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April 23, 2013

I always thought…

…that as you get older, young teen girls are supposed to look younger and younger to you, but that isn’t what is happening, and it kind of gelled in a Slog piece a few days back, where the author talks about wandering around Athens looking at the economic issues when a 10 year old girl walks up and says she will cost very little for his pleasure.

Hell, the Acropolis is well over 2,000 years old, it has seen all this shit before, indeed the Peloponnesian war was all about Athens becoming “too powerful and influential” in the region.

You might get individual humans who despite the kind of power discrepancy that existed between the author in the slog article and the 10 year old whore, will refrain from using that power, but corporations, states and armies will not ever refrain from using any power discrepancy they encounter.images

But Greece yet again provides an excellent lesson, there are 10 year olds whoring themselves in the streets and kids going to school with severe hunger pangs and pharmacies with empty shelves, but the State is talking about plans to jail anyone who owes the State more than 5k Euro in unpaid taxes…. good luck to those of you thinking an economic famine will cause the state to cut pointless crap like wimminz legal powers over men and fathers…. really good fucking luck… you’ll need it.

I have always heard a lot of people say “xxx are a bunch of cunts” where xxx is a country, to which I have responded “I have a lot of time for the xxx people” but of course unlike the speaker I have been there and met them

Many moons ago, due to a backstory that isn’t relevant, I found myself on the bones of my ass in the deep south peloponnese, if I could get my as to Athens, in 5 days time there would be a ticket waiting for me at the airport, but that was a 300 km walk away, and I hadn’t eaten anything for a day or two, and I literally had no money, and I had an injured leg, I could limp, and it hurt like a bitch.

I didn’t beg, I didn’t ask, I didn’t woe is me, but the fact is the simple human kindness and generosity of a couple of greeks that I barely knew from Adam go me to Athens with two days to spare and nothing to do but wander around. It gives you a different perspective from the author of the slog, the rich foreigner staying in the hotel with his credit cards and travellers cheques, and it was of course at the other end of the “euro” saga, when the coffers were opened and there was european money for everything, from owning land to popping out kids to building a vast subway system under Athens.

Athens had a good bus system, as far as I knew at the time 50% of riders (including me) never paid a fare, the only things you couldn’t really get away with not paying on were the hydrofoils, and even in those high times every family had members who had fucked off abroad for economic reasons, places like Canada and the States, but even then the Athens I saw was like the Venice I saw, like any other place really, go behind the streets of plate glass windows of the Cartier shops and keep walking and sooner or later you got to where people were poor and had fuck all.

So I’m not saying there weren’t 10 year old whores walking up to obviously (relatively) wealthy foreigners in the street and offering them sexual pleasure for very little money, but that they wouldn’t have been walking up to me, and in any event they would have had to be illegals from Romania or Abania or somewhere because if they were Greek there were other options… not that whoring or whorehouses were rare in Greece even then.

That’s the other thing about greece, it’s afghanistan or kurdistan with a few bits of stunted growth, olive trees and just big bonsai, they live a thousand years because there is only enough goodness in what passes for soil to grow a few mm a year, living off the land in Greece as a forager is HARD, will easily kill you hard, and it is a cold place in winter, and sunny enough for tourism in summer, and yes there is 2000+ years of history, but if you avoid the tourist groups and actually wander around the ancient places (Napflion for example) you don’t feel like you are treading in history, you feel like you are walking over a place that got nuked every 100 years for the last millennium, history is not a 10 year old whore, it is the same whore 80 years later.

The 10 year old whore is just the mark of the start of another cycle in history.

And that’s what gelled, there are no more young teen girls that look like young teen girls, because those times have passed, rather like when I went to school, there were no fat bastards in the annual school photo, and fat bastards were seen with scorn, because everyone else came from a common culture of hard times and austerity, and gluttony was despised.



  1. So what’s the backstory on the Peloponnese. Did you clash with the Spartans? Or are you actually a lost Spartan?

    Comment by Michael — April 23, 2013 @ 2:07 pm

    • no names, no pack drill, no details.

      it involved an old German E boat and places like Albania and Italy and cigarette duty and a feeling that going to the opposite end of the country would be cool…. it was… even after the earthquake

      Comment by Wimminz — April 23, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

  2. “there are 10 year olds whoring themselves in the streets”

    Soon to be appearing in a country near you… Now that the lib-tards are in control more and more. I have had women in the US try to pimp their daughters to me for rent money and to make their mortgage. I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad – they cannot make the connection between having voted for an idiot whose goal is to destroy the country, and how bad things are. Fortunately, I have off-shored most of my major income producing businesses – although that money doesn’t appear to be mine (tax purposes for the moment) – I have been losing all sorts of money on paper as I reduce my assets in the US to nill, putting as many out of work as I can and being able to take tax deductions for it – as my way of not supporting the looters who voted this incompetent buffoon into office a second time.

    I figure they will not take my money to support the dead-beats if I can game the system. At least the women willing to pimp their female children for rent want to give me something for my money, whereas the Obama looters just want to take it. But on paper I’ve been losing a lot – it’s good to be able to shift money over-seas. I figure by the time I renounce my US citizenship they will have an exit tax like they imposed on the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany back in the late 30s – when they force you to pay 150% of the last tax bill in order to leave the country. I foresee the same trend in the US since I’m not the only one doing this – I could have reversed it up till 2012, but when Obama was voted in again, it became obvious to me the US was on it’s way to becoming a third-world country. Women, whoring their 12 year old daughters to a man old enough to be her grand-father for rent money is just how it starts.

    Of course the Muslims that Obama so loves from the Middle East will be here for the sex tourist industry Obama is creating… Lots of children to be exploited – why not, he’s killing millions with abortion, and trying to shove tyranny down everyone’s throat. I figure my choice is to fight, or go quietly into the night. I’ll opt for number two. I’ll leave the idiots left here to pay the bill for putting him into office again… I’ll reap my rewards elsewhere… Wish there was a place that Freedom still existed, but you can’t find it where it used to be anymore…

    Comment by Truth — April 23, 2013 @ 9:42 pm

  3. After reading the original article, I think the writer was misinformed. The girl did not in fact offer herself as he belives, but was asking for pay for her violin playing, panhandling, busking but not whoring as ha supposed. Not that it is not or will not happen. It is nearly the same as this ageing potbellied man assuming that every pretty girl that smiles back at him wants him in no uncertan terms. I think the teens would be out before the preteens to cover all bases, followed by the boys.Just my $.02

    Comment by Tip — April 24, 2013 @ 5:01 pm

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