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September 30, 2012



I’m not talking oil wells here.

I’m talking sex, female sex.

Thing is, I actually went to fucking school bitch, wimminz cunts don’t have any organs that can gush “cum” during orgasm.

Wimminz have cunt lining that can secrete juices.

Wimminz have a urethra connected to the bladder that can produce piss.

That’s it… there are no other organs analogous to the male testicles that can produce a sperm analogy that spurts on orgasm.

Gushing” is in fact “watersports” or “golden showerfor those too timid and full of shit to say “I like to play with (my) piss when I fuck… because that would be like, icky and sick and pervy.

So, you can imagine how well MY attitude goes down with these wimminz, lead fucking balloon, but hey, same shit goes for your attitude about gushing.

If we are at your place, piss on your mattress all you want bitch, if you are at my place and more than a drop of piss hits my mattress / sheets / floor you are scrubbing that shit clean to my satisfaction or buying new, and if you can’t control your bladder GTFO now.

But this post isn’t really about piss play, it’s more about psycho skank ho redefinition of everything that sucks, spammer like, as “that which we/I ourselves do not do”

I do not do piss play or watersports or golden showers, I “gush

yeah, right…

If you think PoF dating is soul destroying, or an eye opener, or a red pill experience, then you simply are not prepared for the swinging scene… I shit you not.

The differences are quite simple, many of the wimminz on the swinging scene have a pet niggerz beta houseboy, god fucking help you if you say something less than “gushing” (sic) praise for the wimminz, as she will set her pet houseboy niggerz on you, and all the beta niggerz who have worshipped at her cunt, and there could be anything up to 150 or more of these a year…

But even here, as I have noted elsewhere re PoF and the dating scene in general, much of the magic of the vagina is wearing off, and increasingly it is the fugly fat psycho bunny boilers and their coterie of niggerz that are left exposed as the tide goes out, shrieking in outrage and horror.

A rising tide may well lift all boats equally, but a falling tide is a motherfucker that strands everything that is not both seaworthy, but competently crewed….




  1. I was thinking about this the other day actually.

    Let’s compare feminist views vs. reality.

    Squirting is liberating! vs. squirting is PISS.

    A man should be grateful to lick my STD-ridden stinky hole vs. Men shouldn’t be licking snatch at all unless they want throat cancer.

    If you don’t want to get pregnant rely on her to take a pill, or use condoms vs. Condoms kill sensation so only a punk would use them, I’d rather get a blow job than fuck with a condom. I also don’t trust any bitch to take a pill so I’m using the pull out method.

    The pull-out method doesn’t work, you’re going to have a kid vs. The pull-out method is more effective than condoms if done properly by making sure to pull out before you cum and pissing after every ejaculation before re-entry.

    Men don’t know when they’re going to cum though! vs. Unless you’re 13 or have never had sex you should fucking know when you’re going to cum and be able to get out.

    Comment by Jerefukkinmiah — September 30, 2012 @ 5:46 pm

    • amen…

      Comment by wimminz — September 30, 2012 @ 5:49 pm

      • You should see the down-votes people get when expressing these sentiments in Niggerzvilles like reddit/MensRights. Those people aren’t normal. Bunch of nerdy liberal college kids.

        Comment by Jerefukkinmiah — September 30, 2012 @ 6:48 pm

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