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February 27, 2013

Enough do

Been a bit too busy with work and life to update here recently, but none of that stops me from observing the world.

One of the things I want to touch on today is “Enough do“, for example as in “why do spammers send out all this crap, surely no-one is dumb enough to buy it!!

The answer is of course “Enough do (to make it worthwhile)

This is a cool little thing that you can apply across the board, why do guys just ignore my profile and send me horrible cut and pasted “wanna fuk?” messages, surely no wimminz can go for this!!!

Enough do, to make it worthwhile.

Why do guys ask me if I want to spend 30 minuted getting fucked by their alsatian / GSD? Sure no wimminz can go for this!!!

Enough do, to make it worthwhile.

And right there is an interesting and valuable bit of knowledge, the only sound you hear is those complaining “why do they do?“, but you never hear a peep from anyone else, but the “why do they do?” are the canary in the coal-mine, and their actions tell us that the thing we never hear about is ALWAYS present.

If it is always present, then “Enough do” to make it worthwhile.

God knows, I have banged on enough about “My wife won’t take it up the ass” to which the answer is “Not from you, at least…

So the same rules apply here

Pick a random wimminz, does it occur to you that she will kneel for Rover, probably not, and if you asked her about her sexual tastes and even if she was liberated and honest you’d get an answer like “no pee poo or pain” and a pause and “and of course it goes without saying, no kids or animals” (if it goes without saying, why did you need to say it?)

All of which you might buy, at face value.

But there is the old “Enough do” to make it worthwhile, which means there are people out there, constantly, asking if they do, so now we are down to statistics, there is an x% chance that she has been asked to do this thing, and there is a y% chance that she has done that thing, and all we can say with confidence is two statements.

  1. Because of “Enough do”, we can be extremely confident that both x and y are above zero
  2. Because the rest of the data is unknown / hidden / denied / etc, we have no idea what the actual value of x and y are.

It’s a variation on Schroedinger’s cat….

In this variation you have to open the house door to find out if the wimminz is humping Rover, but if you open the front door, they are no going to be / are going to stop humping.

We could ask the spammers, the guys asking the wimminz if they want to fuck the GSD, but just as the wimminz will understate the case and nobody ever fell for a spamvert, these guys will overstate the case and claim they are wildly successful, the truth, well, that lies somewhere in between.

All you need to remember is ENOUGH DO.


“Enough do” is a bit like NAWALT, it implies that enough don’t, but if you look intelligently at what we have been discussing, you will see there is no data on that whatsoever.

What colour is that house over there on the hill?

This side is white.

We simply have no data on the other side.

We simply have no data beyond “Enough do” to do any kind or sorting on wimminz into two categories, those that might, and those that won’t, so unless you can split “all wimminz” into two groups, those that are not like that, and those that are, you have to accept that any individual wimminz might, which means you have to treat wimminz as AWALT.

this is a fundamental issue, you cannot take macro global facts and apply them at an individual level, they not only cease to be valid, they cease to be true.

If there are sufficient numbers of wimminz around that a “wanna fuk my GSD?” generates an “enough do” response to continue to ask the question, this is a shotgun strategy, some pellets are going to hit someone in the crowd.

trying to pick the ones who have never been hit in the past, haven’t been hit now, and who will never be hit in the future… well, what are next week’s lottery jackpot numbers.


Enough do.


  1. Seems like a variation of the whole because I choose to believe argument. The only thing to differentiate them is that one is the safer choice. The other leaves you open to being blindsided. Arguably, leaving openings is required to give people a chance. But I’m the cynical type who agrees with the sentiment that people only do the right thing when the wrong thing fails to present itself. Guess that’s why I like your posts.

    Comment by Leon — February 27, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

  2. Hey Afor, I just thought I’d let you know that the real problem we face today, the driving force behind all the problems we face, is the Jewish Problem. You can check out my site for more info. I thought you should be aware. Regards, J

    Comment by j3133 — February 28, 2013 @ 1:21 am

  3. j3133,

    indeed. jew on a stick is still one of the most popular delusions in the world.

    Comment by guns for tots! — March 1, 2013 @ 11:11 pm

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