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June 28, 2013

It’s the economy…

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If something were described as..

The art of getting a wimminz, who is a mental patient, who doesn’t actually like men, who doesn’t actually like sex, who doesn’t actually like you, to decide to have sex with you


The art of getting the above wimminz to decide to repeat that with you on a regular basis

then, perhaps it would generate a rueful laugh,  but tell me this, what most accurately describes getting sex with a wimminz, what was written above, or all the other stuff written about courting and wooing and relationshits and so on?

I am being 100% serious, the above red text is the most accurate description of the process you will get, not just because it described the chase and catch process, but it also described the after catch or fail to catch process perfectly.3tvju9Kh

It may not be 100% of all the facts or 100% accurate or even 100% correct, but, take the skank I discussed yesterday who after one night with me was gushing every day about can’t wait for the next meet my cunt is dripping I want to feel your cock throbbing in my mouth yadda yadda :CLICK: hey babe I won’t be seeing you tomorrow the sex was magic but I need a relationshit (which is why I am on a swinging site, which is why I am on it still after sending this message to you)

I submit to you, that the above red text does not just describe the process more accurately than anything else, the real gold is it, with 100% accuracy, described your current situation and options, and therefore how you should feel and what you should do.

So why is this 100% accurate description denied, and in it’s place a choice of 100% false litany’s promoted?

It’s programming.

I am hard wired to find certain aspects of the female body interesting, there is nothing I can do about that.

All my problems all my life have come from the programming that I have absorbed so deeply it is hard to tell what is hard wired and what is programming.

By the same token, our sole metric of whether our economy is working is based on “Growth”

Like the mental patient who doesn’t like men, or sex, or you, so to win you have to be the exception that proves the rule…. growth is based on the “Economy” as a whole, and the “Economy” as a whole for the UK consists of 60 million people, plus all the national and multinational companies, plus all the banks and financial institutions.

In the real physical world, everything is finite, so “Growth”, which when expressed as a percentage, which is just another way of saying when expressed as an exponent, is a model of exponential increase.

Anything that is increasing exponentially in a finite realm is doing so at the cost of everything else, and also heading for its own inevitable collapse and demise… the tumour gets bigger than the host.

When we start talking about the economy on these terms, we can see that it is like saying wimminz are sugar and spice and all things nice and all you need to do is man up and marry a good girl and everything is going to be great and you will get all your dreams fulfilled.

Learn a trade and work hard and well and be industrious and look after your customers and you will become uber rich and your company will grow to huge proportions, when in reality every big company out there got that way by acting like a psychopath and fucking everyone over at every opportunity… of course, the NAWALT equivalent is NOT ALL COMPANIES ARE LIKE THAT…

Sure, go ahead and name one you have worked for… if you can come up with a name, it is because you missed the joke, you are still blue pill when it comes to corporations, you have your walmart loyalty card.

When you learn the fucking lesson, well…

I like cunt and ass and tits, but, to get it I have to deal with fucking mental patients that don’t like sex, or men, or me, so it is really important that the initial “I like” is only my hard-wired inner animal self speaking, and not any of the programming I have absorbed, cos that shit will hurt you and fuck you up brother.

I like wealth and luxury, but is the route the wealth and luxury the ways everyone says are the ways (aka the American dream) or is there one route, being a sociopathic amoral exploiter who sails JUST this side of the law?

You see the parallels to getting regular sex with the same wimminz, or a succession of wimminz.

All you gotta do is not stick your dick in crazy sounds like helpful advice, but it is a direct parallel to advice on how to fly or levitate, all you gotta do is fall without ever touching the ground.

If it “costs” 25 kWh per day for me to live to this standard today, it will cost 25 kWh per day for me to live to this standard next year, if the energy available is finite, which it is, and I expect to be living on 50 kWh per day next year, then one way of doing it is making 25 others live on 1 kWH less per day, another way is making 5 others live on 5 kWh less per day, but there is no way for all of us to live on 50 kWh per day next year and claim 100% “Growth”

KWh are however a physical thing, whereas a unit of fiat currency is not, it could be US$, or the number of imaginary friends I have, neither one is real, so both can be “grown” at an exponential rate if I so choose.

People who used to have 7 real friends, now have 145 facebook friends, you can go from 7 to any number you like at 10% growth per year.

7, 7.7, 8.47, 9.317, 10.24, etc after 50 years you have 821 friends, after 30 years your house is worth half a million bucks, and you are earning, 50k a year.

It’s still a fucking house, it’s still a fucking job, it is still a case of sticking your dick in crazy or sticking to wanking.

Like the list above, the bitch will tell anyone and everyone, no glove, no love, she will only have safe sex, the reality as we can see in a private list for her own consumption is somewhat different.

Jason, Albert, Sam and Beau will be offered another opportunity to stick their dick in that crazy, Jorge Sam and Random won’t, not unless money or advantage is offered. Either way, it is still fucking crazy, literally.

Exponential growth is equally fucking crazy, doesn’t matter if you are a Jason or Jorge in the economic sense, it is all fucking crazy.

The fuck list and scoring is fucking crazy, Jason is a 9 and Jorge is a 1, does that mean 9 fucks from Jorge = 1 from Jason, or is the list just a fucking crazy way of writing it as binary scoring, 1 = will fuck again, 0 = won’t fuck again, because they would all have to be 1, will fuck again, if I feel like it on the day, suddenly Jorge turns out to be a film producer’s personal trainer, 0 to 1, suddenly AfOR turns out to be wise to the game, 1 to 0, it is still all fucking crazy bitches that don’t like men, or sex, or me…

Like an economy that doesn’t like non-fiat currency, or genuine physical production, or me.

My job isn’t network field engineer, my job is getting customer’s signatures on job sheets signing off on the fact that I did exactly what I was told to do, no more, no less, and documented it up the fucking wazoo.

Grepping that fucking red pill turns me from being unemployable, and trust me boys and girls, anyone with my history and attitudes SHOULD be fucking unemployable in a failing economy, into a prized and favourite employee.

Go figure.


  1. “All you gotta do is not stick your dick in crazy sounds like helpful advice, but it is a direct parallel to advice on how to fly or levitate, all you gotta do is fall without ever touching the ground.”

    This makes more sense to me now. I took my red pill years ago, but as time goes on I’ve been forced to gulp more down by the handful.

    I used to think until just recently that AWALT, but that some women were crazier than others.
    I’ve come to realize that AWALT, and yeah….AWALT, no exceptions.

    Some women have a little more gloss but at the end of the day you’re dealing with the same creature.

    Comment by McGinnis — June 30, 2013 @ 5:03 pm

    • yup, replicant mental patients, each with a slightly different exterior and camouflage personality skin…

      Comment by wimminz — June 30, 2013 @ 5:12 pm

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