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June 15, 2013

Define “luck”

I have often said I was a lucky bastard, let’s take an example “I’m lucky I have a job I enjoy, that is easy, that pays me a decent wage

At that point everyone who does not have those things can dismiss me, along with the lottery winner, as being “lucky“, and not relevant to their current problems with life.

Luck is the wrong word, so is karma, so are a lot of others, because “luck” in these terms is something you make, in the same way that a farmer “makes” crops year after year after year, and like all these things, it isn’t so much what labours the farmer DOES perform every day, so much as it is the things the farmer DOES NOT DO every day.

In the sense that you don’t have to bust your ass all day every day doing stuff to make crops grow, what you need to avoid is doing shit that makes it real hard for crops to grow… or doing shit that isn’t directly connected with enabling crops to grow.

In the sense that the guy who maintains their vehicle is not lucky to complete a 1,000 mile journey, and the guy who neglects and abuses his vehicle was not unlucky to break down half way.

So my “luck” has always been that I have resisted things that tried to get me to fight against the flow of life, or to get me to swim in any direction, upstream or down, when I can just bob long.

My “luck” has therefore always been that I have always been my own man, and I sort of drift, and I don’t really have any goals or aspirations in life.

When you swim against this flow, you build up negative karma, like bungee climbing, you are building up tension in the cord, and it doesn’t go away, it remains there, dormant, but when you adapt yourself to go with the flow, you maintain neutrality.

Then, because that is how life works, you bump into something good, and because you have been lazing around you are both relaxed enough and not imbued with negative karma enough to simply put a hand out and pull yourself up on to it.

Nobody talks about the literally 50 jobs a day I glanced idly at while bobbing along and waiting for this one to come along, nobody talk about how I was able to survive and bob along gently while doing that, and nobody talks about how I can simply roll off this particular log and back into the stream when the time comes.

I survived my psycho skank ho ex and her false rape / dv accusations because of this “luck”, yes, for a while there I was trapped in the undertow by the waterfall and things were not looking good, but I was “lucky”, I had not deliberately swum into that shit, and I did not use all my energy fruitlessly trying to swim out of that shit.

At this point, a lot of people will say “yeah dude, but you drifted INTO that shit, when you shoulda swum away

To where? Life is all about being IN that fucking river, shit IS going to happen to you, and if you swim away from one hazard, you may well find yourself in another part of the stream, facing other hazards, maybe worse ones, one that will end you…. prematurely…

You can, I have found, attain ONE thing at a time in life, if you focus on it like a laser, and if it is a realistic goal, so if you really really really want a harley, you can get one, but while you are focusing on that, other things pass you by… like the classic 77 L88 vette…. or you could focus on the vette, etc etc

You can, I have found, give a fuck about things, until life makes it too costly to give a fuck about those things, and at this point you better walk away and not look in the rear view mirror with nostalgia.

You can, I have found, get through life with no great plan, and no future mapped out, and no expectations beyond the next 15 seconds or so.

See, I get a lot of younger readers messaging me and saying shit like they value my experience and insights and they wish they had access to it and so on… and yeah I must get around to doing some more AfORisms, but it’s like they are looking for a mind / experience / skills dump from an old africa hand about how to walk from Dar es Salaam to Luanda, and they are expecting and encyclopaedic multi terabyte dump that will make them some sort of super-survivalist, when the reality is just a bunch of little phases that could fit on one side of a sheet of A4, walk slowly, don’t linger near water, use your ears, etc etc, and of course, “why???” as in why do you want to do that.

“What!!” they cry, “That’s fucking it???!!”

Ayup, because 99.99% of it is don’t step on snakes, don’t be lunch, don’t break a leg, and only once you fulfil all those things are you actually able to walk, and you can’t just do this shit day after day, you have to live it as your lifestyle, and when you walk out of the bush at the other end of your journey some cunt will walk up and call you “lucky”, and you will smile sweetly and agree with them, you were lucky, and always have been, but then you always made your own luck, and didn’t tempt fate too much.

Life itself, don’t get worked up my the MSM, or politicians, or the military industrial complex, they are all just people playing a game, it is all a game to them, and they are foolish enough to think they themselves are influencing the game and making the rules, and you can’t influence it, but you can make your own luck by not being one of the pawns, no matter what illusory shiny is set out to tempt you.

I got THIS job by writing a CV that broke all the rules, one page of A4 with my picture and vital stats, a few lines about what I could do, and a closing paragraph that said the truth, which boiled down to you can rely on me and I will make your company look good.

That got me a face to face MEETING, not interview, with one man, Nota Bene, MAN, and more than this, a man who could do and had done the job I was after, and the face to face backed up the CV, and on paper I wasn’t qualified or able to do the job in question, but it was the walking across Africa thing, don’t be unreliable, don’t make the company look bad, if you can’t fix x, for fuck’s sake don’t start playing and make it worse (know your limitations) and right then and there I got the job.

I still have my self employed gig that kept me alive while casting an eye over those 50 vacancies a day, and not wasting my time even applying for them, and living the simple life.

I have a “money for old rope” job that I enjoy, I drive to and from sites and I “worked” maybe a total of 8 hours last week, but I got paid for 40 hours.

And cunts tell me I am “lucky” to have a job like that… and I smile sweetly, and agree with them. But I make my own luck.

Decision Tree… making your own luck is choosing the paths that have the most future options, and the most loopback pathways to where you started from.

Making your own luck is maintaining the ability to have those choices, NOTHING external to you in this life has any interest whatsoever in maintaining YOUR ability to have those choices, so if you don’t want that task, it don’t get done.

Picking up a gun and robbing a bank shrinks that decision tree down to nothing, rationalising and lying that you never had a choice don’t make it so, NOW you don’t, mofo, but you DID, before you picked up that gun.

Legal Marriage ditto.

Following the programming about how you are “supposed” to act and feel when cupcake and the state abduct your kids and call it “legal” ditto.

My “great experience” that all the younger guys wish they had, in reality, that’s it, all of it, up there in this one post.

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  1. Hold it… are you saying your current tie-wearing mobile-Cisco-tech gig, w/ company car and company petrol card, is off-the-books, cash-under-the table? *THAT* would be some seriously well-arranged “luck”. Major hat tip if true.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — June 17, 2013 @ 5:14 pm

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