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October 9, 2012

There was a kid’s toy….

…that had a rider / driver wearing a crash helmet, you pressed the helmet and the head inside span around to show a different face / expression.

Expand this slightly from the toys limited by 50 cent mechanics choices of two “heads” to anywhere from 6 to 20, and you have not just all wimminz, but all people.

These aren’t all different personalities, but different facets of the same personality, and you only get to see the one that is ascendant at that moment in time.

Nothing at all says that different faces that pop into the helmet cannot have opposing desires and attitudes with regard to any specific thing, I can want a cigarette and not want a cigarette at the same moment in time, whether I actually smoke one depends on what face is showing.

Controlling behaviour, whether it is controlling smoking or controlling taking shit at work or controlling my interactions with wimminz is then simply a matter of controlling what faces or facets of my personality are allowed to spend time being visible in the helmet as my outward public face / personality trait.

By the same token, NOT controlling behaviour is to let any face that wants to take its turn in the helmet, and the next face in line is always the one that shouts loudest to be next in the helmet.

One of the tenets of MGTOW is “Judge people by their actions, not their words.”… so Fred / Wilma will turn up at your place at 7 pm as agreed if that is what they actually want to do, forget what they say they want, and similarly 7 pm will come and go and no sign or Fred / Wilma and maybe even no excuse, if that is also what they actually want to do, forget what they say they want.

Wild horses won’t stop the face in control at 6:45 pm from doing what it wants, so it is just a question of is the face in control at 6:45 pm the same one that said they would be at yours at 7 pm, or not…

While all people have this facility, in the case of wimminz that mechanism is tuned and maintained and lubed and honed to perfection, you can be sat with a wimminz who is showing face #27 of her repertoire, look away for an instant to pick up your coffee cup, take a sip, go to put the cup down, look back at the wimminz and there is face #13, and you never saw the transition….

Of course, everyone CAN control which face is showing, watch the “out of control” wimminz suddenly control herself when the boys in blue arrive, watch the “in control” wimminz suddenly break down and cry when the niggerz appears on the scene to support her, watch the kid run home and not actually start crying until they get to their own driveway, watch the police, watch the judge, watch the politician…

So, why do people do it?

Basically it’s a coping mechanism, watch the skanks on the slut walk, just daring everyone NOT to call their bluff that they are really just pathetic scared lonely unfuckable losers, campaigning for the *right* for the unfuckably ugly and nasty to walk unmolested at night, because lets face it NOBODY molests them, except drunks, and that is the fucking problem, so try and bring about a state of affairs where another face in the helmet can deny that the real reason for this is that they are unfuckably ugly and nasty, and claim that it is because they have “taken back the night” (from whom, precisely)

And so, we come yet again to a hard wired evolutionary trait, a process that develops over millennia and longer, stuck in a technological society that arose from nothing in the last century or two, not even an eye-blink in evolutionary terms, and so everything is out of sync.

Treating wimminz as we do in modern western society is LITERALLY as insane as taking a large predator such as a bear or big cat for a house pet, and claiming that all you have to do is treat it nicely and it will be nice back and never fuck you up, just because that is it’s nature.

Predators and other animals may well have less faces to choose from to display in their helmets, but the transitions are just as sudden and rapid and unpredictable, the only thing you can predict with any certainty is that these transitions will indeed occur.


Let’s take an arbitrary environment, let’s say it is a lush valley, let’s say that valley can support 2,000 lbs of carnivorous predator.

Nature has a choice, 2 x 1,000 lb huge predators, or 20 x 1oo lb medium predators, or 2,000 x 1 lb predators.

Nature being a fan of playing all bets at once you’ll get 2 x 500 lb predators, big cats or bears, 8 x 100 lb medium sized predators, fox / wolves / coyote, and 200 x 1 lb small predators, shrews and voles etc, and yes all my sizes and weights are off, but the principle is sound….

There is a valid argument that back in the day man did not domesticate dogs, so much as dogs domesticated themselves to benefit from living with men…

In the last 50,000 years man has influenced dog’s breeding, but not genetics or heritage or future genetic potential, and so we now have much bigger dogs than would exist in the wild, and some much smaller dogs than would exist in the wild.

Man has been living with woman for far longer, and just because there is no Kennel Club for wimminz, it does not mean that selective breeding is not taking place, nature ALWAYS has a seat at the table, and now we get CONTENTIOUS.


DNA is in many ways just DNA’s way of making more DNA, as far as nature and DNA is concerned, if a million human babies are born today then a million new DNA replicators are born, nature and DNA does not care if this or that individual breeds, you cousin’s DNA is close enough, if he breeds and you don’t DNA wins.

But on the smaller scale, the selective breeding is always taking place, being contentious, having two children and giving them a hell of a start in life is one strategy, having ten and letting the dice fall where they may is another, nature being nature both strategies and everything in between will be played all the time, nature is a numbers game.

And so to the bone of contention, nature and DNA have no stake in “failed” genetic experiments, you can be homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual or anything else, but if you don’t breed, then nature and DNA are quite happy for you to write your own individual genetic material out of the never ending story.

For much of human history, having six kids that lived and four that died was normal.

So wimminz today retain the ability to simply write off three of four kids, whether to abortion or abandonment or even being killed by their mother, it is hard wired.

But wimminz today also retain the ability to HAVE six kids, but many / most are stuck with 2.2, and an ever increasing number, the unfuckably ugly and nasty, and stuck at a big fat 0

This then, is where and why and how the faces come in to play, and with the exception of the “breeders” many of those hard wired faces are useless and surplus to requirements, but still there, still wanting face time in the helmet, and as the saying goes, the devil finds work for idle hands.

If you think nothing on the planet infuriates a feminist as much as telling them they should be at home surrounded by six happy kids, because deep within their own programming tells them the same thing, try that same line on the unfuckably nasty, or the infertile, or the ones who have “postponed” kids for a career, and you will discover the human equivalent of the very short fuse attached to the very large bomb…. Usain Bolt isn’t fast enough to light that fucker and sprint for safety…

…but if you watch REALLY closely, you can just about catch the 1/1,000th of a second transition from one face to another.


  1. The “Faces”. Excellent picture.

    Everybody has them but at least Men are capable to control them and even can choose to not press that damn helmet all the time.
    It´s called “getting wise”, I believe.
    Something the overwhelming majority of wimminz seems to be totally incapable of.
    They play with that fucking helmet all the time and it´s excused by their niggerz as “psychological disorder” aka “I´m an asshole but it´s not my fault !”.

    Turns out you actually cannot NOT stick your dick in crazy. Or you have to stop with getting the thing wet.

    BTW I would say this also goes for the gay dudes. “Bottoms” are just as mentally unhinged as the standard wimminz.
    I´ll leave the last word on this to the grrls: http://i.imgur.com/NQayj.jpg

    Comment by hans — October 9, 2012 @ 4:32 pm

    • meh, what’s a rectal thermometer to someone who likes ass to mouth… lol

      Comment by wimminz — October 9, 2012 @ 6:42 pm

      • *grin
        Guess it´s best when they slowly and on their own learn to love tossing salad.

        Comment by hans — October 9, 2012 @ 11:14 pm

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