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October 17, 2012

Do anything you wanna do…

I have, or rather I thought I had, covered this many times.

Apparently I didn’t, or if I did, I wasn’t fucking blatant enough.

It’s 2:30 am, and you know who you are, so this is inspired by you, just so there is no future mistake.


This applies to wimminz and niggerz too, by extension, if people do not do something, it is because they couldn’t be fucked, not because of any other excuse they gave you, or any excuse you are making for them…

  • If she doesn’t call you, it is because she can’t be fucked to call you.
  • If her responses to you are short and not so sweet, it is because she can’t be fucked to take the time to give you longer and more considerate answers
  • If she has only ever got real close to you when she wanted something, it is no coincidence that she is not around you when she does not want something from you, or worse still from her point of view, when you want something from her.
  • If she does want you to know she is thinking of you, caring for you, available for you to fuck, wild horses will not prevent her from letting you know this every single fucking day of your life, network problems, app problems, phone problems, email problems, work problems, money problems, sick kid problems, yadda yadda yadda, none of it will stop her letting you know, if she wants you to know.

Are you getting the fucking picture yet?

Here is what I do, I have two “historical” categories for wimminz, those I set my stall out for but didn’t fuck, and those I set my stall out for and did fuck.

The differences between the two groups are actually non-existent, apart from one, there is only one difference, and it is not that I fucked one group and not the other, it is the REASON I did NOT fuck one group, and that is they are totally unable to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me, the other group being those able to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me.

These two groups have one thing in common, I never contact them…  they return the favour… if I tried to contact them I would be “creepy” and a “stalker” and end up with an injunction…

So I have two “groups” of contacts on my phone specifically for the wimminz, “bunnies” and “boilers“, every skank ho ends up in one or the other, the bunnies I fucked, the boilers I did not fuck.

In three years, three wimminz have managed to stay out of one or other of those two categories for more than a month, one of them has managed it for a rather astonishing year, by the simple fact that what they wanted to do was stay in touch and make sure I knew every day (while it lasted) that their cunt was available for my use 24/7.

Once a wimminz gets into either the bunnies or boilers groups of contacts, I will never, ever, ever contact them first again, I ***may*** respond if they contact me, which can rarely happen, but I never ever ever instigate contact, both groups are the morgue, the graveyard, the cess pit.

People do what the fuck they want to do.

  • If she has a threesome with the janitor and pool guy, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she walks out on your ass, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she takes your kids, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she trashes the car, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she falsely accused you of rape or DV, it is because she wanted to.

Are you listening buddy? All that crap about her personal problems and her history and her kids health and yadda yadda yadda, it is all bullshit.

She is doing exactly what she wants to do.

Judge her by her ACTIONS, not her words.

She is NOT making sure you know every single day that her holes are available for your use 24/7, that is an ACTION, to be specific an action she is choosing NOT to make, at least towards you.

The reason it took until a 2:30 phone call instead of a till 2:00 phone call was part two, convincing the guy that this shit applied to him too, be a man of ACTION, not a man of words, specifically do NOT bother writing one last email to the psycho skank bitch telling her she is too flaky and dishonest and skanky for you.

Be a man of ACTION, but her in the bunnies pile or the boilers pile, and forget the bitch ever existed.

THE FUCKING REASON for the bunnies pile and the boilers pile is one day, one or more of these psycho skank ho bitches IS going to decide that she WANTS to talk to you again and maybe hook up for a bit, and you being you will only remember the fuckable bits of that cunt, if anything, and you’ll be all “Hey how are they hangin’” because you never know, you might get laid or a free blow job… right…?

Wrong, they are in the bitches and boilers piles for one reason and one reason only.

So you can NEVER EVER EVER EVER FUCKING EVER forget that they all have one thing in common.

They all had one chance with you already, and they blew it.

It’s about time YOU did what YOU fucking wanna do, which is NOT sit around agonising if she got that text, if the network is down, if her car is broke down, if her ex is giving her a hard time, if her kid will make it through surgery, or even if she wants to fuck you.

Which inevitably brings me back to the three wimminz in three years who managed to stay out of the bunnies / boilers groups, the two who managed it a month were worth the odd casual fuck, and the one who lasted a year I got to quite like, but in a sexless sorta way, available to fuck and reasonably fuckable, but lets be honest, I’ve had everything she has to offer sexually, so where is the fun, so what was the fucking point…. beyond getting my ironing done.

All three fell into the bunnies / boilers just as soon as what they wanted to do was to not to let me know daily that they were there for me, because all three for something / someone more interesting to do what they wanted to do with.

Just in case you missed the point;

  • smokers smoke cause they want to
  • drinkers drink cause they want to
  • liars lie cause they want to
  • cheaters cheat cause they want to
  • thieves steal cause they want to
  • people do what the fuck they want to do

Judge them by their ACTIONS towards you, not their words, not spoken words, to written words, not SMS words, and not unspoken, unwritten or untexted words either.

They WILL get a babysitter / breakdown truck / train / flight / mobile signal / day off / what the fuck ever, WHEN IT SUITS THEM, when it is what they want to do.

The title of this bit, 1977 baby… good lyrics


  1. “Judge them by their ACTIONS towards you, not their words”

    Words are cheap and meaningless – actions are the only thing that matter in the end, so use them to form your opinion when it comes to people you have met. It is the only way to know how they will act toward you in the future.

    This is the principle Governments use to grant security clearances… Why? Because it is what matters… If it works for the Government in establishing a chain of trust, I figure that it’ll work for me…

    Comment by Doc — October 17, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

  2. Off-topic: Have you seen this? So it begins: AVfM diluted by cuntspeak http://www.mgtowforums.com/forums/mens-general-discussion/11340-so-begins-avfm-diluted-cuntspeak.html

    Comment by Jerefukkinmiah — October 17, 2012 @ 10:58 pm

    • quelle surprise…….

      Comment by wimminz — October 17, 2012 @ 11:02 pm

      • Do you know how to join the MGTOW forums perchance? Registration is closed and I don’t think I have any contacts there.

        Comment by Jerefukkinmiah — October 17, 2012 @ 11:08 pm

        • sorry, try emailing someone if you can find an addy

          Comment by wimminz — October 17, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

      • Weren´t we talking about toll booth collectors the other day?

        Well Elam is clearly not that. He falls more under the category of “gatekeeper”.
        Telling you over and over how miserable you are but never giving the solution( AWALT) and letting your through the gate.

        It´s great that the guys are finally waking up to these fuckers.

        Comment by hans — October 19, 2012 @ 1:39 am

  3. Here´s another nice “judge he by her actions” shot, http://www.craveonline.com/sports/articles/198247-brutal-hs-soccer-cheap-shot

    Of course the pussy pass was immediately handed out, by the “sick to her heart” mom no less through not filing charges.
    Gotsa train them young to their privilege.

    Comment by hans — October 19, 2012 @ 7:23 am

    • Lately I´m making the stupidest typos. Sorry.

      Comment by hans — October 19, 2012 @ 7:26 am

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