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October 14, 2012

who’d a thunk it

There is a thing that I find that wimminz are incredibly bad at, and mainly they are incredibly bad because everyone else LETS them get away with that shit, and that thing is accepting that actions have personal consequences.

Actions having personal rewards the wimminz are all over, no problemo there.

Actions having personal consequences, different story bro…

So lets talk about two things;

1/ The definition of a “single person

2/ The definition of “eligibility” for Housing benefit.

Housing benefit is a UK benefit paid to individuals who are either not working, or on a low wage, to go towards their rent etc.

Back in the day when almost anyone was entitled to this benefit, a lot of wannabe landlords and property developers realised that splitting a three bedroom house into three separate one room studios or flats would generate more rent money than leaving it as a three bedroom house, rent money that would ultimately be paid for by the state purse in the form of housing benefit.

Said one bed properties were all too small to swing a cat, and god help you if you owned more that two suitcases worth of shit, because the place would be crowded.

You can see how a single law can spawn a whole subculture of property developers, builders, rental agents, buy-to-let landlords, you name it.

So they change the law, from the beginning of this year if you were less than 25 years of age you were no longer “eligible” for housing benefit, so shared accommodation or bedsits for you, and from the beginning of next year they are raising this to 35 years of age.

Suddenly there are all sorts of one bedroom flats for sale, and not selling, as the buy to let landlords try to get out of the market, what use is a 33 year old prospective tenant and single person, who is no longer entitled to claim Housing Benefit, and thus be able to afford the huge and insane rents being charged by landlords…

At the simple stroke of a pen, a law dealing with Housing benefit entitlement affects landlords, property developers, builders and property maintenance, letting agents, mortgage firms, and of course prospective tenants and single persons, and indeed anyone else living on a street where three bedroom properties have been converted to one bed flats.

The legal definition here is having your own front door and key, you can put locks on each bedroom door and rent them out as bed-sits or studios or whatever, but if everyone uses the same front door and has a key to that front door then it is “multi occupancy”.

Multi occupancy has lots of problems, quite apart from the domestic arrangements of shared cooking and washing facilities and theft and dirt, it is not YOURS, so you cannot get contents insurance, you cannot enter into any agreements with a service supply company for power or broadband, and of course many of the legal protections that apply to TENANTS do not apply to you….

So a stroke of a pen changes who can get this Housing benefit from “anyone entitled” to “nobody under 35 who is single”

If you are a man under 35 this means you’d better enter into a relationship PDQ, and in reality this means a relationship with a wimminz, so one false DV accusation later and you’re fucking homeless again.

If you are a wimminz under 35 this means you’d better get pregnant PDQ, or have a series of guys every six months who you falsely accuse of DV once you’ve been assessed and granted your HB for the next six months.


Now, I am NOT leaping to defend the old system, which was designed to be abused, but when the efforts to save 3 billion pounds a year in Housing benefit alone are all basically targeted at ALL single males between the ages of 16 and 35, because the wimminz have a selection of get out clauses that the men can NEVER invoke, you just gotta ask, what the fuck are you thinking?

Are you TRYING to stir up social unrest?

Are you TRYING to start another glut of single skank ho mommies on state benefits?

Are you TRYING to help the devil find work for idle hands?




  1. I’m sure there will be exceptions made by policy for illegal immigrants and “minorities.”
    Everyone except indigenous white males.
    Just another arrow in the quiver of anti-male lawz.
    Next up will be laws against living in cars or tents.
    They intend to enforce total compliance to the matriarchy.One can only hope these disenfranchised young men form street gangs out of necessity.Of course that will excuse the next round of Police intervention.
    Welcome to the brave new world.

    Comment by numnut — October 15, 2012 @ 1:03 am

  2. Bah.
    Fuck the dirty bitches! (http://www.orschlurch.net/_content_pics/pixxdump-3/07.jpg)
    Fuck the Polizei! (http://www.orschlurch.net/_content_pics/pixxdump-3/17.jpg)

    Smack that bitch up ( http://www.orschlurch.net/2012/10/13/smack-my-bitch-up-oktoberfest-version/ )!


    Comment by hans — October 15, 2012 @ 1:41 am

  3. It looks a lot like the scam of the so-called higher education in the US. The federal government decided that it was everybody’s right to attend college. The college industry had already taken off in the sixties, when many young men tried to defer their military service, which could cost them their lives as the war in Vietnam was raging, so colleges began showing up everywhere. Most of those colleges taught junk and offered junk degrees; they still do. So, when the federal government started loaning money to everybody to go to college, the college “industry” had already been well-established and colleges started raising their fees. The increased cash flow did not go into improving teaching or offering any classes and degrees of value; it went towards glitzy buildings and improved women’s studies. As the college “industy” raised their fees, the federal government gave more money away; after all a college degree will increase one’s earnings, so it is a good investment—or is it????? The media now claim that the student debt bubble in the US dwarfs the real estate bubble. It is worse because as of 2005, one cannot declare bankruptcy on a federal loan, such as a student loan. When—and it is a matter of when, not if—this whole house of cards collapses, you can bet that US colleges will cut science and engineering before they cut women’s studies.

    As for what this blog describes about the UK, it seems to me that younger careerist femcunts will get fucked both ways, no pun intended: Their macjobs will disappear and there will be no housing support for them if they are younger than 35.

    The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who has friends in Greece. He told me that a wimminz—and stressed it was a wimminz—there told him that the bitches over there would get married, then kick their husband to the curb taking the house, the car, and the children, and then let the big daddy state take care of them because they were single moms (and, of course, the state made sure their ex paid his “fair share”). Of course, this is second- and third-hand information, but I don’t think my friend had any reason to lie. (Maybe your friend Mitch, who is touring the world on his Harley, could fill us in about what is happening in Spain, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere?) My friend continued (relaying that wimminz views) saying that now it seems all those bitches got desperate after the big-daddy state collapsed and that all you see on the streets of, say, Athens is the swarthy illegal immigrants and hordes of white (Greek) women trying to hitch a man by baring it almost all, but men don’t bite—in other words, cunt got really-really cheap in Greece (maybe Mitch wants to check it out) and most of those cunts are single-mom skank hos, formerly dependent on the now-collapsed state. I don’t know about the UK, but I fear the US is headed that way.

    Comment by Tim — October 15, 2012 @ 4:14 am

    • Trust me we have the same educational scam here, with a similar education loan scam.

      As for the wimminz getting desperate in greece, you’re not the first I have heard it from, don’t expect you’ll be the last… not that bad here by a long chalk but reckon that’s a matter of time as I have seen an attitude shift.

      I’ve done the UK Greece run often enough that even dawdling and taking big detours you can’t stretch it much beyond a week, I suspect Mitch is already in Goa and has been for some time

      Comment by wimminz — October 15, 2012 @ 11:21 am

  4. No, I’m afraid the very high-IQ Marxist (Jewish) architects of this post-WW2 dismantling of Western Civ. know FULLY AND EXACTLY all the consequences and effects of their DELIBERATE STRATEGIC policies. Wimminz and niggerz izz just Duh Useful Idiots, who provide useful camouflage and diversion (e.g. Women’s Studies) by postulating that it’s all the “natural” result of BC Pills (as if there’s no way to keep Rx drugs off the market) and Wimminz Awareness of Their Superior Nature™… 🙄

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — October 16, 2012 @ 1:09 am

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