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June 24, 2013

now and again, in the city of tiny lights

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You can run into a wimminz who is not *quite* as outlandish as most, with whom you can have some semblance of a normal conversation for a few hours.

And it can be interesting, when you start to compares notes, such as recent things I have written about re the changes in PoF / swingers sites / the dating scene in general, because they see much of the same thing.

What is interesting in a way is that you get into a philosophical chicken and egg thing about how people actually live vs the way they think… so this chick, like me;

  • chooses to rent and not buy, cos you can move quick and won’t be trapped in negative equity when the housing bubble pops
  • lives alone, no kids and shit to support
  • doesn’t have a bathroom and bedroom littered with beauty and make up products and potions and lotions
  • works a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job and pays her own rent / fuel / vehicle / etc bills

as opposed to most wimminz, who;

  • live in a house with a mortgage that they kept after splitting with the ex, or live in a rent subsidised state owned council house.
  • have kids at home
  • have bedrooms and bathrooms that contain 30% of the entire product range hair/beauty products
  • if they work at all it will be less than 16 hours a week to quality for working tax credits, or they have a mcjob feminist job somewhere rather than a private employer.

The top group is far far far rarer, but far closer to the reality of life as lived by most men, and as a result, has attitudes that are far closer to those held by most men, which is interesting because it just goes to show how much creating entitled pwincesses encourages entitlement pwincess attitudes…

and so…3143916909_10187e3540_o

Recently over at the spearhead Bill has donned his apron again because some wimminz politician has started to wibble about including wimminz in the (armed forces) draft.

Quite apart from the amusing travesty of a nation that was founded specifically to have a civil militia, but in which standing armies were illegal, going on touting itself as the land of the free, and remaining one of the few countries on the planet in the 21st century that requires (male) citizens to *register* for service in the military, Bill starts wibbling about how this will weaken the military, and other posters start talking about how a 12 year old boy can overpower a 25 year old wimminz.

See that bit above about actual lifestyle shaping attitudes.

You won’t find no korea/nam vets, either US army or British or French forces, who will be dismissive of 12 year old girls, much less 25 year old wimminz, when it comes to their ability or willingness to fuck you up, and upper body strength never gets time to enter the equation.

It used to be if you could pull 7lbs with your index finger you were as capable of dealing death and mayhem as a steroid pumped no neck grunt who could bench press a couple of ammo cases all day long, nowadays all you have to do is toggle a joystick and click a microswitch.

The blonde whore who fucked up (Jessica Lynch) last time rather infamously only did so because she was the minority entitlement pwincess surrounded by big strong men, Abu Ghraib (Lyyndie England) will tell you all you need to know about how these same wimminz can behave, given half a chance.

When the military goes into places it has no fucking business going, which is basically every conflict and non war the US has been involved in, ever, then again it ain’t big strong grunts making this policy, they is just cannon fodder for the wimminz and niggerz politicians back home making “policy”

Take away the superiority and exclusivity of big strong men on the battlefield doesn’t somehow make war less honourable or more bloody or worse or any other shit, what it does do is completely fuck up the side that thinks big strong men are the biz, or did the nam “whores” who razored up, bombed, or fed bamboo shoots to the yanks not count as “combatants” because they didn’t have a dog tag and khakis?

Bill is also, for some strange reason, assuming that this draft legislation is aimed at getting these wimminz in to the trenches on the front lines along with the rest of the cannon fodder.

Cue all the usual disguised white knight bullshit about how will a wimminz carry the 120 lbs of ammo you need up to your position yadda yadda yadda.

The bitches will do quite well in an all or mainly female platoon deployed on US soil against US citizens in a “peacekeeping” role, with material support right up to the firezone on metalled roads by 6×6 and track laying vehicles.

Whether you shoot them up, or get shot up by them, all anyone will know or hear about is what an evil fucker you were, and it will double down, win win, more wimminz get into that shit.

Bill, like many other yanks, still stupidly assume that the powers that be want to preserve the good ole yew ess of aih, and not break that bitch down for profit and reorganisation, you know, like the good ole yew ess ess of arr.

Bill, like 99.9% of wimminz and all niggerz, ain’t living the way men actually live, see above, so he is as delusional as any entitlement pwincess, both about the role of wimminz in the military, and the future of the USA.

The yanks you yanks SHOULD be listening to are the ones saying shit like “As I sit here in Ecuador/wherever typing this blog post….



  1. Fucking excellent point!

    I´m 10 times more wary of a wimminz with a gun than any man. Especially when they “officially” can do no wrong, as they work for the guvinmint that is always right.
    No matter what a 1000 Snowdens mumble.

    Women would vote for Hitler, as the “Men are better than women” guy so eloquently said.

    Comment by hans — June 24, 2013 @ 3:59 pm

      • Wunderbar!
        Thanks for that little piece of the puzzle. Of course they did, as the best and most honorable men died in the trenches of WW1 or got back as wrecks.
        Bet it also was a PUA winter wonderland too. And the “snake eye” types like you 😉 literally rolled in desperate pussy.

        So pretty much the same as it´s now, or going to be.
        Only this time around the guys just DGAF voluntarily instead of mandatory due to a bullet.

        Comment by hans — June 24, 2013 @ 11:53 pm

  2. American wimminz ain’t the Viet Cong. They won’t shoot but they don’t need to. There are loads of butt boys who will do the job for them and give them credit for the kills. That’s how it works on any type of US police force and it’s damn sure how it works in the US military. This has been the situation since at least 1981 when I first put on a uniform and nothing I’ve seen from then until now has shown me any different. Lyyndie England didn’t pile up naked Iraqi men because she was John fucking Rambo, she did it because there was literally an army of males backing her up.

    But really, does any of that matter? I did actually learn a few things from my years in the infantry like who is my real enemy? Is it those North Koreans or my company commander? I think you get the idea. Funny thing, a guy at work was trying to convince me that the military of the good ol’ US is being used for bad purposes. Because I like this guy I listened politely to his spiel before telling him that the issue is so much bigger than he imagined, it ain’t just the military it’s EVERY GODDAM THING OUR SOCIETY HOLDS VALUABLE.

    Do I think women will shoot at me? Hell no. But so what, plenty men will so who gives a shit?

    Comment by some dude — June 24, 2013 @ 11:50 pm

    • Excellent points!
      But I think you missed the main point about the wimminz.
      Among all their white knights there is at least a chance that some of them would pull “a Snowden”.

      The wimminz? Ha!

      Comment by hans — June 24, 2013 @ 11:58 pm

      • I think that’s exactly right.

        Wimminz have no identity aside from that which they adopt, in a Freudian sense, from their “alpha male”. With average men snivelized, and the government figurehead (Obama or the next fuck’n puppet, it makes no difference) playing that role, the wimminz will simply adjust themselves to do what they are told by their lord and master. Freud wrote about this decades ago.

        I don’t think there’s going to be a violent war in the USA though. More like a long, slow slide into third world status. Sure, there will be the occasional bullshit that some neighbourhood Che Guevara wannabe starts, but it won’t really require anything more than the local thugs (er police) to put down. No occupational forces necessary. Just more beer, tee vee, and the latest useless plastic junk made by Chinese slave labour, to keep most of these brain dead idiots pacified. Goodbye America, Hello Brazil.

        I am thought to be more lucky than most, as I can leave whenever I want and go to work elsewhere. Unfortunately, my two “elsewheres” are the UK (more fucked up than USA, if that is possible) and Canada (feminist central).

        O well. More blood in the gutter, and me without my spoon.

        Comment by 8oxer — June 25, 2013 @ 5:26 am

        • Yup.
          And here´s a great example for my point in the last comment: http://youtu.be/Ueh8UWXJjGk
          Gota love them camphones everywhere.

          Comment by hans — June 25, 2013 @ 1:37 pm

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