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August 13, 2013

Response time

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There are two comments to the I lol’ed post that I want to respond to.

Hans, who was basically saying he just doesn’t get it, and doesn’t really want to either, and Just Sayin, who says it is important not to know the cuckold.

Well, for starters there is the question of what is the difference between;

  • A wimminz cuckolding her man
  • A wimminz in an open relationshit
  • A wimminz

The wimminz in my story is the middle one, the difference between that and the first one is she is honest with him, and she doesn’t mind him going out and fucking someone else too.

99% of the rest of my wimminz are the bottom one, which just means that *I* don’t fucking know who else they are fucking… more fool me if I am dumb enough to believe I am the only one… even for periods where you may indeed be the only one, it is a temporary state…

So the truth is instead of those three, I could just have said;

  • A wimminz
  • A wimminz
  • A wimminz

And indeed you just conflate that down to “a wimminz” cos, you know bro, AWALT innit.

So to those who feel like Hans I say hey bro, more power to you, but AWALT, so even if you are ascetic and have given up wimminz for sex, you still inhabit the same planet and it is behooving you to know their nature.

Just Sayin more or less sums up my perspective, AWALT, so I draw the line at or between, AWALT wimminz where I know the other guy she is fucking, and the rest or the wimminz, yeah, it’s largely an illusory thing, but it is a method of not seeing the abyss that Hans mentions, so you can be like Wil E Coyote and never actually look down, so gravity never gets you… what, you think nothing happened to him when he was standing on solid ground??? lol

As for the cuckolding thing, I have talked about this before, the human penis is designed to remove sperm on the out stroke, there is no point in this if the only sperm there is yours, so cuckolding is basically a biologically hard-wired substitute for viagra, it is a way of getting hard and wanting to fuck a wimminz who otherwise you would have problems with.

You want to have head fucks trying to understand cuckolds, THAT is what you should be having head fucks about, not cuckolding, but that they spend the rest of their lives when they are not fucking with wimminz who they can’t get it up for.


While I am here shouting out to commenter’s I also want to say something to DMJ, I read your blog and dig it, I don’t watch the vids cos life is too short, but the reading is good, and I keep meaning to give you a link or something but never seem to get around to it, nor indeed many of the other sites / blogs that end up sending links my way… what can I say, I’m a lazy bastard… doesn’t mean I don’t dig what y’all are doing.

On a related note, some people talk, and it is just talk, no harm in it, about differences in style, for example I’m a lazy fucker that types and swears a lot, DMJ is someone who videos a lot and doesn’t swear much, and? The red pill planet has more than enough room for all the variations, not only is it not for me to say anything about how anyone else does their thang, I actually celebrate the fact that we are all different in how we choose to express ourselves, how we choose to dress, how we choose to look (to a certain extent, eg hair styles and facial hair etc) how we choose to speak and how we choose to express our own perspective on the red pill.

The only time I have something to say is when those boundaries are overstepped, as I did on here before most re Paul Elam and his attitudes, and The Spearhead constantly panhandling, since I have mentioned DMJ already here I will use him as an example rather than picking on someone new…lol

DMJ may well be promoting his book on his site, so what, it’s his site, he can do what he pleases, but what he is NOT doing is going after revenue by pan-handling or turning into a clik-thru ad farm.

He ain’t doing it (the blog / website) for the money, and no disrespect to the guy but unless you are a Hammond Innes being a writer is a good way to not earn money, so it comes across more as someone on a soapbox, someone who is saying shit for no reason other than he can’t keep it in.

This is *completely* different to someone trying to run MGTOW central as a way of making a living, I haven’t got a fucking clue what DMJ does to put bread on the table, but it ain’t his blog or videos, whereas Bill seems to think that he should be pulling in a few thousand a year in subs, because HIS TIME IS WORTH MONEY.

This is EXACTLY my argument against all the fucking wimminz agencies on the state purse, the cunts aren’t doing it for any reason other than it puts bread on their tables, if the state purse was taken away all the fucking wimminz aid programmes and abused wimminz centres would be crickets and tumbleweed… the wimminz would vanish overnight.

In the UK the magistrates courts were run like this, you got paid fuck all, and yes, you got your proportion of busybodies with fuck all else to do lusting after power, and I know myself they got it wrong at least as often as they got it right, but then again, they are being “advised” by people who *are* paid to be there.

When it comes to the crown courts, where *everyone* is paid to be there, is the quality of justice any better?

No, actually, in my experience, and nor does having access to people who “know” the law mean you get justice, indeed I even question the whole idea of legal precedent, everyone does actually know the difference between right and wrong, and every case should be tried on individual merits.

Get yourself in trouble at sea around the UK coastline and will you really give a fuck that every single man on board that lifeboat is an unpaid volunteer, and speaking of the RNLI, the *one* charity that I used to give money to, I no longer do, fuckem, wimminz have no fucking place on a lifeboat, none, ever, under any circumstances, even if, as fucking usual, it is all the lightweight inshore only RIB (rigid inflatable) stuff that the wimminz want, they aren’t interested in answering a shout to a listing cargo ship off the fastnet when it is blowing force 9 and wind over tide…. cunts…

The purpose of money, and exchanging money, is to get fred to keep *your* car on the road, not just his, or whatever the thing/service is you are buying.

Wherever the fuck the idea came from that simply because you are paying, or they are being paid, you get a better quality of service, I have no fucking idea.

Like I said, I haven’t watched DMJ’s videos more than a few seconds here and there, but if we take this idea and run with it, they *cannot* be any “good” because they aren’t made and produced by professionals, like Fucks News, and the flipside is if DMJ starts doing pay per view, suddenly they will get “better”, I dunno how, maybe he will do them in the nude, or suddenly start talking about different subjects or in greater depth, but somehow because money is involved, they will be “better” somehow.

It’s the whole “amateur” thing, with the connotations that go with it, mainly not as good as the professionals, e.g. the ones who are paid to do it.

I can’t fuck as well as Ron Jeremy, because he made a living being paid to fuck…. really? So a two dollar whore is a better fuck than every wimminz who gave it to me for free then huh?

Of course in most walks of life, it is illegal to put this to the test, amateur electricians, plumbers, pilots, drivers, etc etc etc etc.

it’s a Guild, by any other name, just like the wimminz guilds, the lawyers guilds, the police guilds, the doctors guilds.

It’s a part of the red pill, if the cunts are being paid to fucking do it, then they are doing it for the fucking money, not the love of it, or belief in it, or because they cannot keep it in.

If they are NOT being paid to do it, then they never face a choice between money and throwing YOU under the fucking bus…

Bill banned me from commenting at the spearhead, and censored many of the things I did try to say, at least if (not that I have commented there) DMJ or one of the others shitcans one of my comments I know it is because they didn’t like it, same as I do here for wimminz and niggerz who try to comment.

Not because it hay hurt my click though or page impressions to do otherwise… I don’t give a fuck about either, I don’t care if I have NO visitors, this is fucking therapy, and a record / diary for my sons.

post script, please do not attempt to apply this logic to wimminz.


  1. I LOLed!
    You´re absofuckinlutely right. Now that you mentioned it, cuckolds are boggling my mind even more.

    A hate-fuck to “reclaim” the bitch actually does make sense, and our dicks are indeed built for this (thank you JEESUUUS!). But then allowing her to stick around … and I´m not buying that “open-reationshit” crap even for a second.
    Even if they did halfheartedly hump some alley cunt, they still slink back to the same fishy stinking vag.
    That´s some hardcore subservient masochistic psychological bullshit going on. Those guys are simply warped beyond recognition IMHO.

    Yeah, AWALT is the main reason I don´t feel like sticking my dick into wimminz ever again.
    But no worries about me, I´ve got my “nice guy” U-Boot working flawlessly by now. Amusedly watching the naval battles though my periscope while slipping by undetected. 😉

    Comment by hans — August 13, 2013 @ 10:57 pm

    • watch out for that AssDick (lol) and sonar….

      and speaking of das boot…. “I wanted to stand before something relentless. Where no woman crosses our path, and no mother looks after us. Where only the reality reigns, cruel and large. I was drunk of this prospect. (sobs) Now this is the reality.”

      Comment by Wimminz — August 13, 2013 @ 11:02 pm

      • Hah! It´s indeed among the best “Man-movies” ever made.
        I really recommend the TV-miniseries version and in the German original, but that might not be for everyone. Heh.

        Comment by hans — August 13, 2013 @ 11:15 pm

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