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August 16, 2013

This far and no further.

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It’s a thing you read a lot, partly because of the gun culture it is a lot more obvious when you read anything written by a yank or reb, but you read it a lot across the board.images

My response is always the same, really Mr Frog?

Meanwhile the water continues to heat up….

No, they won’t pry your guns or liberty or freedom or homes or children or anything else from your cold, dead, smokeless powder residue covered hands.

Y’all already gave up 99% of that shit, and the instant they turn up with excess force to take the remaining 1% you’ll hand it over like good little bitches.

I don’t have a problem with that, its called survival, I have a problem with the bullshit, because it is self delusional.

This is what the last few posts have been about, in a roundabout sort of way, seeing ourselves as others see us and all that.

If the state sees you as an easily manipulated bitch, then that is what you are, because that is how they treat you, how they have treated us all, divided we were conquered.

We were as vanquished as an army of men as the USA is vanquished as a dynamic industrial powerhouse and land of the free and opportunity.


You can’t turn back time, which is why I take issue with all the MRM stuff, you can’t negotiate from a position of vanquished with zero power.

You can’t get THERE from HERE, you have to take the route through THIS and THIS and THIS to get THERE, and all those THIS’s are the fucking valley of the shadow of death compared to HERE.

So lets have no more bullshit about us being men who will draw lines in the sand and be pushed this far but no further, and god help anyone who calls our bluff.

If the state fucks up and turns up the gas under the vat of frogs, and the water is already simmering and all the frogs are near death anyway folks, and turns it up too fast, then you’ll get an Egypt, which works out just the same for the state… boiled near to death frogs taking up arms are just pathetic, objects of scorn and ridicule.

See my last post about The Poisoned Chalice, THAT IS WHERE WE ARE ALREADY AT folks, you have to dress up like a fucking freak and fuck a cat REPEATEDLY to get treated as badly as a man who does NOTHING wrong and is a good father and good husband.

Tell me where your line in the sand is, in relation to the above paragraph?

I can tell you where mine is, outta fucking sight over the horizon, there is literally nothing wimminz niggerz or the state can ever do to redeem themselves in my eyes, so my duty is to survive.

I’m not going to do that by dying in a shootout / standoff with da po-lice.

To survive, first you must survive, and part of survival is taking it up the fucking ass, and surviving. Not talking tough trash shit.

This means not being a part of anything that is the apparatchik of the state, not unless you can be a net drain on it, so no working for the state, or da po-lice, or the green machine, and no working for anyone upon whom they depend either, so no working for Ruger, or paramedics, or fire service or prison service, or court service., body armour mfr, MRE mfr, etc etc etc

This is the man, but, he shoulda been a lot smarter than painting a target on his back by letting anyone film him… that wasn’t smooth at all. But his attitude, yeah, that’s the attitude of the yoof of today, when they pry the guns out of your cold dead hands, the yoof of today will use your corpse as fertiliser, unlike the line in the sand guys, they don’t give a fuck.

Not giving a fuck is an essential survival trait.



  1. Of course this is the typical FOX news republitard propaganda piece (how much tax did Apple pay again, why can Nestle buy up water rights like they are on sale), but I´m also not seeing much fight left in the niggerz that are actually getting aware of the game.
    That´s why I didn´t write “fight” in my last comment but “weather the shitstorm”.

    Maybe 10 years ago an US “civil war” between the blue-pill city folks and them rednecks would´ve been almost even. Now they´re all easy Drone-pickings.
    As for us UROPs, we´re fucked ten times over.

    Like Bruce Lee said: Be water, my friend.

    Comment by hans — August 16, 2013 @ 2:43 pm

    • amen to mr lee’s philosophy….

      Comment by wimminz — August 16, 2013 @ 2:44 pm

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