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August 25, 2013

Sweet little lies

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I was about to type “it is a thing wimminz never understand”, but the fact is niggerz don’t either, in fact it is the most powerful and brutal filter out there.

That being, someone who knows the value of the truth, and their word.

To me it is and remains the most valuable thing I own, I know this isn’t rhetoric and hyperbole and bigging myself up, because when I was offered limited contact with my sons in exchange for signing a few standard court papers that essentially did little more than agree that everyone has followed the proper procedures, I refused to sign them, telling them that my signing them would be tantamount to me giving my blessing for all the incompetence and corruption that constituted the case.

Sure, I can hang out with someone who I know is a liar who breaks their word, I can work for them, I can fuck them, let’s face it, if I couldn’t the only alternative is life as a hermit.

What I do not do is trust them, the value placed on what they tell me, and what they promise me, is zero. I’ll wait and see what they actually do, thanks all the same. And what they did yesterday and today is no guide to future performance either.

But I have never yet been able to get a wimminz (or a niggerz come to that) to actually understand or grep the value of “my word is my bond”, may as well try and explain motorway breakdown cover to a duck.

It always seems to be the trivial, pointless and worthless things that lies and the value of their word / promises are squandered over, it’ll be over something pathetic like not making a phone call, not posting a letter, not paying a small bill, not being late.

The strange dichotomy between the thing that is valued so highly by me I’ll cut my own heart out and refuse to see my sons, and yet valued so lowly as to be worthless by them.

Take the story in the papers now of the two English sluts who went from Ibiza to Peru to smuggle coke back and got caught.

Call me a fucking cynic, but how can someone coerce you at gunpoint to get on a commercial flight in one country, hang out partying in another country for a week, then get on another commercial flight with a load of drugs.


How can anyone else, much less an so called journalist and newspaper, print such a load of obvious tripe and bullshit while studiously ignoring all the blatant flaws in the story.


And right there is where you will have the difficulty, trying to understand that which you cannot.

So a wimminz tells me an utterly fucking pointless lie, and breaks a promise for an utterly pointless “reason”, the fact is she doesn’t even begin to understand what she has lost, any more than I can understand why she did it for so trivial and pointless “reasons”…

And at that point you really did devote too much time and effort to the subject, just move along and treat them the way they insist that you treat them, by their latest actions only.

Life is too fucking short.


  1. Looks like the war rethoric with syria is all over the european news (jews) channels.
    How long before the yid pulls us into another war in the middle east.
    Goddamn, the communist jew propaganda that was my ‘educaaation’ is really fucking obvious by now.

    Comment by Digger Nick — August 26, 2013 @ 12:40 am

    • Good ole Wehrmacht .. I´m getting pretty much the same vibe when I see any vids of US Forces.
      If it only were this easy .. http://youtu.be/FsNLbK8_rBY
      Actually the last bit is that easy and to put it back on topic, it would be exactly in line with keeping your word(oath).

      Comment by hans — August 26, 2013 @ 1:37 am

    • Well the joos certainly got over on ol’ Winnie Churchill, eh? Just a total 180 for that sellout somewhere ‘tween circa 1922 and 1935. The failure of Duh West to unite for the annihilation of Duh USSR continues to blow up in our faces.

      Comment by DGAF in Miami — August 26, 2013 @ 11:34 pm

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