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July 14, 2013

A mixed bag

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Some stories from the MSM




All of which underline the simple and well known truth that wimminz are sugar and spice and all things nice…. despite the obvious risibility of wimminz claims, they are never treated the same way as other hoaxes… such as..article-2362486-1ACA2A10000005DC-972_634x347


Why does it never become a widespread internet meme and thing of shame when a MSM outlet reports a vicious callous violent rape, only to discover it is yet another FRA?

I shall refer you to “people do what they wanna do”, MSM regularly report allegations as facts, while downplaying other inconvenient facts, because they choose to.

Sure, I have opinions and attitudes, I am after all only human, but, I submit to you, that the title and tag-line of this blog give you a damn good idea of where I am coming from on this.

I never prided myself on 100% accurate and impartial REPORTING of anything, this is 100% honest and very partial COMMENTARY of anything, and so there may be, depending on your perspective, dysfunction here, but there is no dishonesty.

The “what the fuck” arises when what is blatantly advertised as personal and prejudiced commentary is closer to the bloody truth than what is blatantly advertised as impersonal and impartial reportage.

In shades of hollyweird films about sharks in tornados, and I had the misfortune to sit through a downloaded copy of White House Down last night, everything to do with the MSM jumped the shark so often that Sharknado is no more incredulous than White House Down, we got the fucking funding, we now have to spend the funding, so we can get more, who gives a fuck on what is actually produced.

In 49 BC Ceasar’s army crossed a river called the Rubicon, it represented a point of no return, a bell that could not be un-rung, Ceasar himself said at this point “the die is cast”

The MSM crossed the rubicon decades ago, there is no way back, and so all alternatives become the enemy, teh intertubez, which allow voices like mine, and child pornography, check, the enemy, to be villified at every turn.

Google doesn’t pay taxes and grants access to pictures of children being fucked.

The fluffy MSM just wiretaps phone illegally, bribes cops, reports allegations of rape as fact, fails to investigate or report anything worthy of note, and acts as political and propaganda arm for those in power, some of whom actually like fucking real children in the flesh today…

It is clear, dear proles, who the enemy is.

And if you disagree with my view, may I suggest you youtube the Brass Eye episode Paedogeddon, in which celebs were hoodwinked in exactly the same way as this news anchor, and ridiculed for their willingness to endorse anything as fact, and the treatment for Brass Eye? exactly the same as the luckless “intern” in this case.

No blame whatsoever is applied to the KUNT channel, or KY TV, with anchors Mike Flex and Anna Dapter


  1. I laughed way too hard at that. Actually inhaled my own spit.
    The glee to see the “Lame-Stream-Media” get embarrass so effectively by some high-school kid intern was overwhelming.

    Maybe there is hope. 😉

    Comment by hans — July 14, 2013 @ 4:10 pm

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