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October 7, 2012

Red pill pizza


I’ve been pondering whether to write about this.

The reason I have been pondering is because it is a bit like a white guy writing about a black guy losing out to a white guy at something, because the black guy is black.

The black guy, assuming he was CONSCIOUSLY unaware of the problem, because he sure as shit wasn’t unconsciously, can’t do much about being black.

The thing I want to talk about is cock size.

Now there are LOTS of aspects to this, a six inch cock on a midget looks fucking huge, the same exact cock on a 275 lb muscle-bound 6′ 6″ hulk looks pretty fucking small, the same cock on a 275lb 5′ 9″ fat bloke is invisible and inaccessible…

Get yourself a fat chick and even doggy style fact is you need an extra 4″ over what you need for the slim / skinny chick, if you want to be poking her womb with your bell end.

Then of course there is the whole subject of measurements themselves, and with the possible exception of wimminz dress sizes, nothing else comes close to cock sizes when it comes to the rubber tape measure….

I have lost count of the number of wimminz who will tell me about an ex who was REALLY big and filler her up but goooood, so how biiiig was he I ask, and they, being herd creatures, always say something about nine inches.

When this conversation takes place at my place (and we are all still clothed) I go out of the room and return with a 9″ sex toy (and a tape measure to verify that it is in fact less than 9″ long, it is 8 and three quarters) and slam it down on the table…

WITHOUT FUCKING EXCEPTION… the wimminz all go “Oh my God!

None of them ever, ever, ever went “Yeah, that is the size of ****’s cock

So either this guy was measuring from his asshole forwards, or confusing centimetres with inches, or some other shit.

So if you were gifted with the approximate average six incher, and this wimminz saying her ex was nine inches, 50% more than you, you just *might* have had some feeling of inadequacy, until you see the anecdote above..

And of course until you take the red pill like the old joke where the guy whips out his three inch cock, at which point the wimminz starts laughing and says “who are you goin’ to satisfy with that?” and the guy just grins and says “ME!”…

So, one more detour before we get back to the plot..

That detour is sex toys like the one above, like it or not, fact is the trend in the past twenty years is that there are bigger and bigger toys available, and if you think that blue thing is big compared to what is available, then you have lived a sheltered life, it is at the very bottom end of the “bigger than the average human cock” range of sex toys.

95% of wimminz have the ubiquitous basic rabbit vibe, which has an INSERTABLE length of just 4.5″, and they manage quite fine to have all the orgasms they want with that.

So back to the main plot, which is cock sizes, and as we can see from the sales of the rabbit, 4.5″ is enough to get the job done and make a wimminz cum, and while there are guys out there with less than 4.5″, measured properly along to top of the cock, they are in the percentile minorities, so what the fuck is going on, particularly what the fuck is going on with swinger couples, of which there are at least as many as there are single wimminz on PoF.

What is going on is without exception the wimminz has managed to convince the man that he has a micropenis, so number 1 is he must eat her cunt regularly because his micropenis cock just ain’t enough, and that while she loves him and all, number 2 is what she really wants is a bigger cock, and to show how much she loves and trusts him she will let HIM arrange all that and find the guy(s) and set up the threesome/foursome/moresomes.

I hear shit from these guys like “OK she is into this that and the other but kissing is reserved for us, is this a problem for you?” and I am like “dude, if you want to kiss her after she has rimmed me and swallowed and load of my cum, go right ahead, and similarly if you want to eat her cunt after other guys have dumped a load in there, go right ahead..” of course I don’t say this, I say “No problemo” and look at the slut with a grin, and she grins back, and the dumbass niggerz can only rub his hands together and say “cool” and congratulate himself for being a beta provider for his slut, getting her the cock she craves, and the rewards she will bestow on him after I have gone, and after he has done the rest of the chores like taking out the rubbish etc.

So, harking back to the point at the beginning is that there isn’t a lot of point telling a black guy that a lot of his problems are because he is black, there isn’t a lot of point telling a guy with a small cock that a lot of his problems are because he has a small cock…


Being black is not of itself a problem, the problem is the white guy who has a problem with you being black, and who would rather hire another white guy… now you can take on board the white guy’s guilt trip and become a nigger, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to work for your honky ass anyway.

Having a small cock is not of itself a problem, the problem is the wimminz/wife who has a problem with you having a small cock, and who would rather ride a bigger cock…. now you can take on board the wimminz guilt trip and become a niggerz, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to fuck your skanky channel tunnel anyway.

But, this is 95% of so called swingers, wimminz who have managed to persuade niggerz not only that the slut deserves extra cock with no consequences, but the niggerz should arrange it for her and have the self delusion of being in control of being cuckolded.

HOW? By first persuading the niggerz that the problem is not her slutty nature, but the size of his cock, which in all probability hasn’t changed more than 5mm since you were good enough to marry or cohabit with and start a family with….

Just like persuading a wog that the problem is not my attitude, but the skin colour he was born with, once you get them to buy into that then you have a nigger slave for life.

From my perspective, when your skanky slut ho decides to take things off the reservation and text me without your knowledge or oversight, or mouth “I love you” when you can’t see, or any other the other shit they do, the ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST thing you can do is puff your chest up and stand on your hind legs and pretend to be a man and start talking tough, because if you had a single dangerous bone in your body you would not be her niggerz slave for life in the first fucking place.

The problem isn’t the colour of your skin or the size of your cock or your sexual prowess brother, the problem is you let some other cunt convince you that those things were reasons enough to supplicate yourself before them, and you can’t really complain when everyone else sees you kneeling before a false god and treats you like shit.



  1. It’s truly easy to get mindfucked if you’re not wise to what’s going on. Cock size is just one of many things.

    I married young (17) because of a teenage pregnancy. Lasted about five years. That bitch had me convinced that I had a fucking micropenis. I had been in plenty of locker rooms, so on a certain level I knew that wasn’t true. Still between her cuntishness, and how distorting porn can be, I was all fucked up in my perception.

    Anyways, divorced and took the red pill. Here I am at 40 and it’s pretty fucking funny actually. I have a seven inch cock. Now every bitch claims that her last boyfriend was nine inches or something like that, and if you ask them the biggest they’ve had it’s always something outlandish like 14 inches.

    But somehow, magically, when I fuck them my cock gets promoted to 9 or 10 inches in their mind lol. These bitches only shrink your penis if you’re married to them or dumb enough to let them get the upper hand. It’s that way with everything….

    I can do some action (“Action A”), and if I’m not her niggerz, then it’s all good. Possibly awesome and wetness inducing.

    Now if I’m a niggerz in her eyes, and I do Action A, it’s labeled immature, creepy, etc.

    Point is, if you want to have a GIANT COCK – treat them mean. Fuck her with the figurative big cock in every aspect of the so called relationship. Because as soon as you slip up and let that bitch gain the upper hand, your cock is going to magically start shrinking.

    Comment by McGinnis — October 7, 2012 @ 1:39 pm

    • Amen brother… you want to hold the anchovy topping? lol

      Comment by wimminz — October 7, 2012 @ 1:41 pm

  2. >:)

    Comment by hans — October 7, 2012 @ 9:28 pm

  3. Another long winded reply. You’re absolutely correct on the swinger thing. Had a FWB who introduced me to it, I met other couples/singles, and before you know it I was part of the ‘scene’. Being reasonably young at the time (late 20’s), in good shape, and not a total creeper, I was popular.


    Because the swinging scene is generally an older couple with a whore wife and niggerz husband. Those evil old dried up bitches are making the calls, and they’re down to fuck if you’re either (a) younger/in shape; (b) black; (c) and have a giant donkey cock. So there were the couples with niggerz husbands, and then there were guys like me lol. There were also some nice couples with something else going on, maybe they were exhibitionists, etc., but on the whole the ‘scene’ is defined by weak dudes getting cuckolded with a thin veneer of bullshit to serve as an excuse. Oh, also the single sluts. They’re also on POF complaining that there’s no good men out there for a relationship lol.

    So my observations:

    1. Not a lot of hot ass, you really need to look for it. Mainly older beasts who’s cock count should probably be given in scientific notation.
    2. These bitches all say it’s just physical, means nothing, etc, etc to their husbands/boyfriends. Fact is, fuck them right just one time and more than half these bitches are whispering sweet nothings in your ear, and putting themselves on offer for more. Which is quite funny.
    3. If you’re a guy who’s never tried swinging, but you’ve always wanted to – it’s easy to get into. All you need to break in is one whore who’s willing to hit a club/party with you so you get in the door as a couple. Meet people, do your thing, before you know it you’re in with or without a bitch. It’s all fucking networking, they’re masters of it. Which brings me to….
    4. This shit is everywhere, at least here in the US. When I was doing it, I was up in the Seattle area. I saw all sorts of people, people from around town, people I had met before and had no idea, church people, scummy people, rich people, poor people, old and young. Fucked the wife of one of Boeing’s top managers, same thing with one of Microsoft’s top ten guys, saw a police chief in a towel coming out of an orgy lol.

    Haven’t done it for years, but based on my experience I know that even in my sleepy little town that there’s shit going down every night of the week. In hotels, in private homes and in clubs. All that seedy shit is always going on under the surface, it always has and always will. Amen.

    Comment by McGinnis — October 8, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    • amen indeed….

      Comment by wimminz — October 8, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

    • lmfao because I just got sent a link to a uk swingers site and this wimmiz profile

      copied and pasted unedited, but lots more of the profile left out…

      “I am very happily married but, I do have a big appetite for spunk! Unfortunately my little hubby dont satisfy me anymore. i’ve had so much bigger and so much better! I Love cheating, it makes me feel so naughty, going behind his back, whilst he’s at work etc, totally clueless, slaving away to provide for his “princess” who’s been getting it hard and fast in all 3 holes and used as a cum dump by men that can satisfy me!….”

      Comment by wimminz — October 8, 2012 @ 7:49 pm

    • Co-sign on this comment. As a guy who hit the trifecta in his 20’s (dark skin, visible abs, 8″ dick), all i had to do was show up to get my fill of cougars. Which was the problem, as swinging sex is like prison sex: the sex on offer is rarely with who you’d want {hot cougars, or even younger but average looking women=conjugal visits} and the sex that’s available is with people who you’d rather turn down {50+ year old obese women=”Bubba” or the local prison tranny.})
      And, again, you’d be surprised at the people who show up to these events. In America, there was a scandal involving an elected official who brought his actress wife to swingers clubs. On one occasion, I hooked up with the (truth be told) positively lissome 25-year old mistress of a ridiculously nerdish senior researcher. When I Googled his name a few days later, I found pictures of him shaking hands with Angela Merkel and Klaus Wowereit. On another occasion, an under-30 friend of mine and his wife “convinced” me to enjoy a night out with a 17 year old girl. When they learned that I wouldn’t actually *do* anything with an underage girl, they contacted me on the day that she turned 18, gave me €500 and told me to “do it right”.

      As far as the “big dick” thing is concerned (re: black men), I’ll say this…
      Black women view the lowest amounts of porn.
      Black women are the least likely to date outside of their race, engage in (desired) kinky sex and the least likely to advocate for female promiscuity as a whole (street walkers and university feminists don’t count. And if you ask a black man, he’ll tell you that starfish women who don’t believe in oral are prevalent in our community.)
      Black women know more “little dick” jokes than any other race of women.
      What does this tell you? This is what it told me: a woman’s perception of dick size is based on three things: amount of orgasms given, amount of pain endured, amount of dominance displayed. That’s. It. Play with her G-spot, jackhammer her and smack her ass, and a “small” guy gains a few inches. “Make Love” to her, spoon and slide and make her feel like a princess, watch your dick shrink.

      Comment by MaMu1977 — October 10, 2012 @ 10:27 pm

      • amen to that too

        tonight had a conversation with a genuine dirty skank slut who swore blind she was with a guy for six months with a ten inch cock as thick as a drink can, and she had measured it herself, asked here where he was now, she said she dumped him, asked her why, she said he was too nice… lmfao

        so an attitude that she is a slutty skank ho whose sole purpose in life is to be a cum bucket even trumps having a unusually huge cock

        Comment by wimminz — October 10, 2012 @ 10:37 pm

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