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July 3, 2013

I want to fuck your friend.

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It is a trusim, that I often tell wimminz, that *EVERYTHING* they did sexually in the past better be on offer to me, otherwise they run the risk of appearing to value me less than some previous jerk.

Wimminz, for their part, *intimately* understand this, which is one of the reasons they always try to re-write history, but, there is one bit they don’t get.

I kicked a skank to the kerb tonight, she’ll be back, and it was a needed part of that process, but the *reason* I gave, that she just didn’t get.942581_374018689365577_995616911_n

As I said to her, “It’s not the fact that you had a threesome with that couple that makes a difference, we’re just fuckbuddies, I don’t give a shit who you fuck, it is that you had an evening off and were available to fuck, and did not think to offer me first refusal… that is why I am kicking your skanky ass to the kerb.

She didn’t get it because what I was talking about was relative weighting of one thing vs another, for wimminz, this is a goldfish with a binary yes/no thing, shes doesn’t get *why* she has been kicked to the kerb, all she gets is that she has…

So now she is eager to meet me again, and have me use and abuse her cunt and cause her much pain.

The pain is punishment to her, which she wants, she is not sure *why*, she just knows she likes it and deserves it.

I mention all this, because the AfORisms bit on the right is starting to get some attention, and part 3 about leopards not changing their spots is apposite to this story.

There is another skank, who may or may not, (see AfORism 02..lol) but is planing to come over for a weekend of use and abuse, who claims that every relationshit she has had was with a man who was sexually abusive, which is why she wants to spend a weekend with me being my fucktoy with specific requests that I use and abuse her in exactly the ways that were “abuse” when these ex’s allegedly did it to her.

Clearly, to anyone with a functioning brain, her history is a history of selecting men who were capable of rough sex, and then manipulating these men into giving her said rough sex, but to a wimminz goldfish 1k binary brain this would cause a buffer overflow, so she will just re-regurgitate some shit she read somewhere about wanting to re-visit traumatic experiences in a bid to understand them.

It is of course mere coincidence that when she finds a man like me, who does not merely think, but knows, she is a filthy tramp good for only one thing, rather than a man she has to manipulate into treating her that way, her cunt starts throbbing with desire. (sms etc recording all this shit backed up to the cloud etc etc)

I have another occasional one, it is quite easy to be callous with her as she is obese, but, she does worship the very ground I walk on, and it appears, quelle surprise, that the more I diss her, the more she worships me, she has a well paying job, decent car, own house, and it is all on offer, even a womb-turd if I wanted one.

What all these have in common is the wimminz 1k input buffer is overflowed, the fucking INSTANT you cause that to not be the case, for example by turning around to the last one and saying ok babe, I’ll move in next week lets get married and get you pregnant, suddenly you are running a program that fits in that buffer, and suddenly all respect / eagerness / interest that they have in you evaporates faster than spit on oxy cut steel…

So when she comes crawling and apologising, instead of saying OK babe I accept your apology, I tell her the truth, it’s a fucking start, just, but a fucking small one.

What do I have to do? she wails.

  1. I wanna fuck your friend (arrange it)
  2. I wanna fuck you and your friend in a threesome (arrange it)

prace bets now, what should I say? lol

This is why (home made) porn is attractive, it is heavily filtered, everything except the holes you want to fuck is excluded, and even then, filtered down to the visual cortex stuff.

This is why wimminz in the flesh are so unattractive, no filters, eek, all that shitty stuff gets through, and that, bitches, is why I treat you with contempt, because apart from your sexual purposes, you are utterly contemptible as human beings.

This, is the danger, when as above, a wimminz you have fucked decides to fuck someone else, unless you are hip to what wimminz really are, you are liable to start viewing things form the ultrafiltered porno perspective, sob, boo hoo, that was MY fuckin’ toy…

The reality is, said skanky ho’s cunt is not worth any less to me now that is was before an additional couple used it, you can’t get less than “worthless except for scenarios where it happens to be right here for my own personal immediate use”

The reality is, I wonder if the female part of this couple is fuckable, because now there is a link between me and it that wasn’t there before.

THIS kind of thinking completely blows the wimminz 1k input buffer.


  1. Britfault’s law baby. Wo wir sind da geht’s immer vorwärts
    By the way, got that landy to do 60 without an overdrive. 750s and dicking with the throttle a bit did the trick. Also removing the vacuum valve for a vacuum pump helped.

    Gotta love old diesel cars man, restoring them is a bit of a pain, but at least diesel tastes better than petrol.

    Comment by Digger Nick — July 4, 2013 @ 2:15 am

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