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May 17, 2013

Game, for a laugh

DMJ has a piece up that includes the following quote;

“Letting your balls drop and overcoming approach anxiety; developing inner game and growing into the sort of man who deserves a top-notch woman.  Becoming well-read, becoming successful, and learning how to touch her inner core so that she swoons.”

(highlight mine)

OK, it’s a quote, taken out of context, and all that jazz… but…

That bit I highlighted, fucking LEAPS out at me man, in ways that the makers of Jaws in 3D can only dream about.

The skank I mention a couple of pieces back, that tried to pull a freakout shit test on me so I kicked her to the kerb, of course she is back, with an attitude readjustment, begging for permission to lick my nutsack.

I was explaining this to a guy, must be a year or two ago now, we got onto the subject of rimming, which is one person sticking their tongue up another person’s asshole and licking like a bear at a honeypot.

So I said “yeah, I get chicks to do that to me“, and he was like all horrified and disgusted and confused, and he looks at me and says “WHY, you don’t actually ENJOY it do you??!!

I looked him in the eye and said yeah, I do, but THAT ain’t the fucking point, the fucking point is getting the bitch to do it willingly, and the point of that was they are a thousand times more willing AFTER they have tried to pull a shit test on you, and been epically kerbed and shitcanned.

This is the nature of teh wimminz, like a very bad employee who pulls a shit test and starts demanding a huge wage rise, flexi-time, oh, and a company car.

Just write the cunt a note saying YOU’RE FIRED.

They’ll beg to come back for a lower wage than they were getting, and will offer to clean the toilets for free.

Woe betide you if you do NOT make them clean those toilets every day, and make a point of pissing on the floor before they do, if you fail to do so, THAT is when you lose their respect.

They are still a fucking crap employee, but at least they have been put in their place, no messing…

…and it is in this context that you have to examine and approach this rather bizarre idea of a “top-notch woman as quoted above…

The skank I kicked to the kerb is still a skank, she just knows her place better now, and her place is with her tongue up my ass, not making words to shit test me with… puppy craps on floor, puppy gets nose rubbed in it.

Subtracting a small portion of the crap from something crap doesn’t make it good, pulling the exhaust catalyst and shite from a 2013 ZL1 Camaro doesn’t suddenly turn it into a good car, it is still a crap car.

It’s like “high class whore“, it’s a fucking oxymoron, and should have no place whatsoever in the lexicon of men.

If I suck Obama‘s cock for a million dollars, are you going to talk about me as a high class whore, or “that guy that blew Obama”… but like a couple of USMC guys, who will forever be “that guy that held Obama’s umbrella“… fucking shameful and we all know it, and we all know how easy it would be to start a bar fight by saying that to either of our faces, so you know we know it too.. lol

AWALT does not just mean all wimminz are lying deceitful fruit cakes, AWALT also means everything else, including “ain’t none of them worth a stream of piss”, ain’t none of them “high class”, ain’t none of them “top-notch”.

I got a fucking brass zippo and a buck 110, had em both longer than any wimminz ever lasted, way, way, way fucking longer.

A “top-notch” wimminz is one you’ll let your dog fuck, most wimminz are beneath that, not good enough to let your dog fuck, and yes I might be exaggeratin’ for effect, but I’m not kidding either, if y’see what ah mean heah…

Now, if you ask me which I rate higher, zippo and buck, or a good dog, now heah we have the basis to have a good ole’ discussion round this heah camp fire, if you ask me which I rate higher, wimminz or any of the above, then we goin’ see how well you burn on this heah fire boy, yessiree..

The issue here is simple, only by accepting that AWALT, which means a “top-notch woman” is as common as a 16 year old virgin with big tits riding a unicorn naked down Wall St at rush hour, can you ever learn that NO wimminz is worth anything, or anything more than any other wimminz, no exceptions, I have talked about this before

Then, and only then, can you put the appropriate level of effort into your dealings with wimminz, eg fucking NONE, take it or leave it bitch, like I give a fuck one way or another, move along, next please…


  1. You’re right; the “Top-Notch Woman” pretty much is a Unicorn nowadays – or at the very least, a highly-endangered-and-possibly-extinct species.

    Your post on pig meat and Mulsims nailed it – knowing the true nature of a thing. If kept in a chilled environment, salted, with maple syrup, you have one of the most delicious foods on the planet. If you leave it out in the open for a few hours, without salting or preservation, you wind up with one of the most dangerous disease vectors which exists outside of an open sewer.

    Men and women have asymmetrical interests which – in theory (and previously in practice) – can be aligned in such a way to produce maximum utility for both parties. In this present hot-house environment, however, women are like the pig meat left out in the sun. It is all but impossible for them to turn into bacon. They’re getting worse and more vile by the year, it’s palpable how much they’re degrading. My current standards for “top notch” have fallen to the point of:

    1) Begs to lick my asshole
    2) Loves to cook for me
    3) Pays for 2/3rds of the dates
    4) Is tolerable for ~6 months, before the hamster activates and she needs to go hypergamy somewhere else.

    Quite obviously, you take precautions with such a woman; don’t let her too close, and eat your regular dose of antibiotics.

    There remains a very slim possibility that there’s bacon out there somewhere, but chances are what you think is bacon is rotting pig meat, dressed up in a glaze.

    Comment by Aurini — May 18, 2013 @ 9:42 pm

  2. Lately I can´t even bring myself to fap over some perfect pair of T&A.
    Hormones, a hell of a drug.

    Dunno how you “old farts” still bring up the patience to suffer them bimbos in actual person.

    Comment by hans — May 22, 2013 @ 10:12 am

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