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October 1, 2012

Bakerman is baking bread


I dunno….

Thing is, it’s like this, just been to a family do, and watched 5 wimminz in a kitchen trying to organise a few fucking rolls and snacks and a bit of cake for an old guys ninetysomethingth birthday…. and making a clusterfuck of it…  some poor bastard bought him a bottle of whiskey, so birthday boy, not being old enough to vote and all, has his fucking single malt confiscated, and it will be doled out to him in small drams…. he was old enough to go and fight the japs in WW2 while they all stayed at home and fucked the yanks.

It’s like all this shit on swinging sites, we do not do piss play, but she likes to gush….

And the other shit “Boys, don’t send me a cock pic, seen one, seen em all…”  OK skanks, so tell me why your profile is nothing but pictures of your cunt and tits and bloated ass? seen one, seem em all bitch….

Basically if you eat cunt, EVER, you be a niggerz, and these swinging sites are fucking full of niggerz.. which is all good news for us non-reconstructed cavemen who want to pump and dump…. because what sets us apart is all this wimminz delusional fundamental dishonesty and basic suckage at anything requiring any level of competence never gets less obvious to us than a large and painful boil on our testicles.

And so it came to pass that last night I am talking to a wimminz who wants to fuck me, but who I have deemed unfuckable, (so naturally she adores me) and we got onto the subject of kissing, and eating cunt.

I dunno what stopped me eating cunt, I dunno that I could ever actually be classed as having started if we are going to be brutally honest about it, but while talking to this skank out of the blue comes the bit in Catch22 where the guy has eaten her cunt and is leaving and notices her dog nosing at her cunt, and remembering the faintly doggy smell to her cunt….  I think that that and my first actual sexual experiences being with skanks who managed to arrange things so they blew up in their face and I got exposed to the truth went a long way towards it.

See, that “managed to arrange” thing is the bit for today’s sermon.

Thing is, men like to get shit straight, you’re meeting some skank for the first time tonight at a bar or cafe, you want to know and establish going in, is this just a social meet, hi how are you coffee and a chat, or is some rumpy pumpy on the cards, or is it guaranteed.

I like to know this because unless it is guaranteed I’ll meet the skank for a coffee, that she buys, and arrange for some other slut to swing by and blow me later, and make sure the coffee buying skank knows this.

Wimminz, they aren’t like that, and it all comes back to that self delusion and denial and deceit that is intrinsic to their nature, and gushing not being playing with piss.

To many wimminz, simply arranging in advance to meet a different man to suck and fuck 5 nights a week makes them a bad slut, not a good slut… it’s not the kinky sex or the 5 guys a week they have an issue with, it’s the premeditation on their own part.

That bit above in red is CRUCIAL, every man who has been the victim of a morning after role reversal and regret knows where I am coming from.

So, what is the poor little skank ho to do?

Why, the answer is obvious to every single cupcake out there, simply arrange things so that each step in the process can happen “spontaneously” and without any apparent pre-meditation at all.

Why, then it isn’t their responsibility at all, they just happened to be there and your cock just happened to slip into their mouth, I mean, who could possibly have predicted that.

Of course, to a guy, especially a cuckolded guy, such artful fantasies of self delusion are about as credible as slipping in the shower and just happening to land on the shower head, which got lodged up your ass, which is the story you tell to A&E / ER anyways….

But to a wimminz, these things are the very stuff of life itself, they are, quite simply, the reason wimminz will never, ever, ever accept any personal responsibility for their own actions.



  1. I was watching video’s tonight on Youtube. Funny that you brought up this passive, objective frame that women bring into any encounter. They call it hypoagency over there. Passivity is less risky and more likely not to get them and their offspring killed. Like Stockholm Syndrome on the gender level, women aren’t rewarded with a genetic legacy by emulating Genghis Khan they are rewarded for submitting to him. Then they all have a hen party and try and figure out how they will domesticate him by invading all of his space and “civilizing” it (for their own protection).

    Comment by I Art Laughing — October 2, 2012 @ 12:20 pm

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