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June 29, 2013

When the shelves are bare.

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NAWALT is an attractive belief, in exactly the same way that the hungry man will hope the next supermarket around the corner will actually have some bread/eggs/milk in stock, in exactly the same way that the idle man will hope that the next job opportunity or customer will be along in a day or so.

AWALT sounds a lot like giving up hope, might as well put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

But what do you do when the next supermarket doesn’t have any bread, and the next week doesn’t have any work for you.

There is a lot of talk around about how the Chinese economy is starting to falter, how it’s export everything economic model was flawed… missing the fucking point… at least they are fucking manufacturing, even if it is cheaper crappier versions of many things.

If their economy is based on exports, and exports tank, they are at least left with the raw manufacturing capacity, there will only be 100 factories and staff that can make a 40 watt CO2 laser tube for 50 bucks, not 5,000, which is still 100 more than the west.

When the hungry man walks around that corner and finds a supermarket that does indeed have bread, but it is white sliced and not full grain wholemeal fresh baked brown tin, he ain’t gonna go “aww shit” and walk on by all disappointed, he is going to be like a dog with two dicks and start stuffing his face.

What nobody who is not an engineer gets, is that throughout history every high profile manufacturing plant making some product or other was never an island alone, a monoculture, instead is was like a floating island, that survived on top of a vast array and network of smaller supplier, and skilled staff, who themselves survived on top of a still vaster array of even smaller suppliers and skilled staff, which survived on a multivaried base of apparently unrelated things that make up the community, so the whole thing was like a vast floating island… take away the lower layers and the high profile plant and product at the top sank without a trace.

I can go to Epilog and buy a really great high quality desktop CO2 laser for UK£5,000, or I can go to Portsmouth and buy ex stock a range of imported cheapo chinese desktop CO2 lasers from UK£300 to £1,500.

They aren’t as good as the Epilogs, not even close, they are in fact quite similar to the sort of thing I would be able to make at home, no frills, the tube will last maybe 1,500 hours, maybe as little as a 1,000 hours, not 5,000 or more, but the replacement tubes are 100 bucks, not 1,000, same goes for the drive electronics, but there is a strong analogy to the supermarket shelf up there.

If I have an initial possible job making 1,000 acrylic key fobs, and the fixed material cost is 10 pence per fob, then the unit cost is £0.10 + £5,000 / 1000 = £5.10 if I buy an Epilog, or £0.10 + £300 / 1000 = £0.40 if I buy the smallest Chinese job

Guess which is going to sell?

So let’s say I want to set up a factory making something, well for starters, even with massive governments gifts and incentives, it matters where you build it, if you don’t have access to those under-layers of the island discussed above, it is going to sink without a trace.

Take Tesla cars, even with a billionaire backer, it ain’t working, even based in a USA tech hub, all that other shit costs money too, upholstery, wheels, tires, lights, wiring, plumbing, a thousand and one little custom bits of bent metal.

Stick the fucker in mainland china, instead of a website that flatly refuses to list either the actual ticket price or a delivery date, you’d be knocking out no frills clones for 10 thousand bucks a pop, how many you want daddy-o, we can ship you say 50 a week…

The west pointing at China’s economy and saying it is fucked is like the hungry man eating the baker’s bread and saying now you’re fucked, at least the baker still has the skills and equipment to make more bread, the hungry man will soon get hungry again.

But to get back to the hungry man, or the idle man, that we started with, what can they do to change the environment in which they find themselves?

Can the hungry man make supermarkets stock bread?

Can the idle man make customers come to him with work?

Can the NAWALT man make a good woman turn up a bond with him?

Sure, they all want and need these things, but can they make it happen, or indeed in any way influence it?

Now, according to just about all western intelligentsia, from Maslow through Keynes and Bernaise et al, all I need to do is get myself one of those cheap chinese lasers and set myself up in business, provided I make the right widgets at the right price, it is a BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME scenario. Market forces. Needs.

Now, in the gospel according to me, which is based upon nothing more than 5+ decades on this planet spent all over Europe, Africa, the middle and far East, I have something to tell you.

Apart from special exceptional circumstances, e.g., little bubbles that most people in the west have been living in for the past 50 years, that just ain’t so.

To give an example, aluminium CAN be made to burn in the presence of oxygen, and it would be wrong to assume, having seen thermite, that certain conditions = all conditions, if you doubt me here is an alu coke tin and here is a bic lighter…

The normal situation is either;

  1. Person A has Item X, and Person B wants Item X, but Person B has nothing that Person A wants to offer in exchange for Item X
  2. Person A has Item X, Person B wants Item X, but Person B has a whole list of more pressing needs, A though W, that absofuckinlutely must be satisfied first before they can even consider getting Item X

Item X can be anything, from a handful of food or a pint of semi potable water though to a motor car or personal laser or even personal jet.

The western model of “economy” breaks down when you are faced with the choice of eating your seed corn, or dying of hunger, where a dog is worth more in the pot as meat than as a pet.

Getting back to the hungry man, whom we have just dealt with, and the idle man, whom we have just dealt with, how about the NAWALT man, how is he any different?

In my travels, what I have seen, far from the proofs that the western model is right, is proofs that the western model is wrong, because, without exception, what happens is someone with some form of power basically parachutes in to a place that has something they want, and then sets up a totally alien and artificial environment / colony in that area, and that demarcation is vital, because as soon as you remove it and westernise the whole fucking place, the very thing you parachuted in to get becomes much more expensive to get, so expensive that your original model is broken.

Nota Bene, I am NOT saying that the model for technological advancement is wrong, the entire industrial revolution is proof that it is not, what is wrong is the attempt to retrofit modern economic theory to it and start talking fantasy bullshit about free markets and John Maynard Keynes and Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, and then deluding yourself that you have a BETTER grasp of things than before you started… you don’t, you have a poorer grasp.

You may as well study christianity and then refuse to see anything in western culture except through those eyes, and refuse to accept any other explanation for anything outside of that doctrine.

So, back again to the hungry man, the idle man, and the NAWALT man.

In a dispassionate and clinical view, the NAWALT man is just as deluded as the idle man and the hungry man, looking back at say 1965 when we were great and built Saturn V rockets and shit, they were all times of artificial states in which aluminium could be readily made to combust.

The NORMAL state was quite, quite, quite different.

The normal state was fucking not Wife 1.0 who was a virgin when you married her, for life, and raised kids with, and all that crap.

The normal state was wimminz were a fucking utility to be exploited and used, just like everything else from a tree to an oxen or a dog, and yes folks, that includes men and children too.

I want you to go back to the bit above, person a, person b, item x

Take away everything in the western world, which means everything you can buy and sell on ebay, and what are you left with, the shit you cannot buy and sell on ebay.

Food, Water, People.

There isn’t a cunt hair veneer between the artificial bubble of the western world where we can contractually engage in certain exchanges, I’ll hire you to drive my truck, plow my fields, suck my cock, and what I have seen most of my life, which is people for sale, often by themselves, or by a relative or family member or tribal leader.

20 year old chick working in a Chinese factory in 2013 is basically living in the same conditions, lifestyle and relationship with the employer as a 20 year old chick working in an English mill in 1813, because it is the same shit, it is a factory.

We only eliminated that shit by eliminating the factories, everything else is an illusion.

We, like the modern entitled wimminz, made living in our bubble the priority, and we shall reap what we sowed.

Before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite, I am personally very pleased to have avoided that harsh reality, I am very pleased to drive around in a brand new fully top spec loaded German car keeping customers connected to teh internets

If you think I am a stone cold and harsh motherfucker now, imagine what I would be like if I was forced to live in that harsh reality, I don’t have to imagine that hard, I am a watered down version of my father, who was a watered down version of his father before him.

One of my grandfathers ran away to sea at 14, and found hisself in the Battle of Jutland in WW1, come WW2 he was on tankers on the Murmansk convoys, he got three ships torpedoed from under him and lived to tell the tale, NOWADAYS I tell that to people, and they laugh, and tell me he sounds like the character Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses, and suspect that I am making it up.

As though that shit only ever happened to a few people, when it happened to LOTS, same as the Japs and the infamous Burma Railway, I can remember to this day as a boy growing up around three different men, all of whom survived that, it happened to LOTS of people, being left behind at the Fall of Singapore, it happened to LOTS of people, so having an Uncle it happened to wasn’t remarkable.

My other grandfather went to the Australian gold rush, and the American one (technically there were several of each) but the reality was they did not go to get rich, so much as to stay alive, there was sweet fuck all going on in Cornwall since the hard rock mining died a death with the discovery of open cast tin in the far east and australia, (genetically I come from a long line of hard rock miners, the longest line in the world, we are all small and skinny and tough and tend to die by threescore and ten) after the relative prosperity of WW2 and all the yanks in cornwall the economy died again, so my old man tried his luck in the gold coast of africa (it was still the white man’s grave back then) and then tried his hand other places abroad, when I grew up the economy was fucked again, so I tried my hand in various shitholes, mad dogs and englishmen,.

That’s three generations that I know something about in some personal detail, and none of them would recognise Keynesian economics or market forces if they tripped over it either, but they would recognise artificial isolated bubbles where aluminium burns readily.

My dad was the outlier who found a Wife 1.0, and managed to keep it that way by spending a lot of his life outside the western bubble, and even then, it wasn’t all fucking roses, I know he screwed around, and I know she did too, but they stayed together and I never even suspected it until I myself was an adult, so it was Marriage 1.0 in the sense that the kids came first, and I was not a bastard, being born in wedlock, and all that jazz.

The hungry guy, the idle guy, the NAWALT guy, what they all have in common is they live in hope, and while they hope, they will not adapt, and Darwin will do the rest.

Jesus Saves… I never saw Jesus save a single fucker my entire life, have seen a lot of people get killed and otherwise destroyed totally, because they clung to the hope that Jesus saves, seen a lot of people killed and other wise fucked up hoping hunger would end, hoping idleness would end, hoping NAWALT/NAPALT.

When the shelves are empty, hope, and belief in things that just ain’t so, will kill ya.

I gotta go, gotta do some laundry, bit of housework, bit of paperwork, and chill, got some other guy’s live in girlfriend coming over later so she can kneel on my bed and take a couple of loads up cum up her cunt, and then go back to her fucking loser boyfriend and leave me in peace once she has served her utility to me.


  1. Yeah, try telling this shit to any university “educated” PhD´ster and all you get is a benevolent grin. If you´re lucky.
    Just like trying to explain AWALT to an about to get hitched hubby.

    But I´m not sure anymore about buying the “worst case scenario” yet, your APLT.
    Sure this shit is going down under our very own eyes. Stock bubbles are rising like yeast, gold prices are falling and the bailouts are flowing like a menstrual river.
    All to bleed the last bit of funds out of us before the planed mathematically inevitable collapse.

    But the very underreported tidbits I get from “beta-test” places like Greece, Cyprus and the “failed” Island, still make me think that Men can turn this shit around from the planned catastrophic endgame.
    Awake and actually left to our own devices (the wimminz will be too busy crying and selling themselves and their kids – visit Athens airport) I wouldn´t even count out the WoW guys. They at least learned to teamwork.
    When those hits don´t come too hard and heavy, that is.
    We´ll see.

    Comment by hans — June 29, 2013 @ 6:09 pm

    • I don’t think they are beta test locations, I think they are boiling the frog slowly….

      How much are the wimminz and (female) children at Athens airport then?
      I’m looking to pay no more than £50 a head, and I feed house and clothe my property, might be interested in a BOGOF for twins or sisters… lrfh

      Comment by wimminz — June 29, 2013 @ 7:08 pm

  2. Stock bubbles are rising like yeast


    the wimminz will be too busy crying and selling themselves and their kids – visit Athens airport

    In this example, Hans, you probably mean the Greek women? From what I read, Greece has been flooded with Muslim illegal immigrants. I doubt Muslim women would sell themselves or their children—or maybe, as AWALT, they would if restrictions on that ceased to exist (their men permitted it)?

    Things will get very interesting—and frigtening, unfortunately—once the SHTF. Once the state-as-surrogate-husband collapses, as it has already happened in Greece and is unfolding in other countries, what are the “independent” womminz with “careers” going to do? From what I understand, the value of cunt is nearly zero in Greece now. Only the nubile, supple cunts may be worth something in Greece now, but those are usually not “independent” and do not have “careers.”

    Somewhere I read that, “[Y]ou can throw Nature out with a pitchfork, but she will return.” Feminazis, greatly aided and abetted by their mangina manboob niggerz betaboys, have done just that—thrown Nature out with a pitchfork. I think we are about to witness Her triumphant return.

    Comment by Tim — June 29, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

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