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May 23, 2013

I see cunts everywhere

In some ways I must be careful what I say for obvious reasons, but in my day job I go to all manner of workplaces, from the local tyre fitters to government offices, and it was at one such quasi governmental office last week that I saw something.

A moderately fuckable late 30’s early 40’s slut, no bra and a gratuitous view of her cleavage as she bent over to grab the server room key from the bottom drawer and hand it to me.

She was dressed as all wimminz are at “work” nowadays, appropriately for being on holiday, or relaxing at home chilling with a bottle of wine, but it was when I returned the key after my work there was done that I noticed the bitch was barefoot.

It reminded me of a gig I had about a year ago where I was contracting for big blue at another office, this time a personal finance / insurance joint, again mainly staffed by wimminz, dressed like they were on holiday.

This dump had a “dress down friday”, so of course all the wimminz came in dressed like sluts, and all the niggerz came in feeling very rad in their stonewashed 501’s.

*my* job was humping desktops out of storage, deploying the OS and software bundle and adding them to AD etc etc, then putting them back into storage ready for install, some 2,000 desktops, boring repetitive work at minimal money but hey…

So one of these bitches dressed like she is on holiday pulls me about wearing jeans on a tuesday, I just looked at her and said “I’m a contractor, not an employee, and you know what you can do with your dress code

Predictably, she didn’t like this answer, and made threatening noises, I told her straight, “There are 2000 desktops to build, the job is already 6 weeks behind schedule, and you think big blue are gonna delay it even further and can my ass for wearing jeans while carrying boxes?

She stomped off, never did know if she took it further, but I never got canned…

So I was thinking about the barefoot bitch, driving home through my home town at around rush hour, and I notice something.

Most of the faces behind the wheels of the cars coming the other way are wimminz, and without any doubt whatsoever, all of them were commuting from “jobs” as valid as the barefoot bitch and the dress code nazi, in the economic sense I am sure they are a huge proportion of what passes for the economy, but it in the productivity sense you could line the lot of them up against the wall and shoot them, and then dynamite the offices they “work” in, and nothing of value would be lost to the TRUE economy.

I wish I felt at liberty to post pictures of the things I see at work, being an old hand, I take pictures of everything, as I found it, what I did, as I left it, because we all know the last bloke out the door was the one who broke it, and nothing covers your ass quite as well as extensive photographs and other stuff such as putty logs.

The reason I wish is because years ago you could gain some sort of notoriety for posting a pic of a particularly nasty and messy server room or cabinet.

Now, it is the norm, and the standards are dropping, FAST… so far in 2013 I have seen ONE properly done, neat, tidy, workmanlike rack, and bear in mine some days I can be at two or three sites.20130523_095410

Server rooms used as dumps for boxes of papers, tables, chairs, cabling like snakes on acid fucking, things just thrown on job of one another or leaning against other stuff, no power conditioning, no HVAC, sprinkler valves sitting DIRECTLY above racks, HVAC systems leaking water that is running across the floor…..

I can’t post the pics because sooner or later someone would identify the locations, and soon after that, me, and I’m out a cushy little no responsibility job.

There is something DESPERATELY fucking wrong when the average guy’s home setup is far more workmanlike and neat than a so called commercial installation, and no, the added complexity of a commercial installation makes no odds whatsoever.

Of course if you want to see a fuckup of things that barely work plugged in at random and so on then go to any wimminz house and look at the tangle behind the flat screen telly / sky box / pvr / etc

Pic above is a recently acquired second hand HP Media Smart EX470 NAS, I paid not much more than beer money for this, it’s actually a nice little bit of kit (which is why HP stopped making them, HP, run by a wimminz…) and runs WHS which again I have to admit actually works very well indeed, so I bung three WD 2 TB disks at it at 75 quid each (these old ones won’t run larger than that) and hey presto, it is a good little NAS box.

So, the past day or two I have been running freefilesync sync jobs between my older and more obsolete NAS boxes to this thing, so this thing becomes the main online NAS and the others are now snapshot backups that can go offline.

I am now where I wanted to be, which is a single small portable box that contains all my digital shit, for around 250 notes I have 6 Tb (expandable to 8) of fairly responsive NAS storage.

It’s not seven sigma / five nines or any of the other crap out there, but in sheer functionality terms, and indeed in terms of how quick and cheap can I get back up if it all falls down, it blows away anything I see at work.

My home network uses two cheap gigabit switches, neither is fully populated with RJ45 cables, and neither is cable of running the entire network of available RJ45 end points, but if one dies I can just move a couple of patch leads and everything essential carries on running, until I go out to the local hardware store and buy another cheapo gigabit switch.

Make no mistake, I have surplus Cisco kit here, ranging from obsolete 877’s (obsolete but still being deployed…lol) through brand new 887’s through 1920’s to high end stuff, but none of it is real cisco, it’s all made in china or eastern europe, and so 50 quid TPlink / DP stuff does me fine, and if / when it dies I pop out and buy another one.

See, my guiding principle, and I employ this at work as well as in my home, is before starting any task I look at what could go wrong, and take steps to ensure that in the worst case scenario I can roll back to where I started, not think I can, but actually be able to do it.

Put me on a job with cisco kit and the very first thing I do is take a copy of the running config and the contents of the flash (the IOS and patches in other words) and sure it takes a few minutes, but what the fuck, I’m not paying for the time.

Contrast this to some of the younger engineers, who buy into all the gung ho GO GO GO GO GO corporate wimmiz and niggerz bullshit, and they dive right in and do a write erase and then try to apply the new config, which just happens to be broken, or apply the new IOS patch, which just happens to be corrupted (yes, it happens) and suddenly they find themselves with a site that is hard down and no way to get it back up without looking like an asshole and involving others finding and sending them the required files, assuming they actually have them, often they don’t.

Which all brings me neatly back to the barefoot bitch and cars full of wimminz driving home from the McJob at rush hour.

There was an old axiom that was drummed into me in my engineering days.

The differences between theory and practice
are far greater in practice than in theory.

But it doesn’t just apply to engineering, it applies to everything, except we now live in a world where thanks to the wimminz and niggerz, everything is theoretical to them, when it comes to practice and something fucks up, well, you make a support call and I turn up, and you STILL DON’T FUCKING GET IT, because you haven’t been made to clean up your own mess.

I can remember being about 6 and playing with a penknife, my dad warned me, “all knives are sharp“, which is theory, practice was me being a smartass and saying “this one isn’t” and proceeding to prove this by running the blade across my hand, only to find out that it may not have been sharp, but it was sharp enough to break this skin and draw blood…

Dad just looked at me and shook his head.

I’m sure my lip trembled a little and my mouth scrunched up, but you DO NOT CRY OR SHOW IT HURTS when you fuck up like that in front of your dad…. because you didn’t want him to see you as a baby, or worse still, as a girl, bad enough you just made yourself look stupid.

Bitches be protected from ever coming into contact with practice, they live in a world of theory, a world of make believe, a world of no consequences, or if there are any, it ain’t your fault baby.

I work for a company that is starting to disappear up it’s own ass with paperwork and tracking of this and tracking of that and forms to fill in, so I fill em all in, and bitches in the office send me an email asking me shit that was written on all those forms and photos I submit at the end of every job, not every day, every job, because it is fucking easier than looking at what I have sent in.

Then when my (eventual, I feel no sense of urgency) response points out that all they had to do was look at what I sent in already, they coo in wonder about how I am all organised and shit.



  1. >The differences between theory and practice
    are far greater in practice than in theory.

    >Never work for someone who knows less than you

    Wisdoms of the ancients, denied to my generation. Have you ever thought of putting these phrases into a short book, writing a brief essay about each, and tossing it up for sale? You’re chock full of the sort of stuff that most of us never got as young men.

    Comment by Aurini — May 23, 2013 @ 6:18 pm

    • nag me to remember to do it, and as / when / if it gets somewhere near complete it will be a free pdf, not charging people for something like that, nor did I for the FRA primer hosted here



      Comment by wimminz — May 23, 2013 @ 6:42 pm

    • Never work for someone who knows less than you.

      This. This is so painfully true.

      Seconded; please condense your wisdom into pdf.

      Comment by marlon — May 24, 2013 @ 1:15 am

      • You see honey, for engineers this means basically everyone. Because everyone in management is a fucknut who can’t do math.
        Might as well say “never accept a job” lol.

        The idea here is to just scam them as hard as they scam you.

        Comment by Digger Nick — May 24, 2013 @ 6:26 am

        • This, kinda.

          I’ve met plenty of ‘engineers’ who had their heads up their asses too. They were usually fresh out of school or had advanced degrees lol. Would sit around and redesign the fucking wheel if you let them.

          If we’re going to talk about the absolute worst I’d have to vote for female project manager. You combine a female (bad enough) with a project manager (generally useless), and you get something capable of truly wasting everyone’s time. God help you if she’s into six sigma.

          Comment by McGinnis — May 24, 2013 @ 4:37 pm

        • Here in the US, the so-called defense industry is teeming with those “independent” program manager cunts, most of whom would be unemployable outside the cocoon of government-protected industries. The American tax payer is paying for the “independence” of such “career” wimminz.

          The engineering professions are not immune from cunts. Watching the beta niggerz around such an “engineer” cunt is a sight to be seen. Other engineers try to help her out and technicians drop whatever they are doing to give her projects top priority. Fugly cunts—and, make no mistake about it, such “engineer” cunts are usually dogs!—have it too good when they follow (mostly thanks to university and workplace quotas) male careers, thanks to the beta niggerz. I think the situation is not too different in other occupations which, for a good reason, are traditionally male.

          Here is an affirmation of Afor’s observations: http://msmagazine.com/blog/2013/02/28/how-the-sequester-will-hurt-women-and-children/ (pay special attention to the fifth paragraph; I don’t think the situation in the UK Afor is describing is not very different than the one int he US). Basically, society has bent over backwards to provide “independence” to these cunts (the state acts as a surrogate husband, really), who have dominated the public sector. Now that the money is tight and the public sector has to inevitably cut back, the cunts are complaining that they bear the brunt of layoffs!!!! (Of course! If a sector employs 80% wimminz, wouldn’t it be reasonable most of the ones laid off to be wimminz, too?) Well, I do remember a few years back, when this recession hit mens’ jobs (productive jobs, that is) very hard, quite a few cunts actually rejoiced because it was men who lost their jobs and earning power. As if a society can survive without productive work.

          Comment by Tim — May 24, 2013 @ 8:56 pm

      • firefox has a plugin “save to pdf” that saves a web page to pdf.

        Comment by fatkinis are the harbinger of civilzational collapse — May 24, 2013 @ 10:25 pm

  2. Seconded on the book idea. Let us know how we can hit you with a few dollars beer money in trade, when your pdf comes up.

    Comment by 8oxer — May 24, 2013 @ 7:29 am

    • The mathematics of pussy best be in there.

      Afor could potentially write a piece discussing the parallels of hacking, bikes, politics alongside a whole shpiel of AWALT. Dudes comprehension is superior to schopenhauers

      Comment by Dave — May 24, 2013 @ 5:37 pm

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