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July 28, 2013

25 years




Take a look at the two pictures above, and tell me what the connection is.

Sussed it? No?

It’s the same bitch with a bit over 25 years in between, in the latter pic she is 45 years old, in the former around 19 and a Playboy and page 3 model.

Now I can’t claim to have been a male model when I was in my late teens, mostly I looked like shit, long hair, patchwork leathers, 135 film cans stuffed with grass / speed / acid, and some sort of illegal motorsickle to hand, but now in my fifties all the Viagra in a pfizer warehouse couldn’t get me hard enough to fuck the creature she has become.

Not that I have aged badly, but I didn’t suddenly turn into Paul Newman in my mid forties either, I guess I still look like shit, most of the hair is gone and what’s left is #1 cut and highlighted with grey, the motorsickle is now a legal item, and the beat goes on.

But I still wouldn’t fuck this skank.

So she was more fuckable than me, now she is less fuckable than me, ergo her fuckability, has fallen all the faster because she used to be say an 8, than if she used to be a 5 or less, and either way it has fallen faster and further than it has for men on average.

Whatever power you might have when you look like the young Pepper in the first pic, 25 years later when you look like Pepper today, your opening gambit had better be an expression of how much you want to stick your tongue up my ass, and in a beauty contest between my ass and her face, my ass would still win…

I shit you not…

Months now seem to go past as quickly as weeks used to back when I was a boy, this is logical and inevitable, but nevertheless the view looking back is different from anything you can theorise as a young lad.

I knew the flower of youth was brief, but I never knew just how fucking brief and fleeting it was, especially for the wimminz, that and the purity of virginity and a fertile womb, you know what, I’ve plowed that furrow first, and it ain’t all that, but it is all the wimminz had, and they pissed even that pittance away.

Fact is the old dowry system where you basically had to bribe a man to take your daughter off your hands, that was only half the trick jack, the other half was once she took you name her family burned those bridges behind her, it really was for better or for fucking worse, unto death.

Because that was the only way to keep the bitches in line, for their own fucking good, take a look at those pictures again, the hot sex kitten vanished 20 years ago, the last 15 years she better have been storing up credits raising the kids, the last 5 raising the grandkids, cos without that credit you get what you see, all liability, absolutely fuck all to offer, and from here on in it gets worse every day.

Wimminz as chattels, the most evil nadir of the patriarchy, apparently, the view looking back from your fifties is different, it was the greatest kindness we ever did the useless fucks… far better than they deserved, for their own good.

And guess what, it was organised and maintained by the women of the day.

As I sit her and type this, in the last 24 hours I have one 26 year old, one 35 year old, one 38 year old, and one 42 year old wimminz, all of whom want to submit to me, a man in my 50’s, totally, sexually, and a couple of others who want to submit partially, or so they say.

Which one is winning the race? The one with the youngest flesh, the prettiest face, the biggest tits?

No, the one who doesn’t just want to submit sexually, who doesn’t even have to be told to use any spare moments worshipping my cock or with her tongue up my ass in preference to talking, the one who wants me to own her totally, the one who says she has nothing to offer me but herself, little as that is.

The one, in short, with the strongest grip on reality.

Young men, NOTHING that ages as badly and as quickly as wimminz do is worthy of your worship or adoration, nothing that ages this badly and quickly is pure, or healthy, nothing that ages this badly or quickly is capable of anything that lasts longer than the fleeting changes that ravage them.


If the ideal age for a wimminz is half the man’s age plus seven, then that is a moving target, you have to get a new wimminz every two years.

This isn’t a bad thing, if you want a relationshit longer than that, get a fucking dog…

Course, if you started choosing dogs on how hard they made your cock throb, you’d have the same fucking issues, so start choosing wimminz by the same criteria you choose a dog.

By that yardstick the bitch above who has the strongest grip on reality and wants me to own her is the clear winner, and some of the others have better attributes, physically, but it is no coincidence that this one will rather spend three hours using her mouth on my balls / cock / ass than talking, and no, this doesn’t make her NAWALT.

She is AWALT, she is just a bit less addicted to delusions of pedestal pwincess status than her sisters, which is just because she fucked up harder and faster and got to face some of the consequences faster than her sisters.

She is still a liability to any man, but she knows it, and is prepared to earn her daily keep sexually, and by feeding me, keeping the coffee coming, and doing domestic shit.

The value of the dog is he knows his place, once he loses that he loses all value, and this bitch is the same, the only value she has is she knows her place.

I wouldn’t kick her out of bed to fuck the 26 year old with the pretty face and porn slut body, I wouldn’t have to, threesome it is and then kick the 26 year old out of the bed.

25 years pass, if looks are all you have you are fucked, if “a way of life” (to nick the biker ethos, AWOL) is all you have it improves with age and practice, I have this shit down cold and smooooooth, practice makes perfect.

A one time gift of minimal value due to constantly refreshing supply like youth and virginity and fertility and beauty, that’s a one shot game with a fucking short half life.

Fuck being a wimminz.


  1. Dunno, she looks older than 19 in the left pic, probably 27, but she looks a lot older than 45 in the right pic, maybe late fifties. I would dare say she aged faster than a car!

    Comment by Tim — July 28, 2013 @ 9:59 pm

  2. her tits indicate 19. Full, no sag. You would have to marry this wimminz at 19 and grow old with her in order for a pair bond to work.

    Comment by Joe — July 29, 2013 @ 6:47 pm

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