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August 15, 2013

The Poisoned Chalice

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If it is fucking hard, fucking dangerous, or takes a fucking long time before you see any pay-off, wimminz won’t do it, which means they will do everything else, which means everything else is fucked up.

Sometimes, I’m am not possessed by an urge to attempt a manned landing on Mars, sometimes I’m possessed by much more tranquil and mundane things, like kicking back and reading some science fiction.

Unfortunately there isn’t any that is less than 20 or 30 years old, everything newer either is written by a wimminz or features a strong empowered wimminz or 90 in the storyline, and it is just fucked up and pointless.

Repeat ad nauseam and ad infinitum for everything else a man used to do to chill.

So what do men want, wimminz who see the imminent economic collapse ask me.

I tell them, I have no fucking idea, but I *can* tell you what *I* want, and the terms *I* will accept.

Some of them are dumb enough to ask, some of them are smart and optimistic enough to start talking about Saudi.

Fuck that I say, the Saudi regime vis a vis wimminz is ridiculously lax, y’all should be property, chattels in the truest sense, no rights of any kind whatsoever.

When one of the herd says something dumb like “I wanna drive a car” well then you have a clear case of mad cow disease, and you shoot the bitch to prevent the infection spreading to the rest of the herd, and then you put the asshole who owed that particular cloven crotched beast on trial, for the purpose of determining his suitability to own chattels, because frankly speaking he just demonstrated his inability.

Blank scared looks.

fuck you all bitches, the REALITY on the ground is that it is SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE easier for a man to be dispossessed of his own children than it is to be deemed unfit to keep an animal.Bubblegum-Husky

Nowadays you have to dress up as Bubblegum Husky (right) and fuck a cat, repeatedly, to get the cat taken away and get jail time.

But you don’t have to do ANYTHING, in fact you can be a really great dad, and have your kids taken away from you under threat of jail time, or get actual jail time if cup cakes false rape accusation was credible enough.


Be slightly less outlandish and weird and at least feed the fuckers your leftovers and they will never separate a man and his animals, hell, if the man has problems paying for a vet he can get help with that too.


And if that don’t beat all and tell you how fucked up shit is ALREADY….

I can’t think of a single thing, occupation, activity or pastime or institution that would not be instantly immeasurably improved by taking ALL wimminz out of it overnight and making them chattels.

what’s that you say? fucking?

No, that and cooking and cleaning and otherwise taking care of shit and chores is exactly what they are good for, with the proviso that you can keep as many as you can feed and keep in line.

This has been a public service announcement to all those wimminz who see hard times ahead, and think all they have to do is play nicer for a change and all the men will come along and rescue them from the gutter.

The cunts you are depending on for rescue are all niggerz, already emasculated and made worthless by y’all, they can’t even fucking save themselves.


  1. Slave harem hens and/or brothel chattel. If you´re lucky wimminz and us few Men weather the coming shitstorm.
    If not then it´s not gona matter much, as most of us will be dead and the dwindling rest just chipped zombies.

    Comment by hans — August 15, 2013 @ 10:12 pm

  2. The young men know this, and to hear them talk, they know it much more succinctly than I or even AFOR does. The minute the hard times come calling, and the free goodies dry up from big daddy government, the wimminz are going to be straight up fucked (and not in the enjoyable way they’re used to, either).

    Comment by 8oxer — August 15, 2013 @ 11:20 pm

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