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November 1, 2012


Today I am going to discuss the following story.


Quoted text from the article in blue italic.

After her marriage broke down, Jenny Beard knew finding love again wouldn’t be easy. Not only was she 42 and the sole carer of her six-year-old son Will, but her demanding career as an accountant left her with precious little time to socialise.

Ah, the old euphemism, like after her car broke down, so after she juked her marriage she realised the was over the hill at 40, and frankly “career as an accountant” don’t mean shit, 40 years ago we would have been honest and called her a “book-keeper”

Nonetheless, she didn’t want to be alone forever, so when she heard about an internet dating site for single parents like herself, she joined without a second thought, Jenny told Channel 4 News in a programme that will be aired tonight.

Yes, I am so upset by this unwanted exposure that I decided to expose myself on national TV

Describing her interests as ‘going to the theatre and restaurants, enjoying country walks as long as they feature a tea shop’, she was hopeful she would meet mature, like-minded men who understood the difficulties of bringing up a child alone.

Well those are fucking lies to start with, she was looking for the cock and a walking wallet, as 100% of wimminz on these dating sites are.

What she didn’t expect was to find herself posted as a ‘hot date’ on cheesy lads’ magazine sites, and bombarded by spam emails from people who didn’t even exist — or if they did, had anything but a country walk in mind.

Jenny Beard was shocked to find her pictures, submitted to a singe-parents dating site, on sleazy lads¿ mag sitesJenny Beard was shocked to find her pictures, submitted to a singe-parents dating site, on sleazy lads mag sites

I keep telling people, read the fucking small print, any pic you upload set to PUBLIC becomes the website owners property to do with as they wish… and this shit applies to Fuckbook too.

Besides, as we can see from the article pic, Jenny is a fat bitch, and even worse, owns a fucking Compaq….

Over the course of the four years Jenny has been on the site, not one of the men she met has been a member of justsingleparents.com where she originally posted her profile. Not one of them had even heard of it. Alarmingly, half were not parents at all and only one had a child the same age as her son.

4 years is 48 months, as it says later in the article, she was paying £20 a month for this site, so that’s £960 down the drain.

Worse still, her picture and profile have been plastered across tawdry dating websites belonging to ‘lads mags’ such as Nuts and Loaded that are more associated with scantily-clad girls in semi-pornographic poses than professional, middle-aged women like Jenny.

Allegedly professional middle aged wimminz like Jenny can and do slut it up at least as well as the porno wimminz, ask me how I know.

She is just one victim in an extraordinary dating scam exposed by two industry whistle-blowers.

Oh I get it, she is a victim… nice to be born with a cunt, where none of the consequences of your actions are ever your fault, they are someone else’s.

Unbeknown to Jenny, justsingle  parents.com is run by a parent company called Global Personals — a legitimate company most members never will have heard of, but which passes members’ details freely between the 7,500 sites it owns, meaning they are inundated with unwanted and inappropriate advances.

Unbeknown to Jenny, these umbrella structures of companies owned by companies that are themselves owned by other companies are the norm nowadays, with the very rare exceptions of the small independent firms and sole traders.


The company has also created ‘fake’ profiles, by lifting photographs off the internet, and ordering staff to flirt with unsuspecting members, outrageously flattering them into renewing their subscriptions.

I have discussed this specifically, and much else, in the Internet Dating series of articles.

Disturbingly, their deception has proved an unqualified success. Global Personals — whose headquarters are in Windsor, Berkshire — makes £40 m a year, employs 130 staff and is believed to take a 40 per cent cut of every membership subscription, with the remainder going to the spin-off company.

And at 20 quid a month, or £240 a year, that makes 40,000,000 / 240 = 167,000 stupid bitches like Jenny paying up every year.

But it is at the expense of women like Jenny, now 46, who is astounded by the way in which she has been duped.

Not as duped as the guys expecting a vivacious intelligent young at heart and attractive 40 year old single mum would have been, which is how Jenny will have been advertising herself.

Internet dating seemed the best way of meeting people,’ she says. ‘But I’m shocked by how many sites I’ve ended up on. It’s upsetting and annoying. I’m nobody’s idea of a Nuts hot date. It’s the last place you would expect to find me and a waste of time and money.

Baby, you are nobody’s idea of a hot date, period… welcome to the real world of your SMV.

‘I’m not surprised they’re making up people. I’ve received no end of emails from men who say they like my smile, but clearly haven’t seen my profile. I won’t be renewing my subscription.’

You’re the product, bitch, just like your ex hubby was to you…

Certainly, Jenny’s experience serves as a cautionary tale to those tempted by the increasingly popular world of online romance, said to be worth £2 billion globally. She first started internet dating in September 2008, eight months after her seven-year marriage ended.

At least, that is what she says, of course we all know her eye was roving long before she dropped the hammer on her ex.
Fake profiles were created by a team scouring social networking sites and stealing people’s photos to use on their fake profiles

No, it’s built into the software, I have discussed this before.

‘I have a serious job. My options for meeting men are limited,’ she says. ‘This seemed the best way.’

Word up bitch, pen pushing in an office with other clucking hens is not a “serious job”

She began by joining a site called Plenty of Fish, but, within weeks she realised it was unsuitable.

Ah yes, and a wealth of meaning in that word “unsuitable”, as in it did not fit in with pwincess’s aspirations and hamster wheel rationalisations.

‘It’s hard to say without sounding snobby but I’m a professional person with a degree,’ she explains.

Hey bitch, I AM a mother fucking professional, with more than one degree, and they are REAL fucking degrees, hard physical science and engineering.

It was very good for meeting dustmen, builders and mechanics who are perfectly nice but not right for me.

And this line is the lead up to the money shot, there are plenty of degree qualified people on PoF, but there are also a whole load of working stiffs, and that was the problem for Jenny, she wanted working stiffs pre-excluded from her own personal dating pool.

She thinks she is better than that.

‘Apart from anything else, it’s free and attracts people with less money. I thought finding a paid service would be more appropriate.’

Bingo, the money shot, literally, as discussed elsewhere on here, Jenny is looking for the next fucking meal-ticket, so made the fallacious, stupid and typically female assumption that a pay-per website is going to transport her to the land of the Amex black card.

So she researched online and came across justsingleparents.com. With membership costing £20 a month and members all purportedly having experienced single parenthood, she was more likely to meet like-minded people, she reasoned.

Bitch, people SEEKING something, especially those seeking something that presents them with personal gain, are the LAST MOTHERFUCKERS ON THE FUCKING PLANET to employ REASON.

‘I wanted to meet people with children because they understand that anyone else in my life won’t be my top priority,’ she says.

I have discussed this elsewhere too, but the bitch comes out and says it two lines after the money shot, you won’t be my fucking priority Mr Wallet, you will come AFTER me, and AFTER my kids, and that ain’t never gonna change until you come AFTER my divorce lawyer too, which her ex and the father of her kid knows all about….

Her son Will, who’s now ten, also was keen to see his mum with someone nice ‘to look after her’

Shame deadbeat daddy who was good enough to fuck, marry and bleed dry then kick to the kerb doesn’t qualify.

But what Jenny didn’t realise was that when she joined justsingleparents.com that she would be exposed on websites she’d previously never heard of.

Jenny has a lot more brutal “I didn’t realise” in here future, and that is even without the economy tanking…

Worryingly, the practice, while misleading, is perfectly legal. It is called ‘white-labelling’ and happens when a product produced by one company, such as Global Personals, is rebranded by other companies — in this case dating websites.

And when Saab stick a badge on a Ford chassis, etc etc ad inmotherfucking finitum.

and when Apple stick an iCrap logo on a Foxconn product.

Hey, that Compaq on your desktop wasn’t made in any Compaq factory

Who knew?

Internet dating amongst those aged 50-plus has risen by 40 per cent in the last year

You seen the fucking price of beer lately?

Also, in a bid to boost their revenue, the company was specifically employing staff whose sole job it was to set up and run fake profiles on the dating sites, to keep members interested. Within weeks, Jenny got her first warning signal: She’d begun emailing a fellow single parent from her area and the pair had swapped phone numbers:

Yeah, I have a cloud full of cunt pictures from wimminz who “swapped phone numbers” with me, prior to bouncing up and down on my cock.

‘I texted him and said “it’s Jenny from Just Single Parents” and he replied “what?”’ she recalls. ‘He’d never heard of the agency. I was put on the back foot and so flummoxed I didn’t contact him again.’

Cheapskate obviously not a premium bit of wallet, was he Jenny…

It was another member, Jenny recalls, who explained that their details were passed around various dating sites: ‘I felt put out and rather stupid,’ she says.

That’s perfectly natural, because you are rather stupid, and rather fat, and rather over the hill.

Nonetheless, as the months passed, she was sent three emails a day from unlikely suitors, who ranged in age from 22 to 73. ‘I deleted them before reading,’ she says. ‘I can’t remember any being particularly crude, but maybe they were and I never saw them.’

At least, that is what she claims in the national press, but all of us internet daters know the truth.

Jenny says she quickly suspected some of the identities were fake.  ‘I know I got emails that weren’t from real people,’ she told Channel 4 News. ‘You’d ask a man a question, such as how many children he had, and would get a reply tell you how happy they are they’ve met you.’

That don’t mean they are fake bitch, just means they are looking to dump some cum, not get into a discussion about kids they are no longer allowed to see with an asswipe bitch not so different from their ex.
Describing her interests as ‘enjoying country walks as long as they feature a tea shop’ Jenny hoped to meet a man who shared her passions, but was sadly disappointed

Shit happens when you lie through your fucking teeth on a dating profile…

If dating profiles were honest every beach around here would be crammed with masses of humanity crowded in like dogs in a chinese takeaway delivery truck…

She adds: ‘You don’t realise to start with that these companies they have “ice breaker” messages saying “I like your profile” or “you’ve got a lovely smile” that are sent to all the women in East Sussex between the ages of 35 and 55. You’d reply and wouldn’t hear back. After a while you realise a lot of the messages you get are sent to hundreds of people, not just you.’

Yeah bitch, like your bullshit profile, which was intended to be seen by hundreds of people, not just the one man you had eyes for…..

Yet Jenny — fuelled by hope that she would meet someone genuine — carried on using the site. At times, however, she became so exasperated with the process that she cancelled her membership.

Someone completely fake wanting to meet someone “genuine”

Oh woe is me, I can see her profile now “where have all the good men gone” and “tired of kissing frogs”

‘Cancelling was a faff — you couldn’t do it online and would have to call someone in working hours,’ says Jenny, who spent hundreds of pounds on subscription fees.

Sounds like broadband to me… >;*)

‘I remember one email I got that persuaded me to re-join was from a good-looking, wealthy single father who ran his own building business,’ says Jenny. ‘Part of me suspected it was too good to be true, but I replied anyway.’ And, surprise surprise, she never heard back.

Greedy cunt, got played, makes a change from being the player doesn’t it, bitch.

Over the course of four years, she met up with just eight men in person. Not one of them was from justsingleparents.com, half didn’t have children at all.

Again, that is what she is claiming NOW.

‘I only met most of them once, for a drink,’ she says. ‘One, a store manager, had joined a website called Old Flirt. He was my age but, had I known the site he was on, I would have hauled him out on the grounds that it was a ridiculous name.

Whereas justsingleparents is so fucking CLASSY… rofl

‘Another was a bus driver. There were two retired people. They came from geographical and rock music dating sites. One came from a site called Derbyshire Singles. One didn’t even know I had a son, which was the whole point. It made me think my profile might have been edited. I was perplexed.’

I know, fancy someone doing a menial job like driving for a living contacting you….

As Jenny had suspected, she was not the only one being duped — and not the most vulnerable.

Here we go, vulnerable…. if you are so fucking vulnerable, you should have your fucking legal right to make choices in life stripped from you.

Channel 4 News investigators spoke to whistle-blower Ryan Pitcher, who joined the company in 2008 and a second, unnamed, employee, who detailed the suspicious way in which they were recruited, when they were warned they were not to discuss their duties with family and friends.

I used to work doing road resurfacing during one dry patch, the job sucked and you git tar on everything, maybe I can rebrand myself as a whistleblower and a victim….

Finding fake profiles was a secretive and calculated process, with the team scouring social networking sites and stealing people’s photos to use on their fake profiles: ‘You’d take Helga from Iceland and make her into Helen from Manchester and write a profile,’ says Ryan. ‘You’d use her features and invent a whole new person.’

No, you wouldn’t, because this is built into the motherfucking software, you just select the number of fake profiles, say 10,000, the sex and demographic and racial and geographic spreads, click “GO” and wait a second or two for the software to do its thing.

I know, because unlike Ryan Pitcher I have done work for these sites at above a menial level.

The role of the fake profiles — or ‘pseudos’ as they were called by employees — was to email members flirtatious messages to entice them into continuing their subscriptions. Up to 400 messages an hour were sent by the team who frequently coerced their victims into intimate text conversations.

And one of the VERY VERY VERY few dating sites on the entire fucking planet that does NOT do this is PoF, but then it is full of horrible beta cock dustmen and bricklayers and mechanics.

‘You’re talking about thousands of messages which means millions of pounds in subscription fees,’ says Ryan. It seems they were targeted specifically at the sites’ most vulnerable members.

You appear to have mis-spelled gullible Ryan

Buy the new iPhone5

Same shit, EXACTLY the same shit, it’s called MARKETING, those of us with a brain call it SPAM.

‘A lot of the people on the site aren’t the most attractive people,’ he admits. ‘If they’re not getting replies from real people after a month, they’re going to sign off. The pseudo team could string
along a girl or guy for up to  24 months. It is all about money, all about greed. With fake profiles you can get 50 per cent more revenue, sometimes even more.’

You’re right Ryan, Jenny is fugly, but hey, IT IS A MOTHERFUCKING SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE, the whole business model falls apart if all your customers meet the love of their lives and quit after one month….

My fucking broadband is a subscription service, and I still have never had what they advertise… can I sue too? Oh, no, I don’t have a cunt.

If the member wanted to pursue a relationship with a pseudo, or even have a telephone conversation, they would be brushed off before being replaced by another pseudo.

‘It’s all about stringing them along on tenterhooks with that pretence that eventually they’ll meet up or swap telephone numbers,’ says Ryan.

Whereas skank ho’s like Jenny are NOT about stringing guys along on tenterhooks with the promise of cunt if they open their wallets with some fine dining etc???
Give me a fucking break.
Stark warning: Jenny believes she was not given sufficient information about the site, others on it, or how her information would be used

On the home page, two links



right there on the home fucking page, the terms this bitch AGREED TO when signing up, and all the allegedly “hidden” info this article claims to “expose”

Like em or loathe em, the website in question is 100% open and up front about who owns it, what they can do with your data, etc etc etc.

‘But as soon as that comes into play you move on. There were loads of cop-outs you could use.

‘Most people were talking to more than one pseudo. Some people were only talking to fake people.’

Whereas Jenny is what, a REAL fucking woman? Give me a fucking break.

All of which is incredibly unpalatable. Ryan admits the deception started to trouble his conscience:

Ryan like every other employee, male and female, at the places takes the job because the money is crap but you get to meet and fuck lots of punters… that’s the truth.

Ryan probably stepped over the data protection line or spent all day goofing off on fuckbook and got shitcanned, and now he, like Jenny, is claiming to be something he ain’t, an innocent victim.

‘After a while you’d see the same old men and women; widows, for example, who wanted to find love. You’re just stringing them along to get money out of their pensions. That did play on my mind.’

Well, it did after he was no longer able to draw a salary, paid for by said subs…..

Meanwhile, his bosses grew richer and ever omnipresent in the dating industry. They have a database of 2.2 million people — every one of whom is believed to be accessible across its network of sites.


Fuckbook knows your girlfriend / wife is pregnant before you do, often before SHE does, so does Tesco, the beat goes on…

Those of us in the know warned over a decade ago that the problem wasn’t databases, it was databases being connected to other databases and the data mining opportunities it presented… did anyone listen? Did they fuck.

It is the sheer variety of websites Jenny has been made available to that shocked her the most when Channel 4 contacted her a fortnight ago to tell her their findings — and which finally persuaded her to cancel her subscription.

What, channel 4 mastered whois and an IP block lookup… hot shit
Course, channel 4 is the old MSM, and hates the intertubez

A spokesman for Global Personals told the Mail: ‘When members subscribe to one of our sites, they are advised in the terms and conditions that their details will be made available to members of different sites on the relevant shared database.


‘Our job is to get our members in front of as many other members as possible. Members on any of these sites can apply filters to ensure they are not contacted by anyone they don’t want to be. Global Personals was one of the first online dating companies to stop using pseudo profiles. ’


But Jenny doesn’t believe sufficient warning was given.  ‘It should be made a lot clearer how many sites you’re getting in to,’ she says.

How clear can they fucking get? Read those links above.

What are they supposed to say Jenny?


‘It’s upsetting and annoying that you don’t know where your picture is going to end up. Clearly someone who is reading Nuts is not going to be interested in me, just as I am not going to be interested in them. You should be able to opt out.’

You wait till you find your face on an advert for a Herpes Clinic, which could legally happen, since you signed over ownership and copyright of your public profile photos WHEN YOU SIGNED UP AND AGREED TO THE T&C that you were too fat lazy and stupid to actually read.

Trading Standards in Windsor say they have ‘on-going dealings’ with Global Personals regarding their alleged use of fake profiles. Yet the company remains unrepentant.

Of course, they haven’t broken a single fucking law, what should they be repentant about.

They told the Mail: ‘Global Personals was one of the first online dating companies to stop using pseudo profiles. Global Personals scaled down pseudo profiling throughout 2009 and all pseudo profiles were removed by February 2010.’

Could well be true, in part.

For Jenny, it is too little too late. Still single, she has cancelled her subscription with justsingleparents.com and will be more cautious about internet dating in future.

Some fat frumpy fugly over the hill wimminz cancels her dating profile, please explain to me how this is a loss for the dating game?

‘You’ve got to be emotionally strong as you’re set up for an enormous amount of disappointment,’ she says, adding: ‘I don’t know how I’ll meet a man. The odds are stacked against it.’

Especially now you’ve outed yourself with the money shots above….

Just for Jenny


  1. ‘hot date’?

    no wonder she was upset; she could be done under trading standards

    Comment by Saw it too — November 1, 2012 @ 9:11 pm

    • the proverbial mutton dressed as lamb

      Comment by wimminz — November 1, 2012 @ 9:15 pm

  2. how do we know the wimminz junked her marriage? Judging by the photo, its just as likely the man fled. He did give this wimminz a baby as she approached the Wall which by itself is a substantial act of charity.

    Comment by Bob — November 2, 2012 @ 7:22 am

    • We know from the language, the wimminz is seeking victim status, but “when her marriage ended” not “when her husband left her” which is what it would have said if it was anything other than her taking him to the fucking cleaners.

      Comment by wimminz — November 2, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

  3. C’mon AfOR, you’re being unfair. I think there’s probably plenty of rich, good looking building contractors out there wanting to wife up a previously married 40’s bookeper. The fact that she’s (1) fat; (2) looks like a tranny; and (3) has a 10 year old son is just a bonus.

    Wonder if she’s ever considered going on one of those Jamaican sex tours for fat old bags who need cock. I think that might be a very empowering move for poor Jenny.

    Comment by McGinnis — November 3, 2012 @ 7:15 am

  4. “‘I wanted to meet people with children because they understand that anyone else in my life won’t be my top priority,’ she says.”

    I love that line of baloney. Always reminds me now of the gals I came across on PoF and other sites 7-8 years ago. Some were even in their mid to late 20s, with a couple of kids, looking for a “serious relationship”. The kids come first or top priority etc. and to top it all off, they don’t want any more kids. Uh, well okay but what good are you to me other than for a quick lay?

    Comment by JFP — November 4, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

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