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August 12, 2013

I lol’ed

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So, there I am sat in the supermarket car park, I got the engine running, a/c running and window down rolling a smoke.

I’m only there playing taxi to a rellie.

A couple walk down the car park towards the supermarket hand in hand, she waves and smiles and says hi, it is one of the skanks with big tits that I fuck occasionally, she is with her boyfriend whom she loves and lives with.

He knows about me.

I wave back and smile.

They walk on past, hand in hand, I laugh to myself.

It’s a fucked up life and a fucked up world, but boy have I adapted to it well…. lrfh

I’m getting a bit concerned about my bank balance, expecting major banking crash, and having more than a month’s rent in the bank may be asking for trouble.

Time perhaps to buy the bits and finish the bike off and get the fucker running again.

Time perhaps also to build myself a new main PC, I’m thinking 6 core i7 in socket 2011, p9x79 workstation series mobo, 16 gig of quad channel DDR3, 7970 series GFX and a couple of 128 gig sata3 SSD in raid-0, that and a few other bits in today’s money is around £1,750, I’m thinking if I time it right I can get it in a fire sale for £1,200 or less

I wouldn’t normally consider going that close to the bleeding edge, but it is a thing if you have money in the bank and wonder seriously about a banking crash, then it is use it or lose it, *IF* I knew for a fact that I faced a straight choice of sitting here mid September 2013 with EITHER that hot PC built, OR my bank account being Cyprus’ed, it would be a no brainer.

Being brutally honest the old core 2 quad I’m typing this on is good enough.

If I lived anywhere else it would go on a suppressed .22 LR pistol, a suppressed .22 LR long gun, and a shit load of ammo.


  1. “one of the skanks with big tits that I fuck occasionally”

    I always try to be careful NOT to get to know the BF or husband of one of the women I regularly raw-dog it with. That’s because in the past, I’ve actually liked the guy and that puts me in an awkward position. I don’t fuck the wives, or GF of friends – one of my rules, but women get some kick out of this. Now, I don’t mind her calling her BF or husband while I’m banging her – that’s fine if it gets her off and keeps her coming back for more, but to me women are interchangeable and one is as good as another, whereas my friends are few and far between… So whenever I get to know a guy, I have to break it off with the broad – she isn’t worth it. Of course, if the guy is an a**, then I enjoy sliding it to her under his nose – but that is neither here nor there…

    Comment by Just Saying — August 12, 2013 @ 6:01 pm

  2. This open cuckolding (sorry swinging) completely boggles my mind. The cuckolded point of view, that is.

    Actually you cockolders I don´t really get that well either.
    Oh I understand the “use the bitch as cum-dump” sentiment, but frankly this hobby of yours could never become my thing.
    Too much of a danger to “stare into the abyss” for too long and everything that follows with that.

    Comment by hans — August 12, 2013 @ 7:53 pm

  3. Ahead of you on firearms, one of the few solid investments around, unless you bought one during the fear mongering. Problem with .22 ammo is, its still hard to come by.

    Comment by JFP — August 12, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

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