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July 16, 2013

Twenty twelve

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If you were a normal person, all the end of the world in 2012 hype in the MSM was obviously just that, hype and bullshit… man bites dog.

If, however, you were a believer in such things, then the MSM coverage of it was seen as “proof” that it was a real phenomenon that was starting to gain mass public awareness and visibility, and indeed credibility.sneaky_dog

And so over at the Spearhead Bill has taken a break from pan-handling for more cash (that’s sure to follow soon) to inform everyone that he is getting serious MSM requests for interviews.

Then he and his readership (by and large, with some notable exceptions) proceed, like the end of the world is nigh in 2012 crowd, proceed to opine that this is a sure sign that the MSM is taking MRA seriously.

Nothing, frankly, could be further from the truth.

When there is literally no fucking money to be paid to skank ho single mommies and wimminz groups, and by no money I mean big daddy state is literally unable to pay up, and these cunts have a choice between whoring for a 99c burger, begging on the streets, or fucking starving to death, then, and only then, will SOME portions of the state and MSM start to take MRA seriously, and this is AFTER it become abso-mother-fucking-lutely undeniable that there is literally not one more drop of blood and taxes that can be wrung out of men, by any means whatsoever.

You will read a lot, and it is 99% bullshit, about Lenin and Stalin and their purges, you will be told that it was the engineers and scientists who were purged.. the reality is not so much, only the blue pill / white knight engineers and scientists, those who would not throw their own skank ho wimminz on the pyre.

Much is made of these purges being of the “intelligentsia”,  which is not so misleading, but the definition of the word given was, Einstein was not one, Gloria Steinem is one, it was not people who worked with their brain, and applied this mental activity to useful work in the real world, but to those who thought about social reforms and the rights of wimminz and other socio-political stuff.

How else could Russia be turning out so many engineers and scientists and technicians, of BOTH sexes, a mere generation later? Did they suddenly perform a complete 180…. no…

The MSM *is* the fucking enemy, *no* interaction with them on their terms is anything other than treason to the MRA/MRM.

I make a prediction, everyone who talks thusly is just bigging themselves up, wait for the other shoe to drop, when these same people put the begging bowl out, because that is all it is, marketing the begging bowl.


  1. “The MSM *is* the fucking enemy, *no* interaction with them on their terms is anything other than treason to the MRA/MRM.”

    How true. The MSM is a vanguard movement and it’;s members are political commissars sniffing out deviationists.
    They are not honest brokers who can be persuaded by good arguments and soft reasoning.They are the enemy.

    This is most obvious with the Daily Mail which has realised that the best way to extract money from soft female heads is through flattery, indulgence, feeding their martyr complexes and their perpetual hypercompetitive bitch neuroses.

    A Conservative paper! Nonsense! It has tailored its content to accomodate the prevailing cultural marxism,orthodoxies.
    Anyway more power to your elbow.

    Comment by Baz — July 16, 2013 @ 3:34 pm

  2. “these cunts have a choice between whoring for a 99c burger”

    They will put their daughters on the street, or whore them out. Progressives are always willing to make others pay for their screw ups rather than having to foot the bill themselves.

    Comment by Just Saying — July 16, 2013 @ 6:37 pm

  3. MRM taken seriously?
    Ridiculous, as it should be. I don´t need no Men´s rights, I demand a SANE law and the traitors to hang.

    Our “Panhandler” is just getting his 15 minutes of fame to briefly become another wannabe “Mark Rudov” edgy cheerleader.
    Or what´s more likely, they´ll just use him as a public buffoon like they did with the “Men are better than women” guy.
    To distract the wimminz and niggerz a bit longer from their incoming slavery. So they can chip them like the cattle they are, for their own saaafety from all these oh so ebil men.

    Comment by hans — July 16, 2013 @ 7:27 pm

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