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August 15, 2013

Oh the gift that god would give us

to see ourselves as others see us.

If there is one piece of “advice” that I can give anyone, it is this, as you get older and more experienced, you realise how ever more profound this bit of Burns is.

*everyone*, no exceptions, has a massive blind spot *somewhere* in their own perceptions or attitudes or awareness of themselves.

But, the subconscious is not as dumb as the conscious, always trust the lizard brain to take care of self interest, so as they get older, people become ever more irrational and agressive and determined in hiding this (obvious to others) blind spot from their own day to day conscious existence.

Just today on a fuck site, where the young lads are starting to publicly call out the so-called MILF’s and Cougars on their dried up cunt bullshit, there was a classic post from a wimminz who stated that she preferred to be wanted and not seen as an easy fuck, immediately responded to by another wimminz who thought this strange coming from a wimminz who loved gangbangs with 20+ cocks every weekend.

The young guy who started the thread was right on the money, as far as what he posted in the thread, but he was as ignorant of the splinter in his own eye as the wimminz who preferred to be wanted and not seen as an easy fuck.

Before you ask, I have a couple of very good friends, neither or them live close by and we only meet up once a year or so in the flesh, but we talk regular, and they keep me honest and keep holding up a mirror to me.

It is the fundamental difference between a blue pill niggerz and a red pill man, and the trick is you never “beat” it, it is a foe that never ever ever gives up, it lives exactly as long as you do, and rust never sleeps.

People will and do routinely commit suicide rather than confront this mirror.

That is how strong it is.

Give it the *slightest* quarter, and you get the wimminz with all their delusions, where is my Christian Grey billionaire boyfriend etc etc

Everyone’s greatest enemy is themselves, and the people who are most content, most sorted, most pleasant to know, most reliable, most trustworthy, are those who regularly see and confront that alter ego in the mirror every morning.

Almost invariably, these are people born with a penis, absolutely invariably, it is someone else born with a penis who keep them honest…. it’s that guy thing.

I have spent the past week with some genuine concerns about the safety of money in the bank and bank stability, so shall I blow part of it on a bleeding edge PC, or shall I blow all 7k on a new industrial CNC CO2 laser, or a nice clean used HD?

One of those guys who keeps me honest just looked at me and said “You’re a cunt”


“He who dies with the most toys wins? Just draw the fucking cash dude.”

He was right, my alter ego was sneaking in under the radar and making all sorts of subtle reasons why I should buy X or Y or Z, and making a fraudulent reinforcing connection between that and my genuine concerns about bank stability.

It’s not something you can do for yourself. You start seeing your own reflection in the mirror, instead of the alter ego, narcissus and the pool.

You need a mate to piss in the pool and break the reflection.



  1. If I had tha cash I`d get a 3-D Printer. Granted the affordable ones are barely above toys, but maybe next year when the most stifling patents run out, shit will become dangerously(for “them”) interesting.

    Comment by hans — August 15, 2013 @ 5:13 pm

    • When the most stifling patents run out, you will be left with SLS/SHS or stereolithothography. For the latter, the substrate costs a fuckton and the finished product is vulnerable to UV degradation. For the former, the stuff that will be affordable will give you the same result as a cheap printer today (OK, a bit better-but not all that much.) If you want the serious stuff, making chunks of metal, you’re gonna need a chamber full of noble gas, a serious laser, precise electronics and drive, and preferably a furnace so you can anneal the metal once you’ve pulled it out. All that for something that 90% of the time you could have made using other tech, CNC, laser cutting, EDM, whatever. And when you can make something using 3dp and another technology, 90% of the time the other tech is much cheaper and faster, because of the nature of solid objects-it is easier to cut away the unnecessary molecular bonds than to create all the necessary ones, all other things being equal.

      I like the DIY laser cutters and CNCs, though it’s more work to make them and they always give you trouble-but it’s serviceable and a learning experience. For instance, this guy: http://labs.nortd.com/lasersaur/

      The real key part of all this wonderful tech is the software. You can get a printer for $500, or a home CNC for something similar, but if you want to make really cool stuff, you’re gonna either have to shell out serious $ for pro soft, steal it, or spend so much time learning open source stuff that’s as user friendly as a barbed wire condom, you’re gonna wish you’d just paid/stolen right off the bat. It’s easier with laser cutters, Inkscape is free and will do everything you want.

      As for western women and their mental state-it’s the old coconut monkey trap. The rice is in the coconut, it is very tempting-unlimited sex with alpha males, self esteem, no consequences-but once you stick your hand in there, that rice is sure hard to get out. But you can’t let go-it’s right there! In your hand! Meanwhile, the native is casually approaching you with his club. Of course, the western men are stuck in the same trap, just a different version.

      Comment by B — August 15, 2013 @ 10:26 pm

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