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July 20, 2013

OK Wimminz, here is the truth

Because so many of you have been asking for it lately.

But before I get into that, this is why you won’t understand.

You dint ax me if he wuz racis

Yeah, we all know who and what I am talking about, the 400lb fridge gorilla cum star persecution witness in the Zimmerman trial. You just know doritos packets are easy to open because if it required an IQ in double digits to stuff your face that bitch would be thinner than a fucking fishing line.

But we are treated to this bitch who cannot even speak her own native tongue with the fluency of a 4 year old, axplanin’ to y’all the differences between nigga and nigger, and cracka and bein racis…

Sure, my shit here is full of typoes and spoonewisms and autokorrect erros and a million other glitches, cos I don’t proof read, I am a two finger poke and hope typist who has to look at the keyboard to type, and once that shit is typed I ain’t about to go over it like I was writing the fucking Constitution.

Nevertheless, I can speak and comprehend the English language with a very high degree of familiarity and competency and fluency.

I know the difference between an analogy and an adequate explanation.

Pointing out that used cars with their best 20+ years long gone in the rear view mirror do not command 4 digit sale prices, even thought that same car cost 49k when it was new, and that was when 49k would buy you a fucking house, and then making an analogy between this and virgin teen cunt vs skank ho used cunt 20+ years later is just that, an analogy.

By definition it leaves out more than it includes.

To wimminz, who do not understand language, or the importance of words or meaning or communication, who do not see them as the binocular vision and upright bipedal stance and opposable thumbs of nature, it is the end of the line, all change.

Fresh teen virgin cunt, and I know of what I speak, having first hand experience of deflowering intact hymens that could barely pass a little finger prior to my arrival, vs skank ho cock carousel cunt, if you try to run that car analogy in reverse it falls flat on it’s face.2003-08-10 our_factory

A car with 2 previous owners and 50k on the clock is not twice as valuable as the same car with 4 previous owners and 100k on the clock…. a *huge* fucking chunk of the depreciation happened when the first owner first turned the key, even just six months later with the same owner and only 5k on the clock, essentially all the original value has been lost.

But even then, even in the showroom with no previous owners and 4.7 miles on the clock, not all new cars are the same, because the factory and workers and model are analogous (there we go with analogies again) to the family and home that raised the young teen virgin debutante.

Obama is right, he coulda fucking been Trayvon, and that car would be a backstreet no name “welcome to our factory” car, 5 cents and you can buy the whole week’s worth of production…. and you would still have lost out on the deal.


But politicians / wimminz / niggerz are all unable to master language, so like all bad tradesmen they use the tools they have to do the job, adjustable wrenches and mole grips instead of spanners and sockets, and lo and behold you get rounded nuts that are never torqued correctly ever again, which leads to damaged threads, etc etc etc

And so telling wimminz the truth is like pearls before swine.

On fucking sites (not just an expletive, I am referring to websites where people hook up and fuck) da wimminz just love all those verifications and testimonies, so do I, if anywhere in these extensive lists is someone I consider unfuckable, then since you fucked them I consider you unfuckable too .. I have mentioned this previously, there being sub groups or classes of people within the scene, search for “sperm brothers”

it is simple male logic.

  1. “X” is a worthless cunt
  2. you associate with X
  3. ergo, you are also a worthless cunt
  4. I don’t want X anywhere near my life, therefore I don’t want you anywhere near my life either
  5. check please…

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

But, since this blog is for men, and those rare wimminz with an intellect, the following 1,000 words are those truths for wimminz, but translated BACK into English, so that men may see it, and understand the wimminz perspective somewhat better.












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