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January 2, 2013

Easyriders, and falling in love with whores.

Back in the mid 70’s there was an English bike rag with a comic at the back featuring malcolm, a dipshit wannabe, and ogri, a guy with stubble, antlers on his helmet (helmet laws came in in ’74) and a Norvin.

It was good as far as it went, but across the pond there was a bike rag that went by the name of Easyriders, after the film.

Now before you go off one one, Bike in 1975 had fuck all similarity to Bike in 2013, assuming it is still in print, and Easyriders in 1975 had fuck all to do with Easyriders today.WTF-Mom

While the UK rag had a bit of irreverence here and there, mainly in the cartoon at the back, Easyriders back then was chock full of it from front cover to back… the bay area was a bit too far away to get to on my trusty A10, but the magazine was available if you knew where to look.

Looking back the things that stay in the memory are the Dave Mann centrefolds, the assorted crap from JJ Solari, and the assorted vitriol of Spider, now JJ was never a biker, but he could write some funny stuff and some of his observations were good, so anyway there is a skit in I think ’76 or so all about hookers, and how they classified the johns.

What it boiled down to was that according to hookers there were about six sorts of customer, once they got in the bedroom, and two of these were “ooh baby don’t we fit together so well” and “my wife doesn’t understand me but you do” only those weren’t the names given.

Despite all the modern “you don’t pay a whore to fuck, you pay her to leave” shit, what it boiled down to was four of the six types of customer were paying the whore for the illusion of companionship and intimacy, one of the others was the type who couldn’t get a woman without paying, and the last type was the one buying “no comeback” sex because they were married and didn’t want anything threatening that like the mistress turning up at work… I suppose you could have called this one the “pay her to leave” group.

The bit I didn’t get at the time, because I myself was too young and inexperienced, was that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL WHORE would be seen in six different ways, not depending on what she was, but depending in the class of john who happened to be pumping her right then.

You can be a john, and go to a whore, and see her one way, but to be a smart john you have to see the other five types of john, and how they see the same whore.

So you log on to PoF to try and find some pussy, and you read a profile.

Or you can be smarter, and use several websites, including a couple of swinger sites, and you see she also has a profile on a swingers site, with quite a different profile.

Or you can be a smarter and more experienced guy, and cross check and correlate the escort / whores websites too, and see her on there as well, with yet another different profile.

Sucks donkey balls if you only ever looked at the PoF profile, met her, and decided to see her regular like…

As someone who has been aware of this for a while, I have been looking for some rules of thumb.

Is she over weight? Does she like gangbangs? This sort of thing, but, correlation is not causation, how ever close it may follow, and over time I have only come across one reliable indicator of any kind.

The wimminz is question sees sex as an act, trying another cock is no different to trying another dress, and I have literally heard that exact phrase from these wimminz.

For sure, the more dresses you try on, the less each new one signifies, shiny, pretty, until the next one, and the last one means as much, literally, as the boxers I threw in the laundry this morning when I grabbed a fresh pair out of the drawer.

This is a recipe to get hurt, badly, if you are any of the four main classes of johns, e.g. any of the four main classes of MEN, who are seeking some sort of illusion of companionship or intimacy.

So tick follows tock and the clock and calendar rolls over from 2012 to 2013, and many of the other so called MRA websites are all HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHEZ to the readership, but really it is much more welcome to the new boss, just the same as the old boss, because the inherent nature of the battlefield has not changed.. look at the tales of the English and German troops playing football in no man’s land in WW1, it didn’t mean shit because the next day it was back to the killing.

So I can sit here and cry in my beer and wonder why at this romantic time of year Jane49 hasn’t texted me for two days or bounced up and down on my cock for two weeks….

…or I can sit here and realise it is because she hasn’t decided to try a new dress on yet, and when she does she will call me, and the worst thing I can do in the meantime is call her like some lovesick puppy, and the best thing I can do is keep that production line going for jane50, jane51, jane52 etc.

One thing I can guarantee, no john is ever the first or only client of the whore he is visiting, and this is double true of all the wimminz out there, AWALT… without exception every single one of them has a string of johns who did the lovesick puppy thing, another lovesick puppy, NO MATTER HOW GOOD AT IT YOU ARE, is about as interesting to them as a 1995 fashion item…… like, wouldn’t be seen fucking dead with it.

So really all that is left in me is the pining for the fjords, wishing it were another way, but I might as well wish not only for the sandpile and toy cars when I was 7 years old, but also the innocence of the 7 year old, which was required to make those simple games so much fun.

That is really what I mourn, and what hurts inside me and all men, not the fact that AWALT, but the lost innocence within ourselves, back when we believed in loving girlfriends and wives and mothers of our children, not AWALT psycho skank ho’s

And so since the only other option is misery and I am a survivor, I have learned the lessons the skank ho’s have been so eager to teach me, jane49 means as much to me as the boxers I threw in the wash this morning, sure, nice and comfy and I’ll be happy to wear them again, but whenever they rotate back to the top of the pile of clean boxers, or never again, bin em and get a new pair, it really is no big deal.

Which is why I sit here and raise a glass to myself, to the wimminz of 2012 who had never done anal, till they met me, and the day I eventually persuaded them to do anal for me was the last day I fucked them, because then I had had everything that was new that they had to offer, and there are so many more pretty dresses to try on.

It is time for me to misquote Oppenheimer quoting the Hindu text….

Behold, I am become death, destroyer of wimminz assholes

Fuck it, it’s better hours than being a lovesick puppy.


  1. Afor,I can relate to what your saying about lost innocence.

    I’ve being seeing a wimminz and am relatively inexperienced, however have somewhat ingested the redpill via the manosphere.

    Anyway turns out she wants [us] to work on the relationship, which of course means she wants ME [only] to work on the relationship.

    You may laugh or perhaps grimmace at what I’m going to tell you. She wrote me a letter [8 pages] in which she blames me for 100% of everything that has happened, whilst she of course by ommission views herself completely innocent conforming to the manosphere femminine imperative of “Man bad, Woman good”. Her letter reaks of projection. I’m reminded of the manosphere observation of womens tendency to engage in projection, that is to project their failings, nefarious motives onto men.

    Everything that I have ever shared with her about myself in the spirit of openess
    she has used against me in the most extremely negative interpretation possible.

    I’m reminded of the manosphere truism that revealing information about yourself to a
    wimminz is like revealing your financial information to the inland revenue or “helping
    the police with their enquiries” – Everything that you say can and WILL be used against you.

    Of course at the times that I was being open about myself with her she was in no way critical
    of what I was saying and seemed genuinely supportive/empathic, but everything I said was being stored in the data bank of her mind to be used against me at a later date.

    The thing is she is actually pretty “aware” and quite intelligent so I thought she was better than that, silly me – AWALT. Her “awareness” and intelligence are like sharper claws on an animal and were used to attack/blame me for everything rather than engage in any introspection on her part.

    Anyway how all this relates to lost innocence, is that by her actions she has taught me the
    FOLLY and IMPOSSIBILTY of intimacy. True intimacy is impossible without the trust that what
    you reveal about yourself wont be used against you, which does not exist.
    The next woman I see, I will reveal as little about myself as possible.

    And women complain about and wonder why men won’t open up to them. Are they fucking surprised
    when this is what happens.

    Regarding the wimminz concerned I will reply to her letter, probably about a page or so,
    calling her out on what shes doing, projecting etc and END IT with her, returning her letter
    back to her with my [much shorter] letter included. I’m not even going to bother addressing most her issues.

    Chalk it up as a learning experience.

    Comment by Will — January 2, 2013 @ 5:36 pm

    • Dude, you already gave her too much of your life READING that fucker…

      If you MUST reply “Game over” is sufficient.

      above all, *****keep the letter somewhere safe*****, just in case of a future FRA

      Comment by wimminz — January 2, 2013 @ 6:32 pm

      • Afor, you are correct even reading that letter is giving it more respect than it deserves. I will give a very short reply. Thanks for the tip on keeping the letter in case of future FRA.

        Comment by Will — January 2, 2013 @ 7:26 pm

        • no problem

          Comment by wimminz — January 2, 2013 @ 7:30 pm

          • Another problem is we both live in the same small seaside town and both like to stroll along the seafront during the daytime. Its almost impossible to avoid bumping into each other. I may have to ghost (which sucks as like the seafront) to avoid her bullshit.

            Comment by Will — January 2, 2013 @ 7:45 pm

          • Bah, don´t even think of hiding from that bitch.
            You go strolling that seafront like a boss and enjoy the fuck out of doing it with someone that can actually appreciate nature´s beauty, namely you.
            As all wimminz learn with lightning speed where and how to push your buttons you MUST learn to locate, disconnect and rip them out mercilessly!

            Comment by hans — January 3, 2013 @ 11:41 am

          • Hans, thanks I WILL be back on that beach, you can be sure of that.
            I agree with you about the wimminz and buttons. Which is why you must also ensure you don’t provide them with ammunition about your personal life that they will use against you.

            Comment by Will — January 3, 2013 @ 4:29 pm

        • Four word reply: “Have fun with that”
          If she doesn’t come running back in a fortnight, you may have met a unicorn.

          Comment by MaMu1977 — January 22, 2013 @ 11:59 pm

    • No need to ghost, just ask her for something kinky, like a threesome with her best mate, and make it a deal breaker if she won’t do it, then she will avoid you… yeah, she’ll badmouth you, but she is gonna do that anyway

      Comment by wimminz — January 2, 2013 @ 7:49 pm

      • Lol at the threesome. I’m well aware that shes going to badmouth me amongst the other wimminz. In small seaside towns the seafront is like a village with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails. If my financial situation improves I may move someplace else. At the moment I’m broke as a joke.

        Comment by Will — January 2, 2013 @ 8:02 pm

        • Again, don´t alter your normal social activities because of her.
          She´s actually doing you a great favor in clearly marking the assholes that have no problem believing the worst of you.

          BTW wimminz believe each others shit only half the time anyway, at best.
          Only thing she´s actually accomplishing with the fellow cunts is putting you in the spotlight as a bad boy.
          And we all know what THAT means, right? 😉

          Only thing you really have to worry about is the other niggerz trying to white knight for her, but that could turn out fun too. 🙂

          Comment by hans — January 3, 2013 @ 11:53 am

    • Keep her letter. Evidence.

      Also do what Afor said.

      Also: REMEMBER AWALT. I thought I met a great smart unique girl too. Living with her for a while changed that, haha. Better late than never, though. They really are all the same, given enough time. If you do everything they demand, they MIGHT stay with you- but probably will be disgusted with you and still treat you like shit, fuck other guys, and divorce you n steal your kids. If you don’t do what they demand, they will constantly test you, treat you like shit, abuse you, try to get you to hit them like they know they deserve. You’re fucked either way.

      Get pussy, sure. If you feel like it. But for God’s sake don’t shack up, don’t even have a “girlfriend”. All that “girlfriend” label means is she gets to tell you what to do. Remember, they are all like that. And as a man you are in no rush to settle down young. You could get an 18 year old bitch when you’re 55 if you really feel like having some kids, but you better not do it anywhere in the “west”/Americanized/Jewified.

      Comment by Jeremiah — January 3, 2013 @ 12:39 am

      • Jeremiah, thanks.

        Comment by Will — January 3, 2013 @ 4:36 pm

  2. Yeah to be honest we really got the shaft growing up in this time. Me, I was fortunate enough to avoid the pain you endured, but Jeez. In another world, in the past, we could’ve had a hot young wife to fuck and cum in, a bunch of kids, a family, a community, stuff worth doing, meaningful shit, our lives could have had meaning. A conservative world, where you could truly have JOY, spiritual and physical. That would’ve been pretty sweet.

    “Only a couple hundred years ago, many of these men now destined for clerkdom would have learned a trade from their fathers and mastered it, whether it was farming or some other kind of engaging work that they could be proud of. They would have been valued members of a smaller community of people who cared whether they lived or died. Some would have spent their lives with gangs of men on ships, but most would have been bound to provide for and protect their families— their own small clans. This was a workable compromise between gang life and family life. A few generations ago, these men would have had meaningful responsibilities and their actions would have had the potential to do more harm than merely hurting someone’s feelings or causing them to be inconvenienced. They would have had pressing reasons to try to be good at being men, but also to be good men. Not so long ago, these men would have had dignity and honor.”

    Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

    Comment by Jeremiah — January 3, 2013 @ 12:34 am

    • You know what? FUCK the past!
      Fuck clanlife, hot young wives (who are done being hot after the 1st fucking kid BTW), fuck your honorable conservative world.
      The trenches of WW1&2 and ALL god damned wars before that are FILLED to overflowing with these morons.
      Who were all valued members and probably even had a reasonably loyal family and wife(not much opportunity to fuck around, though I´m sure some still managed).

      The current time is actually the best time huMANity has had in known human history.
      If by now you haven´t figured out why, then you better get fucking to it!

      Comment by hans — January 3, 2013 @ 12:03 pm

  3. … to the wimminz of 2012 who had never done anal, till they met me…

    LULZ… were they all 17 yrs old? Surely you are, tongue-in-cheek, implying that this is the stock BS line that all wimminz lay on most dudes…? Took me years to build up enough “Zen” to not spit out my (real) teeth, from holding back my laughter at hearing that line, esp. from wimminz over 30, or who were 6 years at uni majoring in Wimminz STUDies and Comparative Femi-fisting ANALysis.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — January 8, 2013 @ 7:49 am

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