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July 11, 2013

Why are you single?

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It is a question wimminz and niggerz often ask me.

I quite happily tell them, “Because I cannot find a wimminz who does not lie.

Not because I can’t find a wimminz with big enough tits, or who is kinky enough, or who will put up with my shit in silence, or anything else, but because I cannot find one who is not a pathological liar.0022

Of course, no shortage whatsoever of wimminz who claim that they themselves cannot stand lies, and 5 minutes later they tell you one.

There are many many many people who will tell me this cannot possibly be true, for instance, look at Julie, etc etc.

I tell them all the same thing, AWALT, the single thing you have to do is listen to what a wimminz says, and remember it, and it is only a question of time before they say something else that does not correlate with a previous statement.

If you want to filter your search through a wimminz words, I would say to you to concentrate on the stuff that deals with image, e.g. a wimminz toning down the details of a sexual encounter, but the fact is 49.999% of what a wimminz says is to do with image, and the other 49.999% is to do with trying to get other people to validate that image.

After a while the conversation returns to the subject in hand, and I get asked what I want from wimminz.

I have an equally simple answer, “I want 100% loyalty…”  and of course the punchline “…unfortunately loyalty is an alien concept to wimminz” and it is true, wimminz be far more loyal to the brand of phone or make-up they use than any man in their life.

Around about this time, heads start to assplode, as the ramifications of a man being single, simply because he cannot get one single simple trivial criteria actually met, hamster wheels at 5 squillion RPM, I must be lying or it must be my fault, because the alternative, that it is just so, is simply too horrific to contemplate.

Shades of the story linked to previously about the wimminz “complaining” that her little bitch is indeed a little bitch, wonder how that happened… lol

Gold, there is a saying about the “Gold Standard”, and by Gold what we really mean is 0.9999 pure fine gold, bullion gold, where 99.99% of the item, whether it be ingot or coin or nugget, is gold, with no more than 0.01% impurities.

Go to Saudi and you used to have a hard job buying less than 21/22 carat gold jewellery (jewellery works on 24ths, so 21 carat is 21/24ths gold, and 3/24ths alloyed metals). Go to the high street jewellers and you have a hard job buying anything other than 9 carat (3/8ths gold), unless it is uber expensive and you might get 18 carat (which is only 3/4rs gold)

Yet to a wimminz these are all gold, some is “better” gold than other, but it is all gold, and this is how wimminz are with lies.

No “Truth” is ever 24 carat, 99.99% pure, let alone 100% pure.

So there are “truths” that are only 3/4rs true, or 3/8ths true, but they are still true.

More importantly when you start counting this way, where all you are actually counting is the gold/truth content, and just dismissing entirely the alloy/lie content, you can quickly see that not all 9 ct gold or not all 9 ct truth is equal…

The 5/8ths that is not true could be tin, or silver, or anything else, and frankly, the instant you walked away from 100% pure, the impurities are more important than the gold content.

I am *not* going to pay bullion prices, just to spend some fucking time with, much less *own*, 9ct scrap.


  1. Best post ever. This ecplained everything I’ve encountered in online dating – 5 stars

    Comment by Kelvin T. — July 13, 2013 @ 3:52 am

  2. Heh, looks like nature(?) is abandoning the wimminz experiment too:

    A wimminz immune to the estrogen-crack in the pills, and of course also the normal body produced stuff .
    Naturally she´s infertile as fuck and probably looks like a boy.

    Ah, brave new world.

    Comment by hans — July 13, 2013 @ 3:09 pm

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