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April 7, 2013

ooops, I did it again, again…

Hollywood star Tom Sizemore’s betrayal of Liz Hurley as he reveals they had three-year affair – while she was with Hugh Grant

ok, so let me get this straight…. Hurley is supposed to be with Grant, Hurley cheats on Grant with Sizemore, time passes, Sizemore outs it in a tell all buy me and give me munnay book….  I’m not getting the bit where SHE is the one who got betrayed here…. oh, sorry, I forget, she is the one born with a cunt.. nuff said.

I’ll tell you what I am noticing, in real life, and that is that when I draw attention to such misandry, the size of the pool of people who openly criticize me is shrinking fairly noticeably, it’s pretty much down to the core feminazi fugly bitches and their pet niggerz… everyone else is going quiet.

Of course I am no fool, you could fit several solar systems in the gap between these people stopping giving open support for the misandry, and starting to give open support to people like us, but nevertheless it is a real and observable phenomenon down at the street level.

It’s a bit like the other observable phenomenon down at street level that I have talked about before, people down at the gas station putting fuel in their vehicles.Fuel

(long) Gone are the days when “I’ll put 5 gallons in“, and for some years it has been “I’ll put twenty quid’s worth in” but lately I am seeing the wheels falling off, let me tell you how.

Back along a bit, gas stations used to have price signs that had individual digits printed on big card / plastic, and the attendant slotted these into the sign out front.

Fact is, prices stayed stable long enough that most of these hard-copy printed digits faded over time, now with the new electronic signs, I literally see advertised forecourt prices changing on a daily basis, on some forecourts I have seen it change three or more times per day.

Of course it is a lot of bollocks, as the tanker delivery 4 days ago is still sat in the bunkers at the price it cost when delivered, 4 days ago, but this is the new world of marketing, where the question is how high can we put the price before it stops people pulling in?

And the flipside is because we are CONSTANTLY messing with the price, sometimes three or more times a day, Fred can no longer just go to the garage down the road and fill up.

This disparity in pump prices locally within a 20 miles radius and between different types of outlet is, at the time of writing (April 2013) sufficient to effectively get a “free” gallon of diesel when filling up a new VW Golf from warning light to a brimming tank….

… a gallon of diesel will push a new bluemotion golf 55 miles at 80 mph… so on fuel economy alone, it is not a false economy to drive to a gas station up to twenty miles away to fill up… and the only people you see brimming the tank on a proper fill up every time are those who have a fuel card provided by their employer.  Everyone else may still be doing the put 20 quids worth in thing, but they are really cutting back on elective mileage as opposed to essential journeys.

Back in the day of AM radio with a choice of hundreds of stations a car could be tuned in to, it was usually Radio 1 in the UK, now with hundreds of possible “pages” available on the in dash multifunction displays the one you usually see up by default is the current MPG fuel consumption one.

It’s a bit like the vocal feminazi skanks above, back in the day when there was no PERCEIVED cost for filling up there, they were as busy as any other forecourt, today the Morrison’s forecourt at £1.39 a litre for diesel has cars waiting for a space at the twelve pumps, and the Shell services forecourt at £1.55 a litre you can drive in and stop at any pump you like.

55 litres @ £1.39 = £76.45

55 litres @ £1.55 = £85.25

£85.25 – £76.45 = £8.80

£8.80 / £1.39 = 6.33 litres of diesel.

Thing is, once you hit someone with a perceived cost, it’s really hard to get them to forget that lesson you just taught them…

From there on in, it is really only a question of time before it is your turn to learn some harsh lessons, it’s a bit like the old saying “the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent, and it applies equally well here… there are two local independent filling stations that closed down after the last fuel crisis a couple of years ago, they put their prices up too far, and customers stayed away in droves, so they put their prices back down to a reasonable level, and customers STILL stayed away in droves, meanwhile their fixed costs remained the same, and shortly thereafter they went bust and closed down.

Gasoline and cunt aren’t that different, too many people take the attitude everyone wants it and those who have it get to call all the shots.

Great for feminazi bitch Shell, until the skank ho slut Morrisons open a station up and gives away the same product for less.

It is AT THIS POINT that the station owner needs to get a clue and change his attitude, because once the customers start foraging elsewhere, it is already game over.

When the vocal support of the great unwashed for the feminazi skank ho’s and their niggerz starts to wane, then the feminazis and their niggerz already missed the trend.

When I can say something unpopular and allegedly misogynist and the great unwashed DO NOT come out en masse and side vocally with the feminazi wimminz and niggerz, then the game is already past its peak, because it means the great unwashed no longer use the automatic knee jerk, they have been bitten once, mainly only a nibble, but now they are pausing for a moment, waiting to see which way the wind blows.

Suddenly 90% of the participants left the field of battle, they are on the sidelines watching, mob hysteria and mob mentality just got put on pause.

what do you get left?

Wimminz – female genital mutilation is eeevil and yadda yadda yadda

AfOR – genital mutilation is evil, whether it be done to a boy or  girl, why are you not denouncing it all, why do you only care about female genital mutilation?

Wimminz – because IT JUST ISN’T THE SAME YOU STUPID MAN, female genital manipulation is eeevil and yadda yadda yadda

AfOR – so basically you are fucking hypocrite who doesn’t give a damn about genital mutilation unless it happens to be done to girls…

Wimminz – go away you horrible little basement dwelling micropenis excuse for a man

The great unwashed – watching this from the sidelines, not joining in, no sirree…

one of the great unwashed, who happens to be female, (well, no male would put his head over the parapet)… – actually I have looked into this and the people performing genital mutilation on little girls are almost exclusively wimminz, and quite often older wimminz in their own families, such as their own grandmothers

So the wimminz and their niggerz congratulate themselves on their victory in yet another femen occupy shell forecourts campaign, and fail to notice they are sat alone in the forecourt with diesel at 1.55 a litre, all the passing trade is passing, on down to morrisons where it is 1.39 a litre.


  1. Their solution:

    They’ll assign you a gas station, and that’s the only one you can go to. That station’s price will double, quadruple, and eventually they’ll just expect your money while not even providing you with any fuel. If you refuse you’re arrested and you’ll have had it coming.

    Comment by McGinnis — April 7, 2013 @ 3:24 pm

  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-02/oil-tanker-market-state-panic-charter-rates-plunge-cargoes-rejected

    The supertankers are, well, tanking. This is a world-wide situation, and the reason why the petrol is still expensive is because our governments are busy printing money with nothing behind it, sending the actual inflation rate sky-high.

    Wimminz keep on doubling down, hoping to bluff you into folding. Feminism is getting called in this high-stakes game, and will be found wanting.

    Comment by tweell — April 7, 2013 @ 4:32 pm

  3. This all may mean the most dangerous times are yet ahead. On one hand, the unwashed are watching for the direction of the wind, as you say. The spell over them is breaking fast. On the other hand, the feminazi believers are increasing the shrillness of their rhetoric as they feel it slipping away. Unfortunately they have embedded themselves in the positions of power in the West and their desperation to achieve their cherished utopian goals while they still hold this power may result in the most heinous situations that the English-speaking world has seen. If we are lucky, they will just melt away like the old USSR.

    Comment by mtrumpusa — April 8, 2013 @ 7:39 am

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