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August 22, 2013

Conversations about wimminz

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in Conversations with wimminz a few days ago I glossed over one subject, a far more interesting subject is talking about wimminz with other wimminz.

Never, of course, do this with any other wimminz in earshot, you will get an entirely different wimminz if you do that, but, if your red pill fu is strong enough, talking to one wimminz about other wimminz can be enlightening for those tainted with the blue pill.elementwoman

But, before I get into that, NAWALT / scorpion & frog / etc etc etc, you really, really, really do need to *get* this point, to do otherwise is to get angry at steel for rusting, wood for burning or water for evaporating on a summers day.

You just can’t treat wimminz as equal adult human beings, you have to treat them as rather stupid and naughty children, or a dog that is a few tins short of a six pack.

This isn’t sexism or misogyny or patriarchy or anything else, it is materials handling, health and safety, and good working practices.

So, conversations about wimminz (b), with wimminz (a).

If your Fu is strong enough, you will hear NOTHING BUT a ringing endorsement of all the above, about wimminz b, from wimminz a, in fact, if your Fu is strong enough, wimminz a will treat is as a test of her knowledge of her fellow wimminz, and clue you in on a lot of attitudes you would not have guessed.

Just as many things that are overtly sexual are merely funny or merely boring to children, who are by definition innocent, a feeling we can all relate to, watching something as an adult that we watched as children, and realising just how much of it went over our heads (cf Swallows and Amazons with Roger the ships boy, and Titty, etc) the further realisation comes that you can’t actually explain this stuff to a pre-pubescent child… it’s like trying to explain colour to a blind man.

Similarly, as a man, trying to get you to actually understand and empathise with what goes on in the biochemical cauldron that passes for a wimminz mind, is like trying to explain the 16 million colours of the RGB gamut to that blind man.

But, just as you need a course of study in chemistry to understand how and why steel rusts, wood burns and water evaporates, you need nothing more than a room temperature IQ and a functioning pair of eyes to observe these phenomenon and come to expect them as a natural occurrence.

I have yet to meet anyone mentally retarded enough to express surprise that hot food put on a plate is stone cold an hour later.

And so it is with wimminz.

So when you hear, independently, from wimminz a, who you have fucked, and wimminz b, who you have not, about a proposed threesome with you and wimminz a and wimminz b (these two wimminz have had them before) and the ensuing catfight, and then witness the actual dynamic going on….. stop refusing to believe your fucking ears, stop refusing to believe that *all* wimminz “think” and operate this way, stop being such a fucking dumbass.

wimminz a is a fat slob fuckup with womb turds and a job on the state tit, wimminz b is a slob psycho fuckup who was unable to have kids or otherwise suckle on the state tit, so wimminz b keeps wimminz a as her pet toy to torture and abuse, trying to make someone not quite as unfuckable as she is into something below her own level.

Arranging and participating in the rape of wimminz a, arranging and participating in threesomes with wimminz a and her current cock, and thus fucking up the potential relationship between wimminz a and said cock, fucking wimminz a’s husband and calling wimminz a from the bedroom, claiming it was just done to prove to wimminz a that her husband didn’t really love her, not like wimminz b loves her, turning up or calling at all hours in dire need and distress, and the beat goes on, and on, and on.

And wimminz b rationalises this as her being in love with wimminz a, who is the kindest person on the planet.

And wimminz a rationalises this as her being bestest friends with wimminz b, who just is unlucky somehow, but they have been through so much together.

I shit you not, this is not just a case of I could introduce you to these “people”, I could prove to you, beyond all your worst nightmares, that AWALT.

They just will not EVER admit to it except in a 1 to 1 private conversation.

You ever wondered *why* team vagina existed?

If it didn’t, within 5 years wimminz would be reduced to the status of domestic animals, and they fucking know it.

You can handle wimminz, with the appropriate precautions, and that is what the red pill is, but you can never ever ever perform alchemy and transmute lead into gold.

First of all you have to find a wimminz that WANTS the level of handling required, and that’s tough jack, it’s especially tough if you are looking for gold and the only things on offer is some old iron ore (sic)

And a part of that handling is when you refine that iron ore into some low grade steel to cast a piss poor copy of the thing you really wanted in gold, you have better make the point, brutally, every day, that she better shut the fuck up and sit still for the wipe down with an oily rag, because the absolute worst thing you or anyone else can do to her, ever, is for you to simply walk away, and she will turn into rust, not even back into low grade ore.

And she better believe that with every fibre of her being, so much so she is grateful every day for that wipe down with the oily rag.

Every other option on the table is like that rather hurtful if true and amusing poster about the mong winning the race, he may have won the race, against other mongs, but he is still a fucking mong.

Is winning and fitting in really that fucking important to you?

Is anyone else’s opinion on the low quality of your low grade steel knock-off of the finely engraved and inlaid solid gold spoon really worth a fuck.

Is having one eye really such a disability in the land of those who have two eyes, and mock you for your one, but who nevertheless may as well be blind, because they cannot see, and worse still, do not think they are blind…

Did you *really* buy all that shit about poor impoverished families killing off their girl babies simply because they could not afford a dowry a decade and a half later when it came time to marry them off? And for no other reason at all?


  1. Dear Mr Wimminz.

    Here is a question for you that might make an amusing blog post.- if you had to break the law to make some money what would you do?

    Or in other words if you were facing mid fifties with no pension, house, savings etc…but importantly had no criminal record, and no history of breaking the law – yet realised that breaking the law is how many people get on – what would you do? It’s a kind of Breaking Bad scenario.

    Very enjoyable blog by the way. You have a highwayman’s wisdom.

    Comment by Baz — August 22, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

    • Ah, if you only knew how funny and apropos the highwayman’s wisdom comment was….

      Given that we are heading for economic reset, and social rest with it, I would not break any law that set me apart from the masses in any notable way, so no breaking bad coke factory shit.

      Rather, the thing to aim for is to not actually *adhere* to the law.

      HTH etc

      Comment by wimminz — August 22, 2013 @ 3:06 pm

      • Many thanks Wimminz./..I wasn’t really planning Breaking Bad…I just couldn’t stand having to make conversation with those kinds of people..time to get my grandfather’s miniature whisky still back on stream

        Comment by Baz — August 22, 2013 @ 3:25 pm

        • that’s a bit too far on the breaking the law side of the line, unless it is personal use only, then it is failing to adhere to the law.

          one is plausibly deniable as mere ignorance, t’other in’t

          Comment by wimminz — August 22, 2013 @ 3:29 pm

  2. “you have to treat them as rather stupid and naughty children, or a dog that is a few tins short of a six pack.”

    Now wait a minute… My dog is loyal and shows it in every way, he’s a pleasure to come home to – women are useful for one thing, and most of them are too f**king ugly to even be good for that any more… And I know guys who are married who dread going home… Woman are the bane of a man’s existence if he lets her be… You have to keep them on a short leash, and regularly beat rebellion out of them – sure they will complain, but they enjoy that. They like to play the martyr for other women – they will anyway, so you might as well make it work for you.

    Comment by Just Saying — August 22, 2013 @ 3:14 pm

    • Old Country saying…

      a wimminz, a dog, an apple tree, the more you beat em, the better they be

      kudos for putting your dog above wimminz though, but note I said a mezed dog.. >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — August 22, 2013 @ 3:20 pm

  3. And while we´re talking about the wimminz again, here´s a nice article on their jobs (& increasingly ours too):

    Comment by hans — August 22, 2013 @ 10:32 pm

  4. Tangentially-have you looked at this Hannah Anderson thing? I have this sneaking suspicion that what actually happened was the dude being tooled by her…

    Comment by B — August 22, 2013 @ 11:30 pm

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