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May 12, 2013

Sooner or later…

… wimminz always revert to form.

There is an English comedian called Jack Dee, he specializes in a dry delivery, and 99.9% of his material I can take or leave, but away back when bungee jumping was the new rage and everyone was doing it, Dee made a very funny (to me) comment, it boiled down to “fuck bungee jumping, I wanna see bungee climbing, where they climb as far as they can up a cliff before the elastic yanks them back down.

It made oi larf… indeed.

And I was reminded of it last night, when the latest wimminz, who had been putting on an act of reasonableness and sanity and sexual submission in a bid to ensnare me, reached that point where the tension on the bungee cord exceeded her ability to maintain her grip on the cliff face of the façade she was presenting, and snap, runaway hamster wheel accelerating away at ever increasing RPM towards bursting speed.

The process as usual is characterized by the wimminz reverting to type, and me feeling like a rather stupid and crazy four year old child was trying to manipulate me into doing buying them the ice cream, or whatever it was they wanted.

Of course me asking pointed questions like “What part of this insane behaviour do you think any man anywhere on the planet will look at, and decide he needs more of it in his life?

Of course the “out of control” tantrums are anything but out of control, they may involve risky and stupid and asshole behaviour, but there has been an innate risk assessment performed, so inevitably it looks like what it is, very bad acting indeed.

Of course at this point lots of readers are going all oh noes, wot iz he doing, these wimminz be crazy, why doesn’t he stay away, no cunt is worth it.

Yeah, except these crazy bitches don’t vanish off the face of the planet if you refuse to have anything to do with them, so unless you are going to be  hermit, you are going to have to learn how to deal with them.

There is  world of difference between drawing a line and saying at THIS point I am no longer a participant bitch, just a fucking observer, and being INVOLVED, and it is the being INVOLVED that the above lunatic behaviour is, by some fruity wimminz logic, supposed to trick you into…

Think of a vehicle with a diesel engine starting to eat it’s own lube oil and run away…

Those who are INVOLVED in that vehicle stand waaaay too fucking close, and put themselves in harms way attempting to interfere and change the outcome, while those who are merely OBSERVERS distance themselves and digitally record.

So the bitch’s hamster wheel revs up to eeeek speed, and she plays the “you don’t want me to stay / appreciate me / look after me / love me” card, instead of saying “No baby please stay and I’ll make it up to you” I just give the shrug and say she is an adult, if she wants to go, go…

Bluff called she goes, only to engineer a reason to come back 10 minutes later, but of course, being a wimminz, this isn’t coming back calmed down and lesson learned, oh no, it is coming back doubled down on the crazy shit.

So I stand in the doorway and shrug again and ask her why she thinks any man in his right mind would let some crazy acting bitch into his home, this is of course met with disbelief, I am sooooo NOT responding the way all “good men” have been trained to respond to a pwincess in a tantrum, so she stomps off again, in even greater disbelief that I will not wescue da pwincess from a situation entirely of her own making.

“You are an adult, you are capable of making your own decisions, and suffering the consequences, if you choose to act like an insane bitch, it is your decision”

So she stomps off, proceeds to ring me every ten minutes for the next hour and a half, no worries it all goes to answerphone and when a sufficient quantity of calls have been received the number gets added to the reject list.

I chill some, get in to bed and sleep the night through, untroubled by dreams or drama or conscience.

The moral of this story, she was on a bloody good deal with me, but instead of seeing all the good bits, all she could see were the missing bits, so she focused on them, and kept doubling down in an attempt to manipulate me into doing them, result, she is back to no man, minus all the bloody good deal stuff she was getting,  and I didn’t lose a moment’s sleep over her transition from current squeeze to history.

Impatience, an inability to sustain the course or play the long term game.

This is what wimminz ARE

This is why you don’t let them in to your lives, you don’t introduce them to your circle of friends, you don’t tell them who your employer is, you don’t tell them your personal history, you don’t introduce them to your own family… these things by definition make you INVOLVED, not an OBSERVER.

This is why you pay no heed whatsoever to all the stuff people look at, she is old enough to have learned these lessons, all that jazz, wimminz are NEVER old enough to learn any lessons.

AWALT motherfucker, everything else is just a fucking act.

If people wanna go bungee climbing, fine, they are adults, their decision, just DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

You can fuck people without getting involved.


You can’t fuck someone and then do the insane pwincess, wescue poor widdle owd me, stunt with someone you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t make false accusations of rape and domestic violence against people you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t bail out of marriages and take people to the cleaners that you are INVOLVED with.

Sooner or later, ALL wimminz will pull this shit on you, and there is a 99.999% chance that it will happen right after you (accidentally) do something reasonable and treat them like a rational human being with feelings, and not a feral wild animal, and they will pull the epic shit test on your ass, as this psycho skank ho did to me last night.

I’m sorry (no, I’m not), you appear to have confused me with someone who gives a fuck whether I ever see you again or not…

She got it, you know, she really did get it, in the end there when the shit test failed epically and the tension in the bungee cord had just snatched her away from the cliff face, in that Wile E Coyote moment..

She said I was a stone cold bastard with zero feelings for anyone and an empty space where my heart should be.

Yeah, whatever, bitch…. I’d consider that high praise indeed, if it had come from someone I could respect.

Sooner or later… it’s not a lesson you can unlearn, thank fuck.


  1. Hah, video is exactly why i dont run a turbo on it. It’s a lot more difficult to get a runaway then.

    Comment by Digger Nick — May 12, 2013 @ 8:17 pm

    • To elaborate for those unaware: turbos are usually ran off of the same oil line as the intercooler, turbo breaks oil ends up in the air line and you get a runaway.

      Comment by Digger Nick — May 12, 2013 @ 8:20 pm

  2. Damn. A proponent of stoicism and detachment lives among us. Kudos.

    No wonder dictators and dark triads get their way with wimminz. They can frickin relate to amorality and tantrums. heh.

    Meanwhile back home in the US the wimminz are using any derivative of coward on men who beat them (and appropriately so; lol what part of surrendering to fear is there in beating a wimminz.. beats me, guess they cant understand language eh?_
    any combination of loser to attack him for his lack of ambition (even tho he may be perfectly content with his paycheck)
    any social shaming geared to emasculate the man (i.e. target his d!ck size or private habits) in public) to get their way in private
    any variation of immature (when in regards to him postponing commitment HAHHAHAH)
    any variation of omg he’s weak he doesn’t want a strong women (to try to make up for their lack of fuckability)

    While they sit back and cherish the societal rules of “Its impolite to ask a lady her age and weight”.

    Ladies and gentleman,
    step aside, sit down, relax, and enjoy the sweet solipsism of comedy thou hast been blessed with.

    THREE CHEERS TO KING AFOR. This blog is a far more altruistic effort than anything the wimminz have done. And lol at wimminz’ caring. I dare the bitch to give 20$ when no ones looking. Wimminz be about manufacturing dat image.

    Comment by Benjamin Honestlin — May 12, 2013 @ 11:32 pm

    • I must share this

      1/ the phone calls when I picked up, histrionic drama queen the end of the world is nigh, much beating of chests, pulling of hair and wailing

      interspersed with

      2/ the calls I did not pick up that went straight to answerphone, calm, dead fish, roger your fire mission whisky papa tone of voice

      it is ALL, as William said, a stage, where the wimminz be concerned.

      Comment by Wimminz — May 12, 2013 @ 11:43 pm

  3. I have a (rhetorical) question.
    While you were denying her entrance, what would have happened if the wimminz decided to take a running leap at the wall next you. Then call the ambulance & poLice to point the finger at you, all the time bawling her swollen eyes out.

    You´re playing the lottery, sooner or later the luck will run out.
    No matter how much you deem yourself prepared.

    Ghost it is.
    No woman, no cry.

    Comment by hans — May 14, 2013 @ 6:19 am

  4. ” all she could see were the missing bits”

    Sounds like the typical woman… I have kicked more women the curb for being psycho crazy than almost any other reason. Of course, I don’t put up with a lot of crap. She’s with me as a convenience to me, if she isn’t convenient and doesn’t enhance my life, she’s history. Of course I have never hidden the fact that I view all women as a convenience, most of them see that as a challenge – that’s fine, as long as it benefits me I really couldn’t care less. But eventually they seem to think they are beyond being a convenience – they find out reality pretty quickly… 🙂

    Fortunately, there are always more of them…One of the reason I love feminism – an unending supply of young women with Daddy issues. Come to Daddy baby, he approves of you riding him to exhaustion… 🙂

    Comment by Just Saying — May 14, 2013 @ 6:54 pm

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