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June 13, 2013

Dirty Love

Well, I was reminded again today of one of the truisms of wimminz.

You can sell anything you want to a wimminz, just promise instant gratification in return for the money.

When it comes to something valuable, eg me, it is a different story, because a wimminz has to work for that by suppressing all her psycho skank ho hamster wheel hysteria, and as well all know, that’s about as likely as her getting fried snow.

So, a specific wimminz in question, who could have had me as a good buddy, but who couldn’t resist being a cunt, no longer has me in her life, and her solution, more beta cock of course.

The bit MOST guys don’t get is this, if she HAD me in her life, then she already HAS that, right, so no need to put any effort in to THAT SHIT, keep your eye on the shit you ain’t got and go chasing after that.

The MRM tends to call this “hypergamy”, it ain’t, sure you have all seen two small kids on the ground playing, one wants whatever toy the other has, and grabs it, other kids picks up another toy, first kid instantly loses all interest in the toy they just grabbed, and now want the next one.

It is, in short, fucking infantile.

But anyway, was chatting about this particular skank today to an old sometime acquaintance who was all sex and drugs and rock and roll back in the day, usually off his face on stage and off, and he was saying that of course back then he KNEW he was a fucking sex god, and one day years later he met one of the regular groupies, who informed him quite gently that he wasn’t all that in bed, and it dawned on him she was telling the truth, he thought he was, but that was the drugs, fucking on acid is quite the experience for the one tripping.. as I know well enough.

Which brought us to wimminz and their reality distortion field, where facts are ignore and feeewings become the truth, morning after regrets even though you were gagging for it the night before, that’s rape then innit.

Which troubles him somewhat, because of the current fad of historical sex crime allegations against faded celebs, if it’s the 70’s and you’re whacked on acid in bed, and some young chick walks in naked apart from the joint she is holding, you don’t ask yourself what’s next to the moon, or even if she is underage, and you certainly don’t want to be thinking about her, or any of the others, 40 fucking years later, shades of Mandy Smith and a certain rocker.

See, back then we had to DELIBERATELY imbibe mind altering chemicals in order to fuck up our perception of reality, and when the drugs wore off, reality kicked back in… whereas wimminz, it’s like they have a permanent IV drip of acid and ludes, and when you start to look at things in that light, much if not all female behaviour starts to make sense.

This morning my job took me to a supermarket, so there I am at the customer service desk with a trolley full of high tech kit, paging the site/store manager, and this old cunt who was before me getting a refund on a half empty 1 litre bottle of milk that had gone off…. I shit you not… just stands there looking at my trolley, which I have my hand on, as it contains about 25k worth of kit, and says “excuse me” in a tone of voice and with a look on her face that made what could have been a polite and civil request anything but polite or civil.

See, her problem was, my trolley was on her chosen direct line out of the store, of course she COULD have simply walked around the single palette of “on offer” shit, but no, that ain’t good enough for the crusty cunt, she wanted me to move the trolley so she could walk in a direct line, so I answered her, “yeah?” and she says “I want to get past“, to which I replied (and I am concious I am at work… albeit not in a uniform, just a shirt and tie) “I’m not stopping you” to which she says “I want to go THAT way“, to which I replied, point at the palette of crap “and you can’t walk around that?” to which she says “no

So I smiled at the crusty old cunt and said “That’s too bad, I guess you’ll have to stand there till I’m done then.” but I looked at her with that mugger’s whatyagotinyapursegranny look.

And teh two wimminz, both in their sixties, behind the customer service counter both smiled at me, not because I didn’t back down to the old cunt, but because they were in uniform and had to eat her shit and refund the price of a full litre of milk for a half empty bottle that prolly hadn’t been refrigerated but had nowt else wrong with it, but an entitled old cunt like that is gonna be trouble if she ain’t made haaaaapy, an impossible task anyway.

She wasn’t on drugs or anything, just an old cunt that thought she was entitled to special treatment anywhere she went, in exchange for merely existing.

The thing I fucked and dumped because of her attitude (e.g. a lack of respect for me) that has moved back on to the beta cock carousel, that was just a younger version of the old cunt in the supermarket, and frankly even with the literally anything I want sexually attitude, and daily gym visits to keep the body toned, it was getting past it’s sell by date.

This is I think why old wimminz like cats, no dog, except a rat lapdog, would put up with an owner with a shit attitude like that, not in silence anyway..lol


listen to the lyrics, always was a fave song..



  1. From reddit, found on a bar floor: http://imgur.com/a/vdp6e
    Most likely from a younger slut.

    It´s like sticking your dick in a fucking sewer.
    And about every single one of those dicks butters her up like she´s the best thing since sliced bread, except of course the 9.
    That´s why he is a nine.

    No wonder these deluded cunts are in a reality of their own.
    And why it´s so hilarious when they hit the wall and all those “dicks” finally start acting real.

    Comment by hans — June 15, 2013 @ 10:01 am

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