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June 21, 2013


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Many moons ago there were a bunch of bikers who went by the handle DILLIGAF & LAGNAF, most people worked out Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck, not so many worked out Let’s All Get Naked And Fuck.

There are hundreds of thousands of citizens on the streets of Brazil protesting, and all anyone can say is it started with a protest about a 10 cent rise in bus fares due to a tax hike, and because the state gave in to that, the protesters were just encouraged by it.

The American war of independence also started with a protest about a rather small tax hike of a few cents, if you want to look at things that way, and if you do look at things that way, you won’t be prepared for much of what did happen, least of all the Constitution.

“The last straw that broke the camel’s back” is an old saying.

It is true, and always has been, that there are some children who are sexually abused, some women & men who are raped, some employees who are unfairly dismissed, and so on, but it is also true that despite vast swathes of new laws and rulings, nothing has changed for these poor unfortunates, instead those who have not genuinely suffered to any degree are rewarded, and those who have not offended to any degree are punished.

Today a teacher who ran away with a pupil, at the child’s DEMAND, because she threatened to kill herself if she did not, and both of whom claim to still be deeply in love, indeed, the child’s testimony was nothing but “*I* made all the running, *not* the teacher” and yet he is today jailed for 5.5 years, while genuine institutionalised sexual abuse of children continues in this country, somehow never quite getting as far as files being passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, no matter how many come forward, no matter how many separate investigations there are, no matter how obvious the truth.

Wimminz I know, and niggerz, have a genuine struggle to believe that I am serious when I tell them that if I see a wimminz being brutally raped, or a child come to that, I will simply walk on past and make like the three monkeys, neither seeing, hearing or saying anything.

Yet, this is exactly what I would do, for this is what I have been taught by society to do as a survival tactic.

Back along, I was in a peter (slang for jail cell) with another inmate, one day we got to discussing Social Security, I was obviously smart and educated, so he asked me if I thought I knew what it was.

I told him, and he said, no, you are wrong.

Social Security is not security for the individual, it is security for society from the individual.

With social security, no-one has an excuse to steal to eat etc. This protects those with food to steal, and allows for punishment of those who do steal, because they did not have to in order to eat.

As I get older I find myself agreeing more and more with his assessment, but he missed the trigger.

The trigger is men like me, who have stood accused of all sorts of vile and disgusting things in secret family court, when the fact is that if only 10% of them were true there would have been no court hearing, no witnesses, no testimony.

DILLIGAF is true for me, and should say 1,000 other DILLIGAF men in this country suddenly find themselves having a reason to GAF, we could take the state down to anarchy in a week.

This is what all the prism and crap is really all about, the state is scared shit-less of those who shit red pills for breakfast, but like all the new rules that do not protect those they were allegedly intended to, like all the last straw tax hikes, like all the other changes being made to the social contract between citizens and the state, they all appear to be totally incapable of doing anything to address the root problem, and only capable of making things worse with ever higher levels of collateral damage.

Every revolution in human history has one thing in common, one constant, and that is when the people stop giving a fuck what the state thinks of them or says about them, or offers them, or threatens them with.

So today this skank ho on a sex site starts talking to me, so I tell her, send me a pic of your cunt babe, cos I can tell from the face she ain’t no Twiggy, so she send me a bunch of pics, some of them are presumably of her cunt, all I can see is a fold in fat stubbly flesh, it could be a belly crease, it could be anything, a couple of other pics are of syringe needles through her nipples, she has large and saggy mis-shapen tits, but they look like some crazed sci-fi doctor grafted them on to her obese torso from a completely different body, she likes it kinky and submissive, and her husband and father of her disabled child can’t give her that, so she has his permission to fuck random guys while he is a work and the disabled kid is in special needs school.

I like sex and fucking as much as the next guy, but this is to sex as Tracy Emin is to Constable or Van Gogh or Miro in the art world, but never mind, she has intuition apparently, and she can tell that I am not the guy for her, probably because of the lack of responses from me saying how sexy she looked.

I fail to understand why bestiality and paedophilia and necrophilia are all illegal, when it is legal for creatures like this to fuck, and breed, and think of themselves as sexy, and of course I fully understand the moral and ethical problems with, for example, the whole concept of fucking pre-pubescent children, but it is sort of irrelevant in the same way that knowing which of the Caribbean islands is the best tax haven for a billionaire is irrelevant, I have as much sexual interest in fucking a pre-pubescent child as I do in fucking a grown man’s hairy asshole.

On one level I can accept and grant that some people on this planet can look at a guy’s hairy asshole, or a small naked child, and find it sexually arousing, but me, I just don’t *get* it, it’s like jazz…

But at least both of those are human, and some of these wimminz, even excepting their nature and mentality and focusing solely on the flesh, are no more human than some of the more freaky melted flesh monsters dreamt up by film FX directors, it is mystery meat, and I again can accept that a tissue sample and DNA test will identify it as human, but then again, those same tests will identify a massive pustulating tumour as human flesh…

For me at least I feel that any process that could be applied to me that would enable me to get a hard on for such *creatures* would be akin to a journey down a long road, and of necessity I would first have to pass through those places where a guy’s hairy asshole got me hard, and then a naked pre-pubescent child got me hard.

And I say this very contentious, but true, thing for one reason and one reason only, there are male creatures out there that do fuck these things, that chase them, that go back for more…

HG Wells reckoned it would take until the 800th millenium for humans to split, or in Darwinian terms, to evolve into two species… and yet it is a truism that those living through great change never see it, too close to the wood to see the trees, and it is only much later that other can look back and state that this was a period of change.

For a long time it was assumed that the process of evolution was a steady and gradual process, like sand running through an hourglass, but, as our understanding and data increased, we found instead that what actually happens is Nature provides relatively long periods of stability, and very short islands of time when things change dramatically in a matter of a few generations, maybe 20 at most.

I contend however that we are indeed in such a period of change now.

I contend that the last 300 years of human technology has triggered this change, by the simple fact that ever greater proportions of human who would in the past not have survived long enough to breed, and now alive and breeding.

Even in this world of essentially free processed food and shelter available on demand 24/7, there is a significant proportion of the population who STILL could not survive alone, they require regular medications, or mobility scooters to tote their lardy mystery meat asses around, or that others may be crippled so that they can “compete”.

We are not living or Orwell’s 1984, or Animal Farm, or Solyent Green, or Gattaca, or any other such dystopian future.

I contend instead that we are living on the Island of Dr Moreau.

DILLIGAF? About mine own species, perhaps…..


  1. He’s on a thread… totems, anarchy, GAF… I hear ya.

    Just promise you’ll post pics of your whiz-bang CNC machines before you liquidate them for pennies on the pound… or trade for a classic Harley.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — June 22, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

  2. Island of Dr. Moreau .. LMFAO!

    Had a similar experience, just today at the grocery line I saw a very young kid with that obvious trisomy face.
    Yep, mom looked like the typical 35+ career chic.
    Excellent choice to have your kids late gals, those eggs in your basket age just as fine as you do.

    Might as well do a Lannister and fuck your brothers, you dumb cunts.
    (Guess now this article has about all the angles cowered.) 😉

    Comment by hans — June 23, 2013 @ 12:33 am

    • Oh BTW, here´s an interesting tidbit of info on that “Brazilian Spring”: http://henrymakow.com/2013/06/Volcano-of-Rage-Erupts-in-Brazil.html
      What I find most interesting is how totally and completely underreported it is!
      Not only in the MSM(duh) but the usual Internet watering holes too.

      Comment by hans — June 23, 2013 @ 12:43 am

      • Hey man, can’t blame the west.
        Nowadays i care more about lifting some weights and dicking around with an old landy than about the news or whatever the fuck even.

        Comment by Digger Nick — June 23, 2013 @ 11:47 pm

        • Heh, I know. I´m similar (only without weights or wimminz).

          What I´m hinting at is that “THEY” usually proud themselves in controlling both sides of “the game”.
          But when the stupid sheeple actually don´t want to play their game and tell both to fuck off, like the Brazilians here did with the communists, suddenly there´s crickets everywhere.

          Just an observation.

          Comment by hans — June 24, 2013 @ 3:44 pm

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