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June 2, 2013

In the crib

So, a quiet weekend at home in “ma crib” just chilling, and going through the files ported across to the NAS box last week, no wimminz, no poontang, just me… smiley face.. blakes_7_gareth_thomas_2

And so it came to pass, sw something on the net about a remake of Blake’s 7, a seventies TV sci-fi thing by Terry Nation, so, thinks, aha, I am sure I have a copy of that on the NAS, ain’t see it for years… certainly not since my FRA etc.

Funny what you forget…

So the series starts with Rog Blake having his mind screwed with by the State, and when he doesn’t knuckle down like a good little drone, and witneses yet another State abuse f power, guess what the State does?

Yup, fits him up on child abuse charges, and so the now paedo Blake gets sentenced to transportation to a penal planet, and the series kicks off.

Authentic, and gritty.

I haven’t even visited the website of the rebooted version, but you just know that’ll be cut, and a bunch of strong empowered wimminz will be written in… not that the original series was short of them either, but they were portrayed as ice bitches, quite correctly.

Take 8 minutes out of your life to watch this bit of S1 E1

You can forgive the low TV series budget, the wobbly sets, the dodgy models and all the rest, because the plot is there and the acting is there, and remember folks, this was written for older CHILDREN, not adults or kidults per se… it aired just after 7pm.

In 1978 when this went out I was out of school and in work, but I watched it avidly.

There is really nothing else to say, I’ll let the clip above speak for itself.



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    Potemkin society?

    Comment by Digger Nick — June 2, 2013 @ 1:37 pm

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