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July 15, 2013

Biased reporting

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There is a small point that I should make, as it gets regularly raised in messages.

I do indeed meet wimminz in real life who have put up with complete fucking assholes, I have sat there and seen with my own eyes the phone ring 50+ times a day, then the guy pops another sim card in when the penny drops the first number has been blocked and tries again, etc etc etc

I do indeed meet wimminz in real life who are stunned at the various authorities inability to deal with pathological men, in exactly the same way as their inability to deal with my psycho skank ho ex, mainly these types as seen as access to ongoing public funding.

I do indeed meet wimminz in real life who have been, by any valid definition, victims at the hand of violent and uber controlling men, out of all proportion to any grief they may “deserve” for their own unreasonable behaviour towards said men.

I just don’t give a flying fuck, because all these cases are outliers, and because the legal and social framework is such that they could have bailed at any time, and when they eventually did, daddy state picked up the tab and housed and fed and clothed them.

I, as a man, have been the target of a systematic and widespread smear campaign by world + dog for the past thirty fucking years, and I am all out of gives a fuck.

So when you contact me to tell me of apex fallacy exceptions that prove the rule, or to tell me that Not All Men Are Like That (decent honest and reliable) you are not telling me anything I do not already know, or anything I give a fuck about.

I am not even going to attempt to rationalise hamster away these types of men with some shite about undoubtedly they were OK until a series of skank ho wimminz shit on them and made them that way, because I don’t actually buy that either.

Some people are just born mean.

What we talk about here is everyone else, who is born into a society that splits humanity according to sex, and then applies a slew of policies from cradle to grave that amount to penis = bad, cunt = good, and we act all surprised when consistent rewards for outrageous behaviour encourage people to behave outrageously.

Back in the 70’s here in the UK we had the IRA bombing campaigns, the differences between the 70’s with actual measured in hundredweights or even tons fertiliser and diesel bombs going off, and today with almost nothing but the spectre of Afdiggastan firing imaginary MERV tipped ICBM’s at London is stark, in the 70’s we basically ignored the outliers and just fucking got on with life, which for 99.999% of the population meant never being within earshot of a bomb going off, whereas today even my local railway station still does not have litter bins, in case some wacko places a bomb in them, which never happened, even at the height of the IRA bombing campaign.

As a grandchild of those who fought in WW1, as a child of those who fought in WW2, as someone who grew up during the “communist emergency” in Malaysia and around SWAPO in Africa and through the IRA bombing campaign in the UK mainland, while surrounded by building rubble still not cleared from German bombs from 30 years before (due to the sheer extent of the damage) you grew up with a more practical take on things…

Take “9/11”, now, nobody from my era, given the task of “design and implement a terr’rist attack on amerrika the brave the home of the free etc” would have picked the twin towers.


Not even your stereotypical thick paddy bomber, because the WTC represented finance, you might as well attack Hollywood or Disney by bombing a bank…. nobody would make the fucking connection.

Assholes had to fly right past the most powerful and iconic symbol of amerrika that has ever existed, the (cheese eating surrender monkey built and donated) Statue of Liberty to get to the WTC.

Plus of course, taking out lady liberty would leave all those nasty financial records and gold certificates still intact in WTC, and of course building 7, which presumably committed suicide in horror at its neighbours collapse.

If you have three planes in a co-ordinated attack, it is actually easier and more likely to succeed if your targets are;

  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. Golden Gate Bridge
  3. St Louis arch


So, to those of us who grew up in those times, we never bought the “freedom hating terr’rist” angle, not even for an instant, not even before the second plane hit the second tower…. by the time the second plane hit, it was blatantly obvious that the target was a financial and legal centre, and no other planes hit anything, not even the CCTV’d up pentagon… something did, but it wasn’t caught on camera, an amazing feat of stealth, improbably amazing.

We never bought the “all wimminz are victims” shite either, but in our own defence, until we found ourselves individually targeted by the system we did not realise how deep the rot had gone… so like the crazed ragheads are out to get us shite, we dismissed me, largely because WE knew it was complete shit, so we just sort of assumed that NOBODY ELSE COULD BE DUMB ENOUGH TO BUY IT.

If you had mentioned that they weren’t dumb enough to buy it, just corrupt enough to pretend to buy it, well, frankly, we wouldn’t have listened to that much either, after all, this is (insert western country here) after all, not some corrupt african stinkhole, there were just way too many honest individuals within the machine for this to happen, right… right….?


Being honest, we fell asleep, nobody with any class or personality or talent would have dreamed of being a lawyer or a politician or a civil servant, we had ONE guy in our year at school who wanted to be a lawyer, like his dad, and he was universally ridiculed for it, what the fuck was wrong with being a train driver or a rocket designer or a pilot or a commando? Are you a fucking poof boy?

Being a teacher was something you did AFTER an illustrious career actually doing the thing you taught for 20 or 30 years, so our sports teacher was an ex England rugby union player, our chemistry teacher was ex ICI chemist, our physics teacher was ex Royal Ordinance / Vospers, and our maths teacher was a savant who could draw perfect circles freehand on the blackboard and considered the use of log tables cheating.

Of course, coming from such working environments, and all of an age to have either served or at least been National Service, tying their own shoelaces required more thought and effort than maintaining order in a rowdy class full of boys who were plotting on igniting the magnesium ribbon sneaked out of the chemistry lab during the next inter class period…

And so as a result all the fucking “trots” (Trotsky) and other bleeding heart wimps and assholes got into all these areas, and proceed to wreak their revenge on the rest of us, but excluding everyone like us an enacting rules and procedures to favour their own type.

Same as it ever was, this happened in the 30’s too, some leaders wanted to appease Mr Hitler, some wanted to declare unilateral war on him, but most of the populace who had been through the first war wanted nothing to do with it, knowing that the present situation in Europe was the direct result of meddling politicians, and old Adolf for all his rhetoric at least did serve in the fucking trenches in the first big one… they had more in common with Adolf than they did a Chamberlain or Churchill.

So, to sum up, I am not allowed, on pain of sanction by the State, to give a fuck about my own children, what on Earth makes you think that after denying me that biological imperative, there is a single thing, idea, concept, moral, standard or group that I give a fuck about, least of all those who have been benefiting handsomely for the past 30 years at my expense, or those statistical outliers that have always and will always exist, and whose sole real purpose is as useful idiots for those in power to cudgel the great masses who were not and never could be statistical outliers?

I give a fuck about me, end of story. I’m all right Jack.

I have reduced my world to the most simple, most basic, most easy to survive and sneak and change and adapt, most flexible, smallest simple single unit possible.

There is no POSSIBLE inducement that you can offer me, that does not, at the very least, involve the ritual seppuku of 100% of you worthless cunts, total purging from the gene pool, as the opening unilateral offer and show of good faith.

Since I know that will never happen, we have nothing to discuss.

If you have temporary utility to me, I will avail myself of it, and offer perhaps 5 cents on the dollar in exchange for your utility to me, if I am feeling generous.

By stripping me of everything that I might once have given a fuck about, you have set me free, I have been forcibly purged of every single attribute that might make me a victim, or might make me associate with a victim and have any skin in their game.

In your quest to enslave everyone at the threat of the deranged outlier, you have violently and callously flensed all the flesh from my soul, I suffered agonies and anger and hate and loathing, but now I am stripped clean and bare.

There is only absolute, total, unending, all-encompassing, infinite apathy towards you all.

I don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything except myself.

Complain, entreat, chastise, demand, coerce, do what you will, all you will ever hear from me is this…









  1. What, you mean I´m sitting her talking to myself while all these niggerz &wimminz spam your mail with their incessant whining?
    Come out you perpetually offended internet mases and play in public.
    Come out and plaaaay!

    Currently watching to my immense amusement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3IG4kYuKOU
    Love it.
    Remember the blacks are the guinea pigs, future human ghetto beta test.

    Comment by hans — July 15, 2013 @ 9:36 pm

    • I get lots of private messages from people angry at what I say, and lots of comments get caught in moderation and simply deleted because they are no more than school-yard name calling, fuck it, not worried.

      As a statistic, essentially 0% of readers / hits actually comment. It’s not really that sort of interactive blog though.

      While I welcome comments, the blog itself is mainly just talking out loud in the woods,… lol++

      Comment by wimminz — July 15, 2013 @ 9:41 pm

      • …creaking of many tree stems

        Comment by Michael — July 16, 2013 @ 3:27 pm

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