, and points out how none of the then guys look like faggots, and all of the now ones do…

The “then” guys fucking worked motherfucking hard for a living.

When you spend 30 years of your life clenching your jaw and squinting your eyes to get through the WORKING day, y’all end up with one of those faces.

As an aside here I think DMJ has (apparently) bought the blue pill on testosterone, it isn’t a macho chemical or an aggression chemical or a misogynistic chemical, it is just one necessary chemical in a soup that is a human being, and like all the other necessary chemicals it has to be in balance.

There are LOTS of suspects for the change in then and now, then nothing came wrapped in pthalate containing plastic packaging, who is to say what is the cause, or even if it is any one thing?

I know of absolutely NO substance that can induce, all by itself, just by administering it, violence or rage or aggression in 100% of subjects.

I know of absolutely no substance (I am not a biochemist) that is a catalysts and ALL BY ITSELF produces any kind of change in 100% of subjects, every single thing I know of interacts with something else, and it is THAT which kills you.

Slipping back into engineering for a minute.

Our bodies have a natural reaction to acids, whether it is vinegar in a cut in your mouth or battery acid on your hands, and this reaction is 100% down to evolution, we have since we became swamp things that crawled out of the primeval oceans, become adapted to exposure to acids.

The opposite of acid is alkali, and one we all know of is sodium hydroxide, or caustic soda or lye.

While acids are fucking everywhere in nature, you can’t mine caustic soda anywhere, it doesn’t grow on trees, it isn’t produced by animals eating and shitting, so it is no wonder that the human body has no defences against it.

If I pour a strong acid on your hands it will burn. ouch!

If I pour a strong alkali on your hands it won’t burn or hurt (initially) it will just feel slimy and slippery… that is your flesh literally disintegrating.. the incredible melting man…

So basically, because we have been exposed to acids for millions of years, we have developed reactions to acids, because we have not been exposed to alkalis, we haven’t developed reactions, and most shop bought fruit and seeds are “washed” in sodium hydroxide, because it peels the outer layer and kills every mother fucking thing on that apple…..

mmmmm, nice juicy shiny apple, which again looks nothing like an apple eaten 100 years ago, then and now…. when I was a boy it was rare, but you COULD bite into an apple and get a mouth full of moth fruit-worm, I talk to people who are 25 or less and they literally do not know what the fuck I am talking about, so strong has been the supermarket buying power in produce production…

They are also usually wholly against cloning, but quite happy to eat a banana, and every banana ever sold in a western supermarket is a clone…  again, that is a last century only phenomenon.

It doesn’t matter what the disease was, but only a couple of centuries ago a disease was identified because people who used one well in London died, and those who used surrounding wells didn’t, my dad (as an apprentice) put running water into my grandparents house, so again, running water in the house, there is another difference between then and now, and don’t forget, running water = central supply.

Before DNA was discovered, it was still there, doing its thing.

Before Atoms and Elements were discovered, they were still there, doing their thing.

We can look back and say how quaint, how primitive, how uncivilised, fancy using leeches to drain the ichors and humours, even if it was an advance on fire water earth and air, but nevertheless in *many* cases these barbaric practices continued for one reason and one reason only.

They worked often enough to get used again.

Somewhere, with some of the ancient practices and rituals and beliefs, there was often a grain of scientific truth, a grain of reality.

Today we have essentially two groups of people.

Those who think science probably knows at least 75% of everything these is to know on any given subject.

Those who think any given subject is un-knowable because we are not God.

That hasn’t changed, then and now, back then they thought they knew 75% of alchemy, which is who many tried to transmute lead into gold etc.

Then we learned it was impossible.

Then we learned you could do it, a few atoms at a time, at great expense and depending largely on random subatomic collisions.

In my own humble opinion, if the sum total of knowledge of human biochemistry is a ruler 1 metre long, where at one metre you could simply create on demand as precisely specified a human being as you liked, the guys with the leeches were at 2mm, Leonardo and his drawings took it to 3mm, and the finest we can do today is around 10mm.

In this environment, claiming to know the properties and effects of any compound is risible.

Nor do I buy into the natural = good and modern = bad argument, there are many potent natural poisons and carcinogens.

HOWEVER, my body at least has several million years of evolution which might be enough to trigger a vomiting reaction to an entirely natural product, but not trigger that reaction to a man made or factory processed version of that same product.

I dunno…

DMJ is on about testosterone, and estrogen in soy, maybe it is a simple as the difference between then and now is that now all the wimminz are permanently dosed up on steroid hormones.

Maybe it is as simple as DNA says women were made to have a functioning womb, and steroidal hormones fuck with that are turn them into wimminz, in effect, an illness that DNA is unable to treat as anything but an illness, and so it triggers other characteristics to make these “sick” wimminz unfuckable.

We live in a world where it is entirely NORMAL that something seemingly irrelevant like a minute parasite can trigger major psychological changes in the host, eg toxopasmosis making cat piss smell interesting and not terrifying, to mice….

Why cannot deliberately dosing a walking womb with something specifically designed to fuck up the working of that womb not wreak equal or greater changes in personality?

Come on feel the noise. Girls Grab the Boys, We’ll get Wild, Wild, Wild…

Maybe the signal is not lost in the noise.

Maybe the signal is the noise, we just aren’t smart enough yet to decode it.


  1. It’s only been a month or two, but I’m only noticing benefits – no detriments. The side-effects you hear about steroids and body building happen when A) buddy is taking a huge dose to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and B) completely ignoring all the science behind it (too much testosterone will cause your body to stop producing its own, and then up the estrogen content – ergo, bitch tits). I have no desire to be the strongest man in the world, so the dose I’m on is relatively low, enough to improve health, healing rate, and mental well-being, but not enough to bulk up into Arnie.

    Even with all the stories about steroids, a lot of guys manage to use them without apparent long-term consequences; give the scare-tactics in the media, if there were long-term consequences (for the majority of users) we would have heard about it by now. Low testosterone, on the other hand, is an begrudgingly-acknowledged problem, with distinct health impacts. I’m no biochemist, but a Bayesian analysis puts me well on the side of “this is a good idea.” I class it with other performance enhancers: creatine, caffeine, et cetera.

    Everything boils down to best-guesses made on inadequate data: “natural” is inter-tribal warfare, cannibalism, and shivering all winter. The scienticians often fail to use the precautionary principle – doing something just because they can, without asking whether they should. Sometimes they’re going to create wonders; other times they’re going to create Frankensteins (GMOs could be, may be, a wonderful technology, but Monsanto only asks “Can we make a profit?”). The rest of us have to make the best guesses we can with our limited time and resources.

    Energy In vs Output: avoid women’s birth control piss in the water supply by drinking bottled water? A) the natural spring probably has the same piss in it, and B) for all I know the plastic bottle’s been leaching estrogenic compounds into the water when the truck was stopped in the hot sun, waiting at the border. Eat only organic? Have to work more hours (and besides, Monsanto’s taken over the organic food market, no idea if it’s organic, or Organic (TM)). Only buy 100% cotton shirts? Then I have to iron the things every morning. And I don’t even know if rayon does anything – or for that matter, what spraying corn-starch on clothing does.

    I think TRT’s a pretty safe bet; but that’s only my two cents.

    Comment by Aurini — October 11, 2013 @ 7:11 pm

    • I have some “observations” / food for thought / devil’s advocate answers.

      1/ testosterone has been known about since pre-WW2, in fact it got some guys the ’39 nobel, so why is it only now “in the spotlight” and everyone’s favourite subject? Marketing.

      2/ The rest of the organism failing to process testosterone as efficiently, say a 10% drop, will have the same outward effects as a 10% drop in testosterone levels, but, THERE MAY BE A REASON why the body is dropping efficiency or production.

      3/ The body is brutal, it doesn’t give a fuck what I think about me in my 50’s, it only cares about utility, biologically I am past it.

      4/ TRT is like Insulin replacement therapy.

      5/ Quote “It’s only been a month or two, but I’m only noticing benefits – no detriments” – dude, I said the same exact shit, and meant it, about acid and speed back in the day, it is only 30 years later I am seeing the clear differences in those who carried on using for years.

      6/ fuck it, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol has AT LEAST as noticeable improvements in health, vitality and cognitive ability….. currently I am smoking again but no drinking, so currently I am doing exactly what you are doing, recreationally dosing myself with drugs because on balance I like it and prefer it.

      7/ Quote “I think TRT’s a pretty safe bet; but that’s only my two cents.” and THAT was the point of what I wrote, in order to be able to evaluate the odds, we have to be able to know and calculate the odds, and since neither one of us, nor any biochemist or medical professional, or anyone else, knows enough about DNA and biochemistry to actually be able to calculate the odds, claiming something is a pretty safe bet, whether it is your testosterone or my nicotine or Fred’s medical marijuana, is just a a sop to our conscience and a hamster wheel rationalisation that we make to justify a course of action that we already decided we want to do… >;*)

      8/ Your body, your temple, feel free to run it any way you please, I’m just here making conversation. >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — October 12, 2013 @ 11:49 am

    • I also wanted to say and forgot…

      Testosterone is produced in the balls and the adrenal gland, the adrenal gland is the starter motor, balls do the main production.

      Young women ALL comment about how far my balls hang down, (I can grab a fistful of nutsack, crotch one side, balls the other) maybe the problem is your balls spend too much of each 24 hour period too warm and cosy inside too well fitting underwear while you flit from centrally heated buildings to climate controlled vehicles, and spend lots of time with your legs stationary and close together.

      Maybe the then and now is a simple as how we treat our balls now and what environment they find themselves in.

      Comment by wimminz — October 12, 2013 @ 12:01 pm

  2. Monsanto=MonSatan
    That´s about all on that topic I have a stomach for at the moment.

    The comments are a fountain of red-pill reality. If she hasn´t deleted them.
    The MGTOW fora has a nice thread on it.

    Comment by hans — October 12, 2013 @ 1:29 am

  3. You know what happens when you get radiation poisoning? Your bone marrow shits itself and dies, and you end up shitting out your intestines.
    Now there’s a dose in between ‘dead bone marrow, dying within 30 days because no more blood cells’ and ‘shitting out your guts’ that will kill bone marrow dead without killing the intestines completely.
    Guess how they do those bone marrow transplants? They irradiate some poor sap enough to kill off his bone marrow, giving him a 15% chance of ending up shitting his guts out, then replace the bone marrow trough the blood.

    But hey, the pattern works, so why change it. After all we’re just pattern matching machines.

    Comment by Digger Nick — October 12, 2013 @ 1:43 am

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