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November 10, 2012

The rule of Law

One of the first casualties when the wheels fall off the wagon is the rule of Law.

Innocent until proven guilty

That USED to mean something, but as every man who has been through the Secret Family Courts knows, it hasn’t meant anything for a long time.

So now we are presented with the sideshow spectacle of paedophilia in the upper echelons of the state, all apparently triggered by the death of one J Saville.

While I am the first to point out that our so called leaders are quisling scum, I have to say I find the rush to name everyone from Harriet Harman, Ted Heath etc on down as either paedos or paedo lovers more than a little disquieting.

“Innocent until proven guilty”, these people have not even had a mock trial in a secret family court to justify labelling them with these accusations, and the net result is yet more hysteria and pitchfork readying…

Look at THIS story, he was actually killed in 2008, and he is labelled as a paedo, despite the FACT that he clearly was not one, he had a conviction for underage sex with a girl of 15, which could well have been a case of he thought she was 16 or 17 etc, after all the charge was under age sex, not rape, and one conviction subsequent to that for assault, no doubt after someone called him a paedo, and he was guess what, a divorced dad of five kids.

The dead guy may have been an Ephebophile, but he was no paedophile.

Ephebophilia is not a crime.

The dead guy is also dead, not “innocent until proven guilty” and the pitchforks ruled the day.

Now, while on the one hand I have little sympathy for our elites caught up in this shit, because they had fuck all sympathy for all the father and children caught up in the secret family courts and the meat grinder of endemic false rape accusations, on the other hand I am intelligent enough to see where this is going…

Where it is going is a Police State, and if that is insufficient to put the proles back in their housing estates then it is headed for the breakdown of society, a la the French revolution.

Again, I will have no sympathy if everyone who ever walked through the doors of Parliament and their families has an appointment with madame guillotine, fuck you all, you didn’t give a fuck about me or us.


… and it is a big however, when the rule of law breaks down to this point everything and everyone becomes fair game, and malicious accusations fly around like rain, he made a pact with the devil, she is a witch, and those kids are demon-spawn.

And none of them will get “innocent until proven guilty”, and it becomes a blood letting purge.

There are no brakes on the system.

If you do research on the effects of the French Revolution now you fill find reams of opinion on the religious consequences, the financial consequences, the social consequences, the end of feudalism, the this the that the other.

What you won’t find is much data on how that decade affected the ability of your average guy in the street to buy a pair of boots, have a plough mended, fix a leaking roof, buy a loaf of bread, sharpen a knife, buy a spoon, send a letter 100 miles.

This was of course no real infrastructure at the end of the 1700’s, no motorways, no electric grid, no mobile phone network, and 95% of what anyone needed to live was produced within a day’s walk of where they lived.

Today the braying mob would do what we saw in New Orleans and recently in NY done by mother nature, which is take down the infrastructure, with the same results, sit around and wait for someone else to bail them out…. except there wouldn’t be anyone else to bail them out.

This then, is the trump card of the elites, they are betting everything they have, and everything we have, that they can keep a lid on this, that the situation can be “managed”, that we the proles will prefer a police state to anarchy.

It’s a lousy bet.

We the proles prefer something closer to justice than to injustice, and all they are offering are variations on the theme of injustice, with more injustice forecast for the future.

At its simplest it is the prisoner’s dilemma, but set aboard a two man plane, and when I say two man plane I mean a plane that takes two men to operate, and we are just about at the point where both pilots are convinced that any and all promises made by the other pilot are bullshit, the instant the wheels are on the ground they other pilot is going to kill you.

At its simplest innocent until proven guilty and the rule of law are all about one thing and one thing only, and that thing is trust.

When the trust has been squandered, as any man who has been through the wringer of the secret family courts or an FRA knows, it is gone forever and ain’t never coming back.

If my own psycho skank ho ex told me the sky was blue I would look up and check, and if it was I would get even more fucking suspicious.

Any route forwards from here that does not focus on rebuilding trust between the proles and the elite is now doomed to failure.

Sadly for us all, proles and elite alike, the only routes that do that are routes that have been dismissed as far too fucking ridiculous and personally ruinous for the elite. The only options they have left on the table now that the cat is out of the bag on so many levels, from the lack of any gold reserves anywhere to corruption and incompetence and now sexual deviance, all of which is protected from punishment of the guilty because the guilty are the elite, and therefore not guilty, and the proles are not the elite, and therefore are guilty, are zero sum options.

Image is that all ukranian babes are as hot and horny as fuck, reality is the picture above of a ukranian whore, who could have been as hot as fuck, if she wasn’t a two dollar whore.

Which is like saying Obama could have been a great leader, if he wasn’t a two dollar whore.

One is Image. One is Reality.

When they get too far apart the rule of law and innocent until proved guilty fall down between them and get smashed, and all you have left between you and the mob is the police state, and that is just moving Image and Reality even further apart, exacerbating the original fucking problem.




  1. Ukranian whores need to market themselves a bit better lol. At least take off the festering bandage and push the bellybutton in.

    I’m not the brightest motherfucker, but as far as this post goes….I’ve been around quite a few shitty places. It never pays to underestimate how shitty people can be, and how fast things can go shitty.

    Comment by McGinnis — November 11, 2012 @ 10:14 am

  2. Good ol’ innocent until proven guilty. Few believe in that anymore. The teevee tells them how to feel. My current favorite example is the war on drugs in my state. The lawmakers decided that to fight the scourge of meth, Oregonians needed to get a prescription for sudafed cold medicine, beyond the Feds who just wanted an ID check and purchase limits. Thus it is now more economical for me to drive 80 miles or so across the border into Washington and buy the stuff from behind the counter. Even with gas at $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon its a wash in cost/time savings. Meth is still a problem here in Oregon but hey, fewer local meth labs. All at the expense of innocence.

    Comment by JFP — November 12, 2012 @ 12:12 am

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