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March 20, 2013

Time for Trumpton

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As many / most / all of you have guessed, I’ve been busy with work lately, so little happening on here.

Today however, with the UK budget (yeah we will anything to prevent a house price crash) and the Cyp-riot bank thefts, and my day job, it is becoming increasingly clear that our “economy” is a holed hot air balloon, on the one hand it takes of continued and ever increasing supply of hot air to stay aloft.

On the other we periodically throw various passengers over the side to keep the remainder aloft.

It has become clear to me that for every country in the western world their “policy” can be summed up as DO NOT BLINK FIRST

So… the UK can survive provided Portugal Spain Italy Greece get thrown over the side, Portugal can survive if UK Spain Italy Greece get thrown over the side, you get the idea.

The reality is that it is like playing chicken in the arctic with polar bears, the guy who flinches first gets eaten, but everyone else merely survives the first course for the bear, they are still in the same place, on the menu.

That cunt Cameron is now handing out medals for those who served on the arctic convoys to Murmansk etc (my grandfather did) , assuming you were 20 in 1945 you would now be 88, more likely dead, so very few medals to hand out, and very little value to them, by any metric.

There are obvious parallels between handing out medals 68 years after an event when most of the original survivors are already dead, and current western world fiscal policy.

The real problem is, nobody under 50 has ever known anything but good times, and nobody under 80 remembers the war first hand, and nobody alive remembers the great depression of the thirties.

Of the rest, precious fucking few have traveled widely enough and off the beaten track enough to witness genuine poverty and depredations with their own eyes, and for those who have, well it is one thing to watch people salivating over a dead rat, and quite another to have personally salivated over a dead rat.

Purely by coincidence, nobody under 40 received any kind of education by the state, I talked to someone today, mid thirties, professional, respected, making at least twice as much money as I am per week, working for the state indirectly in a bullshit job, who was COMPLETELY UNAWARE that the cypriot banks are shut… they have never heard of the OPEC crisis or the three day week in the UK mid seventies, and all they know about WW2 or the great depression was that they happened.

Quite by chance, I heard from someone extremely wealthy that I used to know and work for some 30 years ago, if there is a rich mofo’s seekrit club/cabal, he is in it.

He told me that at the highest levels, the too horrific to actually voice, but everyone is thinking it and secretly hoping for it, wish for those in power is an “act of god”, like a pandemic or multiple meteor strike, or yellowstone to let go, that way nobody actually gets the blame, and nobody has to blink first.

Nobody has to assassinate an archduke or annexe limassol…

He and I are agreed though, 30 years after the last war there were still areas of bomb damage in UK cities that had not been cleared up, and that was when we were all gung ho and marshall plan… today we would just collapse in the aftermath.

We actually NEED another Adolf, and sadly we do not have any suitable candidates. he at least was a soldier in the first war., so knew a thing or two about hard times…. the closest thing we have today is Putin, and Adolf’s missing ball was more of a man / despot / nutcase than he is…

Meanwhile my day job progresses, and the reality is instead of one person being responsible for X, we have an ever increasing number of not quite overlapping areas of outsourced and externalized responsibility, venn diagram like, with the gaps between the boards being the only real growth in the economy.

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